Somehow revised.

Disclaimed. Gakuen Alice will never be mine.

I was walking down the street, my IPod playing and my hood on. It was like any other day. Typical.

But I spoke too soon when I heard grunts and gasps from the empty lot. Peeking, I saw three men, more like teenagers having a fight with a group of ten. Obviously, they weren't that good in fighting, except one raven haired guy who was fighting five men. I placed my IPod inside my jeans and charged towards them.

It was like I was running towards them and a Bon Jovi song played in the background like a cool James Bond movie where I distract the other gangsters and they call for their weakling boss who's sitting on a lone sofa drinking brandy. He'll look at me and take out his gun but I will kick it out of his grasp…

This ain't the song for the brokenhearted

No silent prayer for the faith departed

Suddenly, the raven-haired bastard glanced at me and tried to punch me, good thing I dodged it. Bastard, I'm here to help. But if it was me, I'll do the same thing.

I gave an uppercut to a guy who was supposedly thrusting a dagger to a blonde helpless one, and then I kicked the treasure of a man, who yelped and backed away.

And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd

I smirked but unfortunately another bastard tried to hit me in the face, I got a bloody gash on my cheek. I punched him in the gut. I glanced at the remaining men. The helpless guy was trying his very best to fight but to no avail, he got swatted away, another blonde was fighting two guys but of course he can't keep it up, his lip was bleeding and the raven lad was holding the remaining bastards.

You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud.

I can't believe that they're men, weaklings. Not hesitating, I moved forward to go for the kill. I kicked, punched, dodged and so on. After a minute, all men were down, and I earned a few cuts. I was turning away when a masculine voice stopped me.

It's my life, it's now or never. I ain't-

"Who are you?" he asked.

"None of your business." I replied icily, still with my back to him.

"So you butt in a fight which isn't yours and you just walk away?"

"I'd appreciate if you just forget it." Damn, this man is so inquisitive. I continued walking but that turned into a run. Next time I wouldn't bother to help people like that.

So much for destroying the mood and that awesome Bon Jovi song.

Who the hell is that boy? He walks in, fights and walks away. He wore a hood but I saw his eyes, mesmerizing, brown eyes that seemed to pull me in. His voice was slightly high, but it was cold. Very cold.

"Natsume, are you alright?" Ruka asked and I inspected his body and found no wounds.

"Yeah,you?" I reply and gazed at Koko.

"I'm fine, that guy sure saved me. I forgot to thank him." He sighed and I rolled my eyes.

"Did you see his face? Or got his name?" Koko told me. I shrugged and we all sighed. Those bastards are going to pay, really well. I'm going to make sure of it.

I entered our house and I was actually planning to sneak in and head to my room at the farthest corner. I turned the music off and looked out for any sign of disturbance when the sound system blared and I jumped out of my wits.

"I know you're there. Come straight to my room, now." A shrill voice resonated through the whole house and I sighed and proceeded.




"Hi gran."

"Oh dear you've grown to be a beautiful woman!" she exclaimed and ran towards me and tackled me into a bear hug. After some protests, she finally and thankfully, released me.

"Mikan, why do you wear clothes like this?" she inspected my clothes and got my hood off. I saw her eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

"God! What did you do with your hair? Why did you cut it?" she half shouted. I covered my ears with my fingers. And closed my eyes for the worst.

"Gran, relax. I just cut it because it's so bothersome, it's better this way." I said ruffling my brown hair.

"And you cut it, a boy cut? And what happened to your face? You have cuts! What happened to you?" This time shouting in my ear. I have to cover them again to keep my eardrums from bursting.

"I just got into a little fight. No worries Gran." I assured her when she was supposed to retort back. I stopped her with my hand.

"I'm okay. Please don't worry about me." she sighed in defeat as if being with me is such a pain in the ass and considering how much troublesome I am, no one could blame her. But then, my pathet-, my grandmother too, is somehow, how do we put it, wild? Rebellious? Aha (and I was supposed to say my pathetic excuse for a grandmother. Hoho! Stopped myself on time!)

"Alright. Just make sure to apply medicine on it. I don't want to see my lovely granddaughter's face full of cuts." She joked around and I snorted. She raised a perfectly waxed eyebrow. We always had that issue, how my language should be, why do I snort, the way I should dress, the food that I gobble up (told you so about my language. But gobble up is way easier to say! Well, to eat is slightly acceptable, never mind…) We always have those kinds of arguments and it just gets us tired. I won't back out, she won't back out. Yukihara's don't like to lose, so we just call it a draw. Us and our gigantic pride…

She turned her head back to her table and was silent for a while it actually got me curious.

"Gran, what are you doing?" I asked her, eyeing the papers on her desk.

"Oh, just some things for my school." She replied heading to her desk. I followed.

"Your school? Gakuen Alice?" I laughed. "Where the boys have the same uniform as girls?"

"Hey, that was your idea. Do you want to enter? You know the school's full of handsome guys." She taunted me. I grimaced, not in the slightest bit interested.

"God Gran, no thanks. I'm not interested with filthy bastards." She laughed and shoved me a folder, again. This is one of her silly games, making me choose a handsome guy. I randomly point for her anyway, just to get her satisfied. Or else she'll rat at me and follow me until I give up.

"There. Look at those handsome men, you might change your mind."

I opened it, only to be welcomed by a boy with a star under his left eye, he looks charming and suave, but there was something about him that's very interesting… I looked at his profile.

Andou Tsubasa

Age: 18

Level: 4

S. Points: 27

I looked at Gran and she just stared back at me like a waitress patiently waiting for me to order. I raised my eyebrows.

"Gran, what're the Level and S. Points for? I asked her and she went to sit down at the revolving chair behind the table. She crossed her arms and looked at me.

"The Level is to determine how rich the family you came from is. So if you're rich, you have influence. If you have influence, you have power." She explained it like she hasn't repeated it for me a thousand times. The simple equation Money=Power thing.

I was supposed to speak again when she raised her hand and clamped it on my mouth non too gently. She touched one of my cuts and I flinched and she quickly got her hand back and stared at me worryingly.

"Sorry! Are you okay? I told-" she went arm alight mode again and I raised my hand to stop her and nodded. She seemed to understand and breathed deeply.

"The Level is measured from eleven to one. Eleven being some kind of middle class, and one being the richest. That Andou is pretty rich, you know. If you ever take an interest on him…" she winked at me and grimaced.

"The S. Points stands for Striking points. If he's popular with students, if he's popular with girls and boys, well, you get a high rank for that. There's no ceiling in there, whatever the student council thinks- let's rephrase that, whatever I think is the basis for that." I looked at her with utter disbelief. What kind of school has that? Striking points whatsoever? Trust my grandmother to put such twists to this school, maybe her school is for people who jump after rainbows and order gold statues just for the fun of it. I shook my head and proceeded to turn the page. What welcomed me was a boy who looked kind of cold. His eyes were green and his hair silver with a hint of gray. Who knew my grandmother let someone like this enter her school? Well, with her, you can never tell. His eyes were cold but nevertheless, he looks err, ah..good-looking, I'll give him that.

Hijiri Youichi

Age: 17

Level: 3

S. Points: 25

Hijiri… Sounds familiar… I turned my head to Gran who was busy playing Poptropica in her laptop. Her eyes were focused on the screen and she carefully guided her character towards the goal but there was some laser and the character bounced off. She cursed, well, it's not really a curse, if you would you count 'Holy Massachusetts!' one.

"Gran, who's Hijiri?" I asked loudly but she was busy murdering the mouse.

"Gran! Who's Hijiri?" I repeated a little louder and she glanced at me for a split second and returned to her game.


"Their company is a close competitor of ours, just close. Remember when you were younger and I took you to his birthday? They were the first ones who laughed at your appearance. Ah, I couldn't blame them, you were covered with dog poop when you played-"

"Alright, Alright! I remember okay?" I cut her off and she focused again on her game.

Light flashed through the window when I looked outside, it was beautiful. The garden was filled with various flowers that just bloomed. I was bored. So bored. The car stopped and Gran called me but my attention was solely on the garden. Then something barked. I let my eyes sweep the landscape for the source of the noise and my eyes stopped on a cage. A huge cage and inside was a very cute, small, black puppy. My heart jumped for joy.

"Mikan, we're here. Let's come out." Gran's voice sounded so far away but I followed her without taking my eyes off the pup. Sunlight enveloped us and Gran started to walk away and she called me again but I told her to wait and she just nodded.

I slowly approached the dog, looking straight at its green eyes and its tail that wagged playfully.

"Hi!" I crouched in front of the cage and slipped my hand between the bars. The pup licked it and I laughed and patted its head. The latch was just centimeters from my fingers and temptation won me over. I carefully looked around for any witnesses and unlocked the cage. The pup sprang happily at me and licked me in the face. I laughed and scratched its ears.

"You okay?" I asked it and it barked and I covered its jaws. The pup barked again and I let go of it. It turned in circles and smelled the ground as if it's looking for a treasure. It settled in front of me and kind of sat but realization hit me when something fell off its backside. Something that's earth brown and carefully twisted.

"Yikes pup!" I exclaimed and backed away when a voice startled me.

"What are you doing?" I was taken by surprise by the boy's voice that I didn't notice the stone that I stepped back on. Ah, and so I lost my balance and landed face first in the warm, sticky, yikes, waste of the pup. He laughed out loud and I ran to my Gran, who was inside the hall. And you know what happened…

I grasped that memory and looked back at the folder and was met by Hijiri's eyes. Green, like the pup's. Green like the…

I stared again and then it clicked. This Hijiri Youichi was the boy that startled me and caused me to trip! I turned his page angrily and considered ripping it off and burning it in the fireplace but Gran might get suspicious…

I was expecting another jerk but what surprised me is that the boy looked innocent and a nerd. He has a chalk-colored hair and he wore spectacles. He was smiling politely for the camera and he wasn't that bad.

Tobita Yuu

Age: 17

Level: 6

S. Points: 19

Hmm, not that bad for a smart one. I turned the page again and found a vaguely familiar. I squinted my eyes for a sign and it clicked again. He was one of the guys I helped not long before. The one who fought in vain.

Yome Kokoro

Age: 17

Level: 5

S. Points: 23

I rolled my eyes and observed him. His eyes were a bit slanted and he smiled a little charmingly. Hell, my adjectives getting out of hand. sigh I turned the next page and encountered a familiar face, yet again. I was supposed to skip the page when something caught my eye. The eyes. Holy Macbeth, they were the color of the sea. There was a breathtaking glint on them and one look you can tell that he wasn't a bad guy.

Nogi Ruka

Age: 17

Level: 2

S. Points: 45

I cringed. He's filthy rich and he too is popular with students. Ah, I remember. He was the helpless one! Almost prince charming.

I was getting tired of looking at these boys' faces and profiles. I was supposedly closing the folder when my finger got stuck between the pages and I opened it abruptly, causing me a paper cut. I groaned, of all the times. Drops of blood fell and landed on a certain page. Another guy. I glanced at the face and my eyes widened. It's that ungrateful guy! His eyes were a color of crimson and I rubbed my eyes. It was red. I looked at my finger if somehow blood sprinkled in his eyes but no, it's red! He looked expressionless but there's no denying that he wasn't good-looking.

Hyuuga Natsume

Age: 17

Level: 1

S. Points: 79

I gaped. What was Gran thinking of the S. Points? Well, he was a stunner. But it doesn't erase the fact that he was The Ingrate bastard.

"What the hell?" Gran exclaimed and I returned the folder on her desk.

"Die dogs, die!" She yelled again and I snorted. She turned her eyes on me and glared her business glare. But for so many times has she used that on me that I've gotten used to it. I stared back at her and for a few seconds I let her calm down. Gran folded her arms and grinned at me. That was the scary thing about her, her glares turn to grins in just a matter of seconds.

"So, like any guy?" She playfully asked me and I shrugged at her.

"Nope. Not interested." I answered boringly. She 'Hmph' and there was an evil glint on her eyes. Gran and her mood swings. I stood up and saluted to her as a sign of farewell and headed for the door when she stopped me again.

"You look filthy. I'll call the designers and stylists to come here and fix you." She said evenly and I gaped back at her.

"What? You're not going to do that. You're not." I stuttered and she smiled eerily.

"Yes I will do that." She replied and my eyes slowly followed her hand that was reaching for her phone. It was my last chance and I ran to her side and kneeled using the 'puppy eyes' that always got her.

"Please Gran, don't." I pleaded and regretted it an instant when the evil glint present in her eyes became more visible.

"Alright. No designers no stylists and I'll not change anything." I smiled at her and I almost ran to hug her when she cut me.

"For one condition." She smiled evilly at me and I gulped. When Gran says something with her eyes like that, I won't like what it is.

"Study at Gakuen Alice." I yelped. God, of all the things. But this isn't so bad. I was worried that she would order me to go cliff diving or bungee jumping, and hey, I hate heights.

"Alright. I'll go to that school with the condition that I'll not have any stylists, designers and wardrobe transformation right?" I told her in a business tone. She smiled like she won but I raised my left hand.

"I have a condition too. I'll study there for just a year." I told her and she thought of it for a few seconds before taking my right hand and shaking it.


"Yeah right, deal." And with that I agreed to her conditions not knowing that it will cause a drastic problem in the future. Wish me luck.

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