One Shot From Nicholai's Point of View

I never thought I would find true love, never at the end of the world at least. Running down the halls hearing the sounds of a vicious dog, Umbrella had given us a handful, people turning into vicious cannibals, I lost my friend Yuri that way and now I feared I'd lose Carlos. I'd die first before ever being bitten. When I arrive I see you, you need my help, the second I see you time stops. In my mind I see a flash, a memory of something that, now because of Umbrella, would never be. I see us meeting somewhere like a park, you dressed like you are, it's quite noticeable. I feel like I've known you all of my life, a brief period in time. For a brief period of time you are mine, my love, my soulmate, again I never thought I'd find true love but now I know it's you.

I fire and the dog falls to the ground, I shoot the other undead creatures in the head, I go to the dog and put one last bullet in it's head. "Stay" for some reason I feel cheesy saying this.

"Thought you might need a hand." I continue on.

"You work for Umbrella?" I see the disgust you have for my old employers, I hate them too.

"Used too. Until they left us for dead in this place. Now I consider myself freelance." The beauty of your eyes looking into mine. A brief period of are mine. I see your smile, your getting the hints. "Sergeant Nicholai Genovev, at your service." I salute you to show my respect, in the old country if I had met you there I would have kissed your hand, instead I work for Umbrella here in this hellhole. As I put my hand down I am attacked by another dog, it shocks me. You want to help me but the girl is running.

"Come on!"

"Angela! Wait!"

I see the girl could be in trouble I tell you, "Save the girl! I've got this bitch." I know you will go on and save the girl, I watch you run for a second and then look up and wrestle the dog, the stench of death is coming from it's skin, I then hear another and look to my left to see one running at me, "Oh Shit!" I scream I can't save myself but at least I saved you, my one and only love. As I died I realized I knew your name in my heart, I love you my Jill...we will be together at the end of times. But for a brief period of time, I was yours and you were mine.