(Two months later…)

"I can't believe the Doctor is okay with this," Amy said to Rose.

They were inside a huge hut lying on several large Krark skins. The Krark resembled an elephant sized bear so the skins were massive. They were stretched over bean bags that were filled with feathers providing warmth and comfort. The Doctor and his companions had just finished saving the Delyon tribe from a Zygon invasion and were being honored with a feast and dancing. Unfortunately part of the night's festivities involved young virgin women, clad in skimpy animal skins. There were no male dancers so Amy and Rose were forced to watch while the women swooned over the Doctor, Rory and David while they danced provocatively for them.

"Oi!" Amy said to her husband when he stared at a young blonde women who was leaning over him and jiggling her massive boobs at him. "I'm over here, remember that!"

Rose glared at a red haired woman who had knelt down beside the Doctor and was running her hands over his body. To his credit, the Doctor was uncomfortable with it and was trying to move away but the woman was trying to straddle him with her body.

On the other hand, David, who was currently single was enjoying the attention of a dark skinned woman and one with jet black hair down to her waist. They had brought over a bowl of fruit and were feeding him slices of it while he relaxed and enjoyed them. After his transformation, the Doctor took the pocket watch containing his former self up into the TARDIS attic and hid it deep inside a huge cedar chest. Since then, David had not only been kind and loving but also was a great asset to the team and had helped them in several situations. He knew who Rose was but the TARDIS had programmed in that he was nothing more than friends with her and Rose quickly grew to like the new persona of the clone.

As for River, the Doctor took her back to her prison cell, which Rose thought was kinda strange since it wasn't like the Doctor couldn't take her away in the TARDIS and keep her from going back. But she willingly went back and the Doctor explained that she usually found a way to contact him and escape whenever she needed him for something.

"Don't worry about her," the Doctor said to her. "We'll see her again, I'm sure. Besides, I like this arrangement. With you here, it creates less tension if she's not around us constantly."

"What will you do when you finally learn who she is?" Rose asked him.

"Um…have two girlfriends?" the Doctor said with a wink. "Trust me; even if she's some long lost love, I'm not chucking you aside. You're definitely here to stay."

"Good answer," Rose said before she kissed him.

That was in the past, right now, Rose was getting upset because the virgin wouldn't leave her lover alone.

"Look," the Doctor said to her while she caressed his cheek with a lustful look on her face, "I'm sure you're a lovely woman, it's just that my girlfriend is about ten feet away from me and she's been known to beat the livin' daylights outta people so you might wanna reconsider this whole feel me up thing you've got goin' on, yeah?"

"And I'm married," Rory said to the blonde while she kissed his cheek repeatedly. "My wife is ginger and gingers are known for their tempers and she'll also knock you out if you don't stop kissing me."

"Gee, Rory, aren't you capable of knocking her out yourself," Amy said to him. "Because you're not putting up much of a fight."

"I'm just trying to be polite," Rory said. "Stop that, will you? She's giving you a look of death," he said to the woman who was now licking the side of his neck.

"As for me, I have no significant other at the moment so I can fully enjoy this," David said.

They looked over and noticed the dark skinned woman was straddling him, running her hands up under his t-shirt while her friend fed him the fruit.

"Well, you lot have fun then, I'm going outside," Amy said, getting up.

"Yup, same here," Rose said, following her.

They went outside the wooden hut into the cool night air. The huts were arranged around a dirt plaza in a circle. Most of the tribe was inside the hut so it was quiet and peaceful. The moons shown down and the stars twinkled as the wind blew softly. Amy wrapped her arms around her body while they stood just outside the door to the hut.

"So, how long ya think they're gonna stay in there?" Amy asked Rose.

"Your guess is as good as mine, although I think our men might try to get away from those tarts the moment they saw us leave," she replied. "As for David, who knows?"

"Yeah, well, David is single; I'm not worried about him. It's Rory that concerns me," Amy said.

"I wouldn't worry, I think they'll be joining us soon," Rose said.

Amy looked at the doorway and came closer to Rose.

"I have to tell you something, Rose," she said softly. "I haven't told anyone else yet but I just found out, I'm pregnant."

"Really? That's great news," Rose said.

"Yeah but what am I gonna do? I can't be runnin' from monsters and be nine months pregnant."

"We'll think of something," Rose said. "Don't worry about it. Just tell the others about it and we'll come up with a solution."

They looked over when the Doctor suddenly burst through the open doorway, gasping as he ran over to Rose and put his arms around her from behind.

"Finally!" he said while the women giggled. "That girl was relentless. Thought I'd never get away from her."

"What about Rory?" Amy asked.

The Doctor jerked his head around.

"Bloody Hell, I thought he was right behind me. Hang on, Rory, I'm coming to save you!" he said, running back in.

"Better get David out as well," Amy yelled.

Rory and David emerged a few minutes later and walked over to them.

"Where's the Doctor?" Rose said.

"Trying to explain to the chief that it's time for us to go," Rory said.

Rose looked at David; he had a contented look on his face, his hair was mussed up and his t-shirt was wrinkled.

"Did you have fun?" Rose asked, amused.

"I enjoyed it," David said. "Those women were gorgeous. I could've stayed in there for hours."

The Doctor hurried out of the doorway and ran up to them.

"Well, is the chief okay with us leaving?" Amy asked.

"No, but I'm going to go anyway," the Doctor said. "We have better things to do than get felt up by a bunch of randy virgins. So…come on…"

As they walked, Rose looked at Amy.

"Are you going to tell them?" she mouthed to her.

"In the TARDIS," Amy mouthed back.

When they got inside the TARDIS, the Doctor took them into deep space while everyone stood around the console.

"So, what should we do next?" the Doctor said to them.

"Before we do anything, Doctor, I have to tell you something," Amy said.

"Yes?" the Doctor said.

"Well, I'm…"

Amy didn't get to finish because they all heard a knock at the door. Everyone stared at the door in shock before the Doctor moved towards it.

"Someone's at the door?" Rory said. "We're in deep space."

"Very deep space," the Doctor said as someone knocked to the beat of shave and a haircut.

The Doctor opened the door and everyone watched as a small glowing box hovered in space in front of them.

"Come here," the Doctor said. "Come here, you scrumptious beauty!"

The box suddenly zoomed inside, zoomed around the room and hit the Doctor in the chest before falling to the floor. The Doctor picked it up and stared at it as if he was a child at Christmas looking at his Christmas gift.

"Doctor, what is it?" Amy asked.

"I've got mail," the Doctor said.

Everyone looked at each other as the Doctor snapped his fingers, closed the door and hurried up to the console so he could open it.

"I have a feeling, my friends, that we are about to set off on another adventure," the Doctor said as he opened the box.