The Severus He Saved

By Jazz

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Chance, that's what started it. Toss a Muggle dice and you have a one in six chance that you will get the number you want. Some odds are greater than others. In a Muggle card deck you have a one in fifty two chance of picking a certain card while on one of their coins it's a one in two odds; heads or tails.

Now, out of fifteen teachers, it was Flitwick that got sick and needed a sub to teach his classes for two days. Two days with three classes a day means six classes total. So, what was the likely hood that one teacher should have two classes a day fall into his prep periods, periods when all the other teachers were either busy or in need of their time so that they couldn't take the classes?

Believe me, I tried to do the math but got hopelessly messed up. Let's just say, you'd have to be really unlucky. Or lucky, depending on your point of view…