Hello all my dear readers. It is I, ThisLoveThisHate1003. I am here to write yet another of my completely odd stories. So YAY! This is a Lords of the underworld fanfic and it takes place BEFORE her most recent book The Darkest Secret. But now I shall have one of my favorite characters do the disclaimer! William, say what's written on the paper in front of you. William: NO! ME: Do it or you'll be losing your man jewels! William: fine, ThisLoveThisHate1003 doesn't own The Lords of the Underworld series nor is she making a profit from this story.

It had started as a normal day in the Budapest fortress. Sabin and Gwen had been training with Strider, Bianka, and Kaia. Maddox was hidden away in his room with his pregnant wife, Ashlyn and Reyes was doing the same with Danika. The Gods only knew what Anya and Lucien were up too. Gideon, his wife Scarlet, Amun, Kane, and Cameo were all in the living room going over battle plans in case the hunters ever tried to infiltrate their town again. Aeron had long since taken Paris to town to try and help him find a female before the warrior weakened any more, seeing as poor Paris was still aching over Sienna's death. So all in all it was a pretty calm day. That is until Torin came over the intercom with some very startling news.

"Uh, Guys I think we might have a situation on our hands!" The ones in the living room looked up in alarm and the hallway was filled with the sounds of running feet. Maddox burst through the door first followed quickly by the other lords. Lucien looked up at the speaker. "Torin, what's going on?" "Well there are about 6 girls who are making their way up the mountain at this very moment." Reyes butted in, "So they're probably just some tourists who got lost!" You could practically hear Torin rolling his eyes. "I don't think so seeing as I just witnessed one of them burn a tree to the ground with flames that came out of her skin." The warriors glanced worriedly at each other. No one dared say a thing…. Well except for William that is. "Dude, are they at least hot?" Strider snickered and smiled evilly up at the intercom. "Well TorTor? Are they?" Silence fell, yet again. "You know what? Shut the hell up and go find out what they're up too!" Strider laughed under his breath and followed the group outside. Chicks who could create fire and possibly do other amazing things… oh yeah this is gonna be fun.