This is my first fanfic ever, so I hope you all like it. A big shout out and thank you to my beta Natalie (ebatcl). You're the best. :)

About the story: This is set in the medieval times. However, I did not do any research so forgive me for any historical mistakes that I made. Here goes :)


Revenge. He'd get his revenge.

Crawling through the forest, it was the only thought consuming him, the only thought that kept him alive. He never thought that this would happen to him. Him! But alas, fate continued to turn its back on him and now he was fighting for his life, hoping to reach the road where at least someone would see him.

He cursed himself for his failure. Ever since he was a child, he was trained to treat everyone with caution and to always have a plan. His father, a man brought to reclusion by his failure to be crowned king, had put him under rigorous education and training so the son could succeed where the father had failed. But everything was thrown into the water when he met her.

She was different from all the women he had met before. He actively pursued her, even to the ridicule of others. That showed just how much he wanted to conquer her, to own her. He wanted to be her master. In the end, it was her fault: she and her indomitable spirit, the reason why he was in a sorry predicament now.

But no worries, he knew that he would live, because he knew that she would have her comeuppance.

As he reached the road, it was the only thing in his mind before nothingness overcame him. Revenge.

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