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I'm Not Him Chapter 1: Forced Role

Kaoru's P.O.V.

I sat on my bed, pencil in hand, working on some impossible trigonometry question. Math has never been my strong point, and whenever I partake in solving said math problems it only serves to give me a head splitting migraine.

"Hiikkaruuu…" I whine out to my identical twin brother. "I don't understand this, it's hard." I poke out my bottom lip, putting on my best pouty face.

The red-headed teen who resembles me strongly looked up from his new dual-screen, 3-dimensional, hand held, video game system and made his way towards our shared bed from the bean bag chair he had resided on before hand.

"Your right Kao, it is hard." Hikaru shot me a mischievous smirk before sliding his hand down the front of my black school slacks, and wrapping his cool fingers around my pulsing erection.

I hadn't had time to take care of myself since we got home from the Host Club because I had a crap-load of homework to complete, I didn't have time for this!

"Hika… stop it!… you know that's… that's not what I meant!" It was hard to talk, heck it was hard to think with Hikaru's skilled, slender fingers teasing and stroking my hardened member. I grabbed Hikaru's wrist and lifted him out of my pants.

Hikaru grunted in frustration. "Aww… Kaoru, your no fun!" Hikaru collapsed on the bed beside me and brought out his own trig homework from his brown school bag. "Yeah, I can't help here Kaoru, I don't understand this math stuff much either." Hikaru fixed his eyes on the carpet and shrugged self-consciously. "We could get help from one of our friends though." Hikaru brought out his cell phone and carelessly tossed it to me.

I mentally went over each one of my friends responses if I were to ask them for help:

Haruhi- 'Kaoru, I already have to deal with all you damn rich people at school, so don't go calling me on my free time!'

*Wrong answer buzzer sound* ERRRR!

Tamaki- 'Oh yes my son, my Kaoru, come sit on Daddies lap, he will help, you with those evil math problems!'

*Wrong answer buzzer sound* ERRRR!

Kyouya- 'Kaoru, I'd advise you pay more attention in your classes and you won't have this type of problem again. Goodbye.'

*Wrong answer buzzer sound* ERRRR!

Hunny- 'Guess what Kao-Chan, Usa-Chan and me just had a Strawberry shortcake, it was spongy, and yellow, with extra whipped cream, and to top it all off a huge juicy strawberry! It was uber sweet! Do you like bunnies Kao-Chan? I adore bunnies, especially my cuddly Usa-Chan! What did you want again? Oh, it doesn't matter, I'm going to take a nap now anyway. See you later Kao-Chan!'

*Wrong answer buzzer sound* ERRRR!

Mori- '…Sure'

*Correct answer sound* Ding ding we have a winner!

"Mori-Sempai!" Hikaru and I shouted in unison, great minds think alike, especially when those great minds are twin minds!

I dialed Mori's number, "Hey Mori-Sempai, do you think you could help me with some trigonometry homework? It's kind of giving Hikaru and I some problems."

"…Sure… I already took that course." Mori-Sempai's voice was deep, emotionless, and quite frankly dead. How will I ever stay awake with him showing me how to correctly complete trigonometry questions.

I told Mori-Sempai Hikaru and I would be over in a few minutes, I then got up from my bed and put on my school blazer before grabbing my school bag.

"C'mon Hika." I motioned towards the door.

"Kaoru, do you mind going alone, I'm busy." Hikaru smiled sweetly at me with watering puppy dog eyes.

"What! Why? I don't want to be with Mori-Sempai alone! He is boring Hikaaarruu… I'll fall asleep, besides all your going to do is play video games here anyway." I pleaded with Hikaru, the last thing I wanted was to be alone with quiet, dull Mori-Sempai, He would bore me to death!

Hikaru stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist before pressing himself into my backside. "I'll make it up to you when you get home." Hikaru moaned seductively and nipped the tip of my ear.

Damn it! Why is Hikaru so sexy? I just couldn't resist his offer.

"Uggh… fine Hikaru, but when I get back, that cute little mouth of yours better be ready to give me a good time." I removed myself from Kaoru's embrace and made my way out to the limo I had ready to escort me to the Morinozuka estate.

The ride to Mori-Sempai's home was agonizing, I wanted nothing more than just to jump out of the car door, and run home, back to Hikaru through the busy freeway traffic, but I maintained my sanity, and soon enough we arrived at the home of the very teen I dreaded.

I was greeted at the door by a butler who lead me to Mori-Sempai's room, when we arrived he bowed, and pushed a cart off to the dining area.

I was too pre-occupied with my thoughts to remember my manners and I walked into Mori-Sempai's room without knocking, and was extremely shocked by what I found.

Mori-Sempai had his might I say large cock out, and was jerking himself off over a school blazer that was way too small to be his.

"Mitsukuni…" Mori-Sempai moaned as he worked on his leaking erection.

Seeing that I was alone Mori smirked as he made his way towards me, he put both of his large hands on either side of my body, pinning me to the now closed door.

"Mitsukuni…" Mori moaned again and kissed my neck tenderly, as he worked his was down, licking my collarbone.

"Sempai! What the! Hey…umph!" I was cut off by a forceful kiss, Mori-Sempai probed his tongue into my unwilling mouth, he was showing me who was in charge.

"Shhh, Mitsukuni, here feel how hot I am for you." Mori's usually flat voice was passionate, and filled with lust and desire. That frightened me. He took my hand and wrapped it around his blood engorged, pulsating member. Thinking that it would keep Mori-Sempai from wanting actual sex with me I stroked him rapidly, in hopes he would cum soon, so this terrifying ordeal would end. Mori leaned into my hand and bucked his hips, but stopped himself and commanded me to unwrap my fingers from his shaft and began to undress me. I tried to stop him, but he was so much stronger than me. Soon I was left with nothing but a thin pair of boxers keeping my body hidden, protecting it.

"Mori-Sempai… please… stop, I'm not Hunny-Sempai…please, I'm not him…" I began to sob hysterically as the realization of what was about to happen slowly became clear to me, Mori-Sempai is going to rape me! "Oh no…no! Hikaru…Hikaru please help me." I whisper, tears streaming down my face.

"Mitsukuni, don't worry, on one is going to take you from me, not even Hikaru can break us apart." Mori softly kissed my forehead and despite his gentle motions, I winced in fear.

"Sempai, Onegai… If your going to do this, can you please… use…use s…something?" I asked shakily. What if I caught something from Mori-Sempai? If I could get him to use a condom at least I could know this was a clean rape… If that's even possible.

"Mitsukuni…don't worry, I love you, and I would never do anything to hurt you." Mori captured my lips in a gentle kiss, a loving kiss, for a moment I felt that Sempai really did love me, but I wasn't Kaoru in Mori's arms, I was Hunny-Sempai.

Mori-Sempai lifted me up bridal style and roughly threw me onto his bed, and positioned himself overtop of me, he then pulled my boxers down my legs, leaving the soft, orange hair covering them standing on edge. I was completely exposed to him. I could feel his eyes roam my body, and it sickened me.

"Mitsukuni, your stunning." Mori ran a hand over my nipple, I bit my lip to contain a moan of pleasure that threatened to force its way past my lip.

'Why?' was all I could think. Why was Mori-Sempai doing this? Why isn't Hikaru here to save me? Oh god… Hikaru… I am cheating on Hikaru! What would Hikaru think if he saw me like this? I desperately wanted to fight, to free myself from Mori's attentions, but no matter how hard I cried, kicked and screamed I still found my self underneath of Mori, pinned down and helpless and weak. I simply can't accept the feeling of helplessness, so I became numb. I blankly stared up at the man who was molesting me and shut down completely.

The midnight-haired teen traveled downwards and licked the underside of my shaft, running his tongue over a sensitive vein, I instantly hardened from the intimate contact, and he chuckled darkly.

"Mitsukuni… do I excite you?" He kissed the sensitive tip of my penis and I bucked my hips off the bed and into the air. "By the looks of this, I must think so." he added.

I felt so disgusting, I couldn't believe how weak I was, I should only harden for Hikaru, the one I love… Why? Why am I reacting to Mori-Sempai's touches? I don't want to do this but my flushed face, and my arousal pressed against Mori's toned stomach says otherwise.

Mori lifted me up, and turned me around so my ass faced him, my arms gave out leaving my backside hoisted in the air. Mori positioned himself behind me, and pushed forward, he was going to take me dry.

"Ow! Sempai… Stop please! I… I don't w…want this!" I begged Sempai to stop, it hurt so bad.

"Mitsukuni… your so tight." Mori ran his fingers through my auburn hair, as he thrust into me mercilessly, Making me cry out with every push forward.

I had no idea sex could hurt this much. I have only let Hikaru have me, and when he touched me it was amazing. Hikaru was gentle with me, he caressed my body with light movements, as if he were to use too much force I would shatter. Hikaru would never force me to do anything I didn't wish to do, and that's why I loved him. How I longed to be in Hikaru's arms at that moment, to hear him whisper 'I love you' into my ear as he made love to me, softly, and gently.

I was thrown back suddenly into my painful reality by the sound of Mori's sonorous voice. "Mitsukuni, say my name."

I sat silently, and defiantly avoided eye contact with my molester, I wouldn't submit to him.

Sempai didn't take very kindly to me disobeying him, so he slammed into me with all his force, hitting my pleasure spot, and he pinched my nipple punishingly. "Say it!"

"Ahhh! Taka… Takashi! Mori slammed forward and hit my sweet spot once again in the process. I climaxed shooting my seed onto my the bed spread below.

I clenched my tight ring of muscle around Mori's manhood, and he came soon after me, emptying his load into my invaded hole.

After catching his breath, he pulled out of me making me shudder, and sat on the edge of his bed.

"Kaoru, I am in love with Mitsukuni, but I won't let myself hurt him, so from now on you will be playing the role of Mitsukuni, my lover, when it comes to things of a sexual nature." I was pissed by how bluntly Mori stated this, as if I was some kind of sex slave and he was entitled to my body.

"Like hell I am! You won't get away with this! I'll tell Hikaru!" I snapped back at my Sempai who was beginning to redress himself, as if nothing had just happened.

"Go ahead, tell him, but don't leave out the part about when you hardened, and how you climaxed. You and I both know you could of fought, but your so much of a slut you let me have you." Mori grabbed my chin forcing me to look at him, his hot breath felt like searing, white wires pressed into my flesh. Mori nipped my ear, then my neck, I whimpered in response.

Mori was right, I must be a slut. If I really didn't want it my body wouldn't of reacted right? And now that I think of it I could of fought harder to free myself couldn't I? If Hikaru found out about this he would be disgusted and disown me. I couldn't lose Hikaru, in this whole world Hikaru is the only thing I truly care about, so if this is the price I must pay to be able to keep Hikaru by my side, I'll give myself to Mori-Sempai.

"I won't say anything Mori-Sempai, and I'll play the role of Hunny-Sempai, just please don't tell Hikaru about this." I whispered as stray tear rolled down my cheek as he kissed me.

"Please Mitsukuni, call me Takashi."

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