Dedication - For all fan fiction authors who not only write great stories but also make the effort to get the basics right.


To bring to an end this Follies collection
The most important aspect of fan fiction deserves attention
Is it the author, the words or the plot?
Oh, my dear, of course it's not
I speak of the story aka fic
So let me continue on a tick

Fan fiction stories cover quite a range
From the sweetly romantic to the very, very strange
Tags, one-shots, case fics too
School, spanking, series, song fics are but a few

Stories are written for many reasons
To sustain us between the seasons
To explore a pairing we wish to see
Or add a scene or three
To send characters where we'd like them to go
Or change something from the show
Create a whole alternative universe
Which for authors can become quite a curse

No matter what you like to read
From every day troubles you can be freed
By well written fan fiction
Some might even call it an addiction
So to the story we give thanks and praise
May it long continue until the end of days