Since Ode To The Summary was written in jest
My muse has become kind of a pest
The following odes are stand alone
Put all together it would make quite a tome
Some are hints for authors old and new
Reviewers get a look in too
Readers get a special shout out
So do not begin to pout
Stories might get a mention
And people's pet peeves might get attention
I am not out to cause offence
We're all only human is a good defence
It is all done with a sense of fun
Mull these ideas over on your next run


Welcome to you, to you and to you
It is a very brave thing to do
To send your work out into the world
To let your words fly away
Exposing them to anything people might say

So first of all do take note
Not everyone will like what you have wrote
Most reviewers will at least be polite
But some enjoy nastiness on those out of sight

Secondly get the basics right
Read through the story again and again
Make spell check or a beta your very best friend
Even if your spelling is great
Typos can happen at an alarming rate

Mistakes found in the summary
Will cause readers to wish you to a nunnery
They certainly won't want to read your work
Will think it's written by a jerk

Read it in the Document Manager at the end
Sometimes the website edits out random bits as well
Which really can be annoying as hell
Long paragraphs of text are hard to read
Will make people wish for mead
Layout is important sure
If you want readers to come back for more

Thirdly and this I cannot recommend too much
Read other people's stories, reviews and such
You will see how things are done
It will help you develop your own style
Though this will take awhile

But mostly I say have some fun
This is your day in the sun
Do not stress on the detail
Make an effort to get it right
Don't let it keep you up all night
Readers will appreciate that you tried
And continue to stay by your side

So to probie writers one and all
Do go out and have a ball
We welcome you to fan fiction
More and more of us are getting this addiction!