I plan on this being a three shot, and will definitely have my regular amount of sex later on in the next two chapters. Short beginning, as it's more of a prologue than anything. THERE WILL BE GRAPHIC RAPE.

"Don't touch me."

"Don't give Zim a reason to."

They panted across from each other. Empty playground. Red sky. His disguise was off, antennas perking up and red eyes glowing, yet still no one saw. No one would ever see. Dib had come to realize this, but accepting it was a different thing entirely.

"I didn't give you a fucking reason."

"Lies! You know perfectly well what you did, Dib-beast."

For years this game had drawn on. Dib wasn't even sure why they continued their tango of mutual hatred, but he did know that now he was dependant on it. What else did he have, after all? There wasn't anything left. College was a joke, and he barely kept his grades up. He didn't care about chemistry, all he cared about was devising plots and plans to capture and expose his enemy once and for all.

"No, I don't. I'm tired of this Zim, just leave me alone."

"And risk you turning me into the F-B-I? I don't think so, Dib. Very clever."

He drew the word out, and spat the end of the sentence as an after thought. They glared at each other. Dib wheezed, clutching his side where Zim had dug his claws in. It was bleeding. Not very deep, but still enough to cause pain from when they had wrestled on the ground. Now they stood apart, cautious as they judged each other's moves from between the bars of the jungle gym. Funny how they had wound up fighting at their old Skool.

"I'm not scared of you, Zim. I'm already blocked from the FBI's telephone line. But the next time you decide to grab me like that in public, I will hurt you."

Zim continued to glare at him, before lifting his arm up and tapping something on his glove. Dib couldn't make out what he said, but it didn't take long for GIR to arrive out of the sky, a trail of sugar following it. The bumbling robot smiled at Dib before grabbing Zim and flying off. Zim's screams stayed with Dib long after the two had left. Dib untensed when the air cleared, and all he could hear was the soft rustling of leaves on the aging trees.

He sighed. It was starting to become tiresome, but it was what he lived for. He honestly didn't know why. Maybe it was because Zim was his portal to the outside universe, to everything he had always dreamed about when he was younger. Like it or not, Zim had shown him amazing things. Just because he hated him didn't mean that what he'd seen because of him had any less meaning. Because of Zim, Dib had been into space and met countless aliens. His dreams had been confirmed, and they were now reality. But still, it was tiring.

There was less and less Zim as time went on and they didn't attend Skool together anymore. But while Dib had physically moved on to college, he still had to ensure that Zim didn't do anything that threatened mankind. Dib may have grown up, but Zim was still the same as ever. Skool had just been a way for him to settle down into Earth life; he still was bent on enslaving all humanity.

Zim dragged him down, when he should have been progressing. His father, while always disappointed, was even more so than usual when he realized that he still chased the alien when he should have been working on graduating. Gaz, who had always shaken her head at him all the way through, now looked at him with pity. There was too much Zim in his life, too much playing.

But things had changed.

He was older.

An adult.


Dib looked up at the sky and shivered from the autumn breeze. He couldn't keep doing this. Zim may have been a little taller, five feet four inches, but he would never change. But Dib had. And the fact of the matter was, real life was calling.

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