A Kurt/Blaine (Klaine) fic.

Kurt sat quietly in Glee rehearsal, lost in thoughts of Blaine as the soothing voice of Rachel washed over him in her latest solo. It would take time to adjust to seeing Blaine less, particularly the hazel eyes, but it was so good to be surrounded by his friends again. He felt Mercedes leaning her head on his shoulder and smiled, pressing his hand to hers as Rachel belted out the final note. Kurt automatically brought his hands together in applause, feeling mechanical.

"Wonderful Rachel." Mr Shue said appreciatively. "Now…" He trailed off, interrupted as Blaine knocked softly and walked through the choir room door.

Kurt's heart seemed to stop for a moment, half out of shock and half out of attraction. Blaine's Dalton academy jacket was oddly absent, replaced with a plain white top, black leather paints and suspenders. He momentarily forgot how to speak but somehow managed to recover his senses. "Blaine what are you doing here?"

"I've left Dalton Kurt." Blaine said simply "To be closer to you." He finished, walking over to Mr Shue. "Do you mind if I speak for a moment?"

"Sure." he agreed, gesturing for Blaine to take the floor

"I want to audition," Blaine announced, watching the impact the words had on the group who sat in stunned silence.

"Blaine you don't need to audition. We've heard you sing." Mercedes told him

"No." Blaine disagreed, shaking his head. "I'm not Warbler Blaine or Kurt's boyfriend." (at this Kurt felt his breath hitch again at the words) "I'm just Blaine Anderson. Auditioning to become part of the wonderful New Directions."

"The Warblers need you Blaine." Kurt told him. "As much as I'd love to be singing along with your silky smooth solos again your Dalton's star."

"Well maybe the Warblers don't need me as much as I need you." Blaine said, as if he was announcing the day of the week "I transferred this morning, and I'd really love it if I could join you."

"Well thats great Blaine. What song are you gunna sing?" Mr Shue asked.

"I've serenaded two people in the past. The first was a complete disaster…"

"He's not joking." Kurt muttered, earning a smirk in his direction from Blaine.

"The second." Blaine continued. "Was a goodbye I didn't really want to say. So I thought I'd give it one last try. I've literally sung Misery before but this song has a little more hope in it. It's for Kurt."

Quickly he passed a CD of backing music to Mr Shue to place in a CD player and gestured to Mike, Finn, Puck, Artie and Sam to join him.

The visions around you. Bring tears to your eyes...

And all that surrounds you… are secrets and lies.

Kurt was lost in the words, wondering if a voice could actually kill with its beauty.

I'll be your strength. I'll give you hope

Keeping your faith while its gone

The one you should call. Standing here all alone...

And I will take. You in my arms.

With these words Blaine touched Kurt's arm briefly, his eyes never leaving Kurt's

And hold you right where you belong

Till the day my lie is through. This I promise you…

As he sung the final verses and his voice died away the room erupted in applause once more. This time Blaine literally took Kurt in his arms, drawing him into a lingering hug amid the cheers.

"Welcome to the Glee club Blaine Anderson!" Mr Shue called, earning another round of cheers as the entire club joined the hug.

When the bell rung to announce the end of the day Blaine and Kurt walked out of the choir room with their arms still around each other's shoulders, and Kurt couldn't help wondernig how he got so lucky. He was an atheist sure, but there had to be some holy being he could thank for the perfect creature that was Blaine standing next to him.

"Blaine what is it with you and pink sunglasses?" Kurt teased, as Blaine produced a pair from his pocket and put them on.

"Hey don't hate on my glasses Kurt, they're kind of my thing."

"Please don't say that." Kurt said with a grimace. "I'm picturing myself making out with Rachel."

At the confused expression on Blaine's face Kurt elaborated. "She has a thing too, gold stars."

"What if I showed you how awesome these things are?" Blaine whispered, placing the pink glasses on Kurt's head. "See?"

"Yes I do see." Kurt joked. "I see pink."

Blaine rolled his eyes, putting the glasses back on his own head. "I've worn that Dalton uniform for years Kurt, if I'm not wearing it I'm going to dress loud."

"You won't miss the blazer? Girls love guys in blazers." Kurt asked.

"Ahh." Blaine said, placing a book in his new locker. "But its not girls I'm trying to impress. I happen to be trying to impress a guy with fabulous fashion taste." He said with a smirk, looking up and down the hallway before leaning one hand against his locker and quickly planting a kiss on Kurt.

Authors Note: This is my first Klaine fic so go easy ;-) but please review! I really appreciate input. Also this may be a one-shot or continuous. Not sure at this time. The song is 'This I Promise You' by N'Sync