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You Set My Soul on Fire

(A Christine/Nadir Story)

Chapter 1:

"Christine! Open this door this instant," an angry voice shouted on the other end of a door.

I squeezed my eyes shut trying to wish Raoul De Chagney's voice away. Of course it didn't, but one could hope right?

I had thought leaving Erik with Raoul was the right choice; but it had turned into the worst thing I have ever done in my entire 16 year old life.

Raoul was the man I thought he was. He had been so gentle and kind when we were children…and even at the Opera Populaire.

Tears began falling down my face as I thought of leaving my Angel of Music. How could I have been so cruel to Erik? He had been the one all along. I should have stayed with him. He begged me to stay and had even threatened Raoul's life to make me stay. And then I had kissed him and for some reason he let me go.

It was then I realized I loved Erik and not Raoul. Nevertheless it was too late to change my mind. Erik had forced me to go with Raoul not taking no for an answer.

Raoul had whisked me away before I could think about it again. After that Raoul's sweet coated personality changed into something terrible. He started to drink and began to pick me as his target to beat if he was angry at something. Raoul was terrifying when he was drunk and I tried to keep away from him. This resulted in him grabbing me, claiming I was always avoiding him. At first it was a slap or two to the face if I said something wrong in his presence, now it could be a number of punishments if he thought I was avoiding him. He would he pull me by my hair, or slam me into the wall. Sometimes he slammed me so hard I couldn't keep conscious. I would sometimes walk away bleeding. Bruising seemed to be nothing now compared to what I usually experienced. He had been deliberately kept the maids from seeing me. He mostly sent them home during the night and many times during the day.

I had to escape Raoul before something worse happened. I was to be married to him in less than a month. Mon Dieu! The thought brought me to a panic. I had to get away from this man. I had to get back to Erik! If I didn't get back to him, I was sure I would die.

"Christine, I'm going to break this door down on the count of three if you don't open it!" Raoul snarled behind the bedroom door.

I backed away with wide eyes. He was angrier than ever tonight. He had had extra alcohol which made him extra angry about the way I stayed away from him.

I trembled violently in fear as he began to ram the door down with fierce slams. I could only imagine what type of slamming I would endure.

I whimpered and covered my face as the door gave way and fell. Cruel hands yanked my arms from my face before my hands were handcuffed with a vice grip of his left hand. I cried out as my wrists cracked. Raoul then yanked my head up to look at him by my hair.

"What do you have to say woman?" he growled in my ear. "You've ignored and avoided me for days on end."

"Nothing," I gasped in white hot pain.

"You're lying woman!" the hand that was in my hair when to my throat and began to constrict to where I couldn't breathe.

Erik had choked and killed people but never as many years as I'd known him had he laid a hand to me like this. He was always so gentle with me. As if I was china doll.

"I have nothing to say to you, Vicomte." I spat out as if it were a curse.

The hand on my throat squeezed tighter before Raoul decided to slap me smartly across the face as hard as he could.

A scream slipped from my lips. My lips felt sticky and I knew I was bleeding once again.

"Don't ever speak to me as such. I am Master or nothing. You have no right." Then I was rammed into the wall with such force my vision was lost for a few seconds. He was so close to my face I could smell liqueur and it made me want to retch. How could such a sweet boy turn into such a vile man?

"You have no right to treat me like this," I sneered back knowing the result but I didn't care anymore. I was fed up with him.

My torture began…

Then he left me bruised, broken, and bloody.

Every movement I made brought tears to my eyes as I began to force myself to make a rope out of my sheets. I didn't dare look in the mirror. I knew it was gruesome.

I was in so much pain I felt crazed. All I could think of was escaping. And if I fell to my death well it was better than dying from Raoul beating me to death.

After much difficulty I was done with the rope and threw it out the window. Without thinking I began climbing. I didn't even bother putting on my shoes.

Thus my painful journey to the opera began…

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