Hey... this is a honeymoon fic. SOOOO it gets a little M rated lol. Now it's my first lemon so it's gonna suck. Enjoy! :)

Btw this is at Eden and Rose Odair's summer cottage (Finnick's home) in case you were following Bringing Roses and Skipping Stones.

Rory watched in fascination as Prim took off her dress playing with the little cream buttons. He couldn't stop looking at her nose scrunch up as it fell to the floor in a little pool. He kept looking at the fabric until she made a little noise gaining eye contact with wide innocent blue eyes and a little sexy smile.

"Well?" she said looking down at her lacy cream and beige underwear set, "Are you going to touch me or not?" Rory groaned and pulled her towards him.

"Please" she whispered as he pulled on her breast with his teeth. "No more teasing" she grumbled and made contact with his pulsing lower body. "Rory please" she begged. Rory watched in fascinated joy as his new wife wiggled beneath him. Her hair spread out all over the pillows. The shadows covered her naked body as he sat up over her.

"Breath" he said blowing hot air into her ear and ran a few fingers under her perked breast. She sighed a little for him but her breaths quickly sped back up as his fingers moved her flat stomach and down to her thighs. His lips touched to her collar bone for a second and then bit gently. He felt her hips pop up towards his as she willed his fingers to move up to where she needed him most. He bit his lip to keep from smiling, her eyes shut in anticipation and longing. How long was he going to keep her suspended in this?

Prim let out whispery breaths that came too quickly to be comfortable, as he moved ever so slowly to her folds. She was warm and wet. He couldn't even think of what he was doing, he was just enjoying the reaction. Her legs came madly apart the groan from her lips lighted his entire body and her eyes shot open and caught his stare. Trying not to smirk, Rory left his hand fall back onto her thigh, and she cried out angrily and moved down underneath him to make contact with his slim fingers. He slipped a finger inside of her and she sighed her body going slack and her breath becoming more deep and heated. She let a whimper out of her small lips.

He placed little kisses along her stomach and he moved his finger around allowing her to groan and cry out as he hit different spots. The moon disappeared behind the clouds and the room grew darker. He drew out his finger and watched her roll up towards him. He shushed her and moved her hair out of her eyes, and pushed himself inside her using all his concentration. Prim ran her hands along his bare chest, and hissed through her parted lips. Her legs drew up around him pulling them closer together, slick body against slick body. He curled his fingers through her hair and started kissing down the left side of her flawless face.

"Rory" she sighed and turned her lips towards his. He teased her lips with his tongue but continued with his charmed kisses nipping along her face. But his gentle prodding and slow pounding into her wasn't what her body was screaming to be answered. Her sent him a hard thump of her hips allowing his member to travel farther inside her and exerted a groan from both their lips. Yet he was careful and returned back to his rhythm. Prim growled and tried again. This time she felt his stubble brush her cheek and his smile against her ear.

"No Dear" he cooed with playfulness. Her body took over then and using stored strength she flipped Rory underneath her and pinned his arms above his head.

"Yes Dear" she said with a pleasant smirk and the same tone he'd been using with her. His mouth fell open in surprise and a loud cry emitted from his lips as she moved forward and rode him. Enjoying his shut tight grey eyes, teeth barred expression and the whines when he runs out of breath. She knew he wanted this. As she realized he was quickly climaxing she pushed herself off him and let herself smile as he yelled out his frustration. The cold air around them now burst their bubble of heat and her new husband wasn't happy.

"What's wrong, Rory?" she sighed kissing down his chest and running her nose along his dark trail of hair to his erection. "Want some help with this?" each word she blow onto it making him squirm and push towards her.

"Prim!" He stuttered out a few more words but she missed them. Her lips left him with a little bit of pre-cum. Filled her with greatness. He'd made her suffer for an hour. So she was just going to leave him here on the bed. Rory felt his wife sit up and then felt the bed shake. He opened his eyes finding himself alone with his throbbing member and no wife. What had just happened? He rubbed his head. Was she going to come back? Then he heard the shower start to run. In a blink of an eye Rory was rolled out of bed and bounding towards the closed bathroom door. His hand made contact with the cold doorknob and he made the effort of pushing the door open but all that happened was the loud noise of the door not budging.

"It's locked… Dear" She said in a sing song voice that couldn't be anything less than proud. She was making fun of him. He leaned against the locked door and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Could you unlock it?" He called closing his eyes.

"No" she called back and he heard her start to sing. He lost it. What had he'd done wrong? It wasn't like he was a sex god. A light bulb went off over his head and he ran through the house to the mudroom. There in a vintage glass case were all the keys to all the rooms. MASTER BATHROOM- that was it, he took the key off the hook and ran back unlocking the door and bursting in. Prim was running her hands through her hair mixing shampoo into her golden locks. "RORY" she screamed and pushed herself towards the back of the shower to hide from him.

"Oh please… it's nothing I haven't seen before" he said gesturing to her body and walking into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

"You scared me" she said narrowing her eyes. He narrowed his back but then sent her his best smile.

"I am so sorry… Dear" Prim watched his smile go from charming to alluring. "Oh Mrs. Hawthorne…" he whispered and entered the shower with easy grace. "I love you"

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