It hardly ever rained in the Ghost Zone. When it did, which was always an oddity; it made the green realm look even gloomier. The dark liquid would fall from someplace above, landing on doors and islands, causing ice to form a thin layer across everything.

Presently, Skulker, ghost Zone's greatest hunter, was taking refuge in the large skull-like cave that looked like it had a runny nose. Scowling, the ghost glared out the opening of the cave, silently cursing the weather. He had been on his way to the Fenton portal in another attempt to catch the ghost kid, yesterday, when the sky opened up. There wasn't too much ice on his metal suit, but it would be foolish to continue on through the weather. Turning intangible, a trick he had tried before, didn't work. He had frozen stiff in the middle of nowhere, at the mercy of the other ghosts. To add insult to injury, it had been that technology crazed ghost who had found him. The skinny guy agreed to thaw him out with some crappy invention he had "found", but saving the ghost did little to nothing in creating a bond between them, and so they still resented each other.

In the end, Skulker learned the hard way that it was best to wait it out.

"Curse the weather…" he snarled, breaking off an icicle from his shoulder blade. "The ghost child is ill, making this the perfect time to catch him. He is weak, unarmed…" He paused, thinking. Killing his greatest prize when he was ill would do nothing to boost his image. If anything, it would make it much worse. "I suppose I will have to wait until he is better."

As if to remind him of its presence, the sky rumbled again. White light flashed for a moment before assaulting the Ghost Zone with another downpour of rain.


Rather than settle with doing nothing while the boy recovered, Skulker turned his attention to other prizes. Using the PDA he had attached to his arm, he connected to another computer he had on the island. From there, he began a search on rare and unusual creatures. He narrowed his search almost at once, eliminating wild animals so that he only received search results for humans. He had enough trophies of rhinos and mutant ghost creatures to decorate three islands; he had no need for more. Besides, who was to say that the ghost child and Vlad Masters were the only ones possessing paranormal powers?

Success! Here was a man possessed by the spirits of his dead companions. Some Russel Hobbs guy. Skulker had heard his share of crackpots who claimed to have connections to the other side, but this guy seemed to be the real deal. According to his past, he had even been possessed by demons.

Skulker's hopes of locating another worthy were dashed when he found out moments later that the man wasn't under any form of possession any longer. Even worse, he was off the radar; no one knew where he was exactly.

The site he was on offered a variety of links to other pages on the site. Whatever he had been reading was a biography of some sort. With nothing better to do, and hoping another equally interesting person would be mentioned, he began looking around the site. There was a fan page; this man was a part of some group. A band, he soon discovered.

"Gorillaz?" the ghost exclaimed, amused and annoyed at the subtle reminder to another. "Hmm."

Hobbs was, or had been, the drummer. There were others: a young female guitarist, also missing, a green bassist, and a blue haired singer. What was stranger still about the vocalist was that he seemed to have no eyes, just two black holes. Currently they were all suffering an unofficial breakup from the pair of mysterious absences. To compensate, they had replaced the guitarist with a robotic copy. A computer supplied the drum beats.

The remaining band members were situated at a place called Plastic Beach. It was a floating mass of garbage, in the middle of the ocean, and it was as far as possible from any other landmass.

Skulker wasn't exactly sure if he would call the band rare, though they were without a doubt unique. One of a kind. Their current place of residence was both rare and unique, though he had no interest in collecting it.

He glanced out into the green abyss, noting the rainfall once more. He was so bored.

"I suppose I could pay these gorillas a visit…" he smiled.


Skulker phased through the floor of the skull-like cave, sinking through rock until he found himself in a secure weapons vault, encased in more rock. Due to a… minor accident a few years back, the ghost had taken it upon himself to reinforce the area with steel, taken from earth. Still, it was never the same. It may be better, but he could never know for sure.

Right, it was time to focus. He would have to offload his large shoulder cannon to make room for the harpoon. Knowing he'd be flying across the ocean for some time was incentive enough for the ghost to prepare himself against any sort of sea monster. He almost anticipated such an attack, if only for the thrill. This would be the only weapon he would take. The best way to eliminate boredom, he decided, was to challenge oneself.

The hunt would begin.

"If only this blasted weather would die off!" he cursed.


"I can't believe there hasn't been a single ghost attack all week," Danny said, sniffling. A second later he held the phone he had been speaking into away from his head, sneezing. "Ugh, I think my head's going to explode."

"Sorry to hear that." Tucker's voice answered from the phone. "Hey, I bet your cold scared them into not coming out. You know, like some ghost cold or something."

"Funny." Danny said in a flat tone, shuffling away from his window to collapse onto his unmade bed.

"You think it's from that weird rain in the Ghost Zone?"

Danny sniffed, rolling over to stare at the ceiling. "Who knows? I'd hate for that to be the cause; the rain was real dark. Nothing like water."

"You were in it for about an hour." Tucker pressed. "Sam and I had to use two hairdryers to thaw you out."

"Wasn't my fault we got lost."

"…Oh, hey, Sam just sent me an email. She wants to know if it'd be possible for the three of use to go hang out at the Nasty Burger later. Why didn't she ask you herself?" he said the last part in a confused tone.

"I lost my phone. Could you tell her that I'm not going?"

"Not even for a triple nasty burger with fries?"

"Dude, there's nothing that can make me leave this room other than the bathroom."

"Right," Tucker laughed. "Ok then, see you later."

"Later." Danny sneezed, hanging up the house phone before burying his head in his pillow.


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