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*Two Months Later*

Maddox stood in the doorway, gaping at the women had invaded their home.

Red and Peaches had somehow roped Amun and Strider into a very intense game of strip poker, and both men were losing terribly. At the moment Red was fighting with Strider over his pants and the keeper of defeat was shouting obscenities at the little pyro. Peaches was watching with a slightly amused expression while restraining Amun. The silent man was intent on ending the fight and returning the little redhead to his lap.

Across the room, Alyce was playing with a laptop and the sound of Torin's voice could be heard coming through the speakers. It seemed as though the two were speaking of enemies and the world that the Kligen resided in.

Next to her, William and Mr. T, the stoner, were getting blazed on ambrosia. Apparently, smoking ambrosia has the same effects as weed. Talk of cars that run on water and paranoia that Hades actually speaks through records was occurring. Neither mentioned that the backwards messages were probably put there on purpose just to cause chaos, but in their drug induced state the obvious was too farfetched.

That left the drunken girl, nicknamed Po, and Mark. Po had wandered down to the dungeons and was currently trying to pick fights with the captives and was only able to make alcoholic beverages appear out of nowhere, so she wasn't an issue, but Mark was a forced to be reckoned with. No one knew exactly what Mark's power was and when the rest of the Kligen were questioned, they would slyly remove themselves from the conversation. Having a woman of unknown power loose in the fortress was not good.

At that moment, the sound of cracking plaster interrupted Maddox's musings. A large hole had opened up in the ceiling and two figures had fallen from the floor above. The two figures were Kane and Mark. It appeared that Mark had once again invaded Kane's room only to fall through a hole in the ceiling when she went to tackle him.

The dark girl stared sheepishly at the surrounding people. An awkward silence enveloped the group only to be broken by William's ranting.

"You see!? It's Hades' messages! They've got everyone acting so strange! And to think I'm his BROTHER! I can't even trust myself."

Mr. T patted William on the shoulder assuring him that he was a good person.

At that moment Red choose to direct the attention back to those that had fallen through the ceiling.

"Mark, why did you break the ceiling?" Red asked, her voice taking the tone of a scolding mother.

"Uh-Actually Red, I think I'm the reason the ceiling -"Kane had his blame taking interrupted by Red.

"Nope, it was definitely Mark's fault. I can tell by the evil look in her eye. She did it on purpose."

Everyone glanced at the small, dark girl and saw that she was currently playing with a strand of Kane's hair. If she held evil then, dammit, she was accepting of it. She froze when she felt the entire room staring at her.

"What?" Mark questioned, her voice slightly panicky, "Is there a spider or something?!"

"Nope, were questioning the evil look in your eye." This voice came from Peaches, who was holding Strider's pants and looking quite proud of herself.

"OOOHHH! Then tell me! Does the evil look better this way or this way?" Mark began to make several poses and the rest of Kligen gathered round to give their opinions.

At this point, Maddox through his hands up in desperation and went to find Ashlyn. At least Ashlyn was normal. At least Ashlyn was QUIET.