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Without further ado, the Epilogue for All I Need.


2 years later

"Clark, it is the break of dawn, and you wore me out last night. I deserve to get more sleep." Clark heard Lois mumble, as she burrowed her head deeper under the pillow.

Clark chuckled. "Must I remind you that you were the one who started that game?"

Lois sat up quickly with narrowed eyes. "Yes, but I guess it backfired on me. I did not know you are a master at chess. I just wanted to see your delectable body bared to me," she said with a lascivious smile.

"All you had to do is ask," Clark said sweetly, pulling up Lois from the bed, wrapping his arms around her waist and laid a passionate kiss on her lips.

"Where is the fun in that?" Lois said as they pulled apart, her hands playing with the buttons on his shirt.

"But I had the most fun. Watching you undress one clothing after another, and then when you have nothing to discard at all, you laid down the gauntlet-"

Lois pushed Clark playfully and started making the bed. "I am certain you enjoyed that after you won the final game. I had nothing else to bet," Lois said, then added, "It was Bart's fault. He told me you do not excel at chess."

Clark laughed. "Bart does not know everything about me. Besides, I played chess only with my mother, and she always beat me soundly. I learned from the best. After she passed away, I had no one to play it with." Clark once again grabbed Lois' waist and wrapped his arms around it. "But I must let you know that last night's game was the most enjoyable game of chess that I have played my entire life." He then whispered in her ear, "Watching you pleasure yourself-"

Clark could not continue as Lois assaulted his mouth with a kiss. "Oh, Clark, you truly drive me insane," she said against his lips. "Now that I am up and about at this ungodly hour," Lois said, rolling her eyes, "Let me just check up on Marta before you show me what you woke me up for."

"All right. I will come with you," Clark said.

Going to the door in the wall, they opened it and went inside the now well lit passageway. In no time, they were in the other bedroom, where baby Marta was sound asleep inside her crib.

Clark could not help but smile every time he looked down to their little bundle of joy. It was a blessing from the heavens, and he still remembered the day when Lois told him that he was going to be a father.

Night was already approaching, and Clark entered their bedroom tired from the day's work. He was surprised to find a large tub sitting in the middle of the room, but his wife was not present.

His silent query was immediately answered when the door flew open and Lois came bounding inside holding towels and a bar of soap.

"You are here!" Lois said rather energetically, and placed a quick kiss on his lips.

"What is all this?" Clark asked, suspicion in his mind, for when Lois did things out of the ordinary, she had done a thing that he would disapprove of. The last time she did a thing of this magnitude, she was thrown off a horse that he specifically forbade her to ride.

"Well, this is a grand welcome to a grand King who does grand deeds," Lois said, pulling Clark by the arm and started to undress him.

Clark laughed. She did something wrong, he was certain. But he will give her time to tell him herself. "Lois, stop. I can undress myself. Besides, I do not want to bathe alone. Maybe you should join me?"

Lois looked at his eyes and smiled. "All right," she said, grabbing the stool and placing it beside the tub, putting the towels and soap on top of it.

Clark watched leisurely as Lois undressed in front of him, taking in every bit of skin that became visible each time a piece of clothing left her body. Lois was oblivious to everything, including him still clothed, that Clark was now convinced that Lois did something that might require forgiveness from him.

"You are still dressed," Lois said, and Clark let Lois undress him. It was extremely erotic, at least for his part, watching his wife shed him off his clothes completely while she was naked, that it was not long before he was standing at full attention.

Clark could not help but laugh at the blush that crept up Lois' face when she saw his distended member. Lois was acting out of character, something was definitely amiss.

Clark relaxed, vowing to himself that he would not get angry at whatever mistake Lois had made. "In the tub we go, the water will get cold soon."

He stepped inside first and offered his hand, which Lois took. Now both inside the tub, Clark sat, his back touching the edge of the tub and gently settled Lois on his lap, her back on his chest. They laid like that for a couple of minutes, just enjoying being close to each other's bodies, that Clark decided it was time for her to divulge her secret that merited this kind of gesture.

Taking the soap and making up a lather, he started soaping her shoulders. "What did you do this time, Lois?"

Lois sat up, away from his chest and turned her head to look at him. "This time? What does that question mean?"

Clark could see the anger now forming in Lois' eyes. He pulled Lois back to his chest and now put his hands on her chest. "Don't get your shackles up, Lois. You, of all people, should know that when you do something like this," he said with a tap on the wooden tub, "is when you did something foolish and you do not want me to get angry."

Lois sat up again. "That was uncalled—" she started, before thinking and then laying back against his chest. "Well, you are correct." Lois said, which earned a chuckle from Clark, which in turn made Lois pinch his thigh under the water.

"Ow," Clark said, pretending to be hurt.

"But this is not one of those times. I did not do anything wrong," Lois said.

"Then why are you so nervous?" Clark then placed his mouth near her ear. "You never blush when you see me wanting you. If this is not your intent, then what is?" Clark said, his hands now travelling downwards, aiming at the apex at her thighs.

Lois stopped his hand's descent, just below her stomach. "My King, this gesture, as you put it, is not because of a wrong. It is because of a right," Lois laid her head on his shoulder and looked at him. Clark looked down on her and saw love in those eyes, as well as an abundant joy that surpassed what he saw on the day they were declared man and wife. "I am with child, Clark," Lois said, placing a kiss on his jaw. "You are going to be a father."

Clark could not voice into words how he was feeling at the moment. All he could do was grab Lois' face and kiss her with all the love he felt. Lois shifted in his lap, now facing him, put her arms around his neck as she gave into the kiss with abandon.

Clark pulled back and looked straight into her eyes, confident that Lois could see that he was overjoyed with the news. "I love you," Clark said, not knowing other words that would express all the feelings inside him right now: elation, gratitude, love.

"I love you too. And you are most welcome," Lois said, understanding him, before attacking his lips one more time.

"What is on your mind that you now have a wonderful grin on your face?" Lois said, cutting off his day dream.

Clark looked at Marta and then back to Lois. "I was recalling the day you told me that you were with child, and of course what happened after you told me."

Lois gave his arm a gentle punch. "That was one dream I had that became a reality."

"Is that so?" Clark asked, as he pulled Lois into another satisfying kiss. "Does the real Clark live up to the dream Clark?"

Lois answered dreamily. "Dream Clark does not hold a candle to the real Clark."

Clark groaned. "If we continue this, we will not leave this castle and I would not be able to show you what I had intended to."

"Oh," Lois said, and Clark could see that she was curious. "Well, let me just get Sara so she could watch over Marta," she said, before placing a gentle kiss on the baby's forehead.

A few moments later, they were standing in the stables and Clark was readying his horse. It was still dark, with only a hint of light and only a few people up and about. "What is it that you wanted to show me?" Lois said, giddy excitement on her face.

"It is a surprise," Clark said, as he pulled a piece of cloth from his pocket. "Turn around so I can blindfold you."

"What?" Lois asked, incredulous. "What is this about that involves absolute secrecy?"

Clark put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around. "Like I told you earlier, it is a surprise, so be a good wife and follow your husband's orders."

Lois grunted. "I am only doing this because of you. You know I do not like taking orders."

Clark blindfolded Lois, and guided her over to his horse. "Do you need assistance mounting the horse?"

"Just hand me the stirrup and I can do the rest," Lois answered, and did as she told.

It was not long after that Clark and Lois were on their way. Lois could not sit still, she was twice more fidgety than usual and it only brought up laughter from Clark.

"Sit still, we are nearing our destination," Clark said.

"I would sit still if not for this blasted cloth hooding my eyes," Lois answered.

Clark finally pulled on the horses reins. "We will do a bit of walking now. Stay there while I tie the horse."

Lois grumbled one more time, and Clark finally helped her get down on the horse. "Can I take this off now?" Lois said, pointing at her blindfold.

"Not yet, my queen," Clark said, and with no words at all, lifted Lois bridal style, which resulted in a yelp from Lois.

"Put me down, Clark," Lois said with a laugh. "I am not an invalid."

"It is easier this way. With you walking, it is like leading a blind," Clark said.

"It would not be a problem if I can see on my own, thank you." Lois lifted her hand away from Clark's neck when Clark stopped her.

"Please Lois, do not ruin the surprise. It will only be a matter of time and we are there. All I am asking for is a little bit of patience," Clark said.

Lois sighed. "Very well. I will gather up all the patience in my body for this surprise of yours. But be warned that it is very little."

Clark laughed, and true to his word, he reached their destination and finally let Lois down to her feet.

"I hear water," Lois said, then broke into a huge smile. "We are by the river!" Lois exclaimed. "Finally, I can take this off." Lois put up her hand, but Clark grabbed both her wrists and dragged her to a nearby tree, a tree that was witness to their first meeting. He backed Lois up to the tree and held her wrists above her head, pressing his body to hers. "Remember this?"

Clark watched as her face lit up. "How can I forget? I loathed you back then. But I can still recall how handsome and manly you were."

"I was willing and ready to be manhandled by you," Clark said, skimming his lips over hers. Pulling back a little, he grinned when Lois followed his lips, only for her to meet air.

"As I recall, it was Oliver who prevented that manhandling," Lois said, her right thigh now in between his, rubbing at his crotch that made Clark harden instantly.

"Well, Oliver is not here to prevent anything," Clark said, now laying soft kisses on Lois' neck. "I think you can now have your way with me."

"I agree," Lois said, breathless. "He is too busy now running his own kingdom. Who knew his mother was still connected to the throne of the Kingdom of Star?"

"True, but enough about Oliver," Clark said, pressing his hips against hers. "I believe we have some unfinished business?"

"You were the one who told me that I can now have my way with you," Lois said. "I will hold you to that."

In a reversal of their first meeting, Clark let Lois push him off her and turn them around, now with his back against the tree trunk.

Clark looked at Lois and saw the teasing smile on her face. She was cooking up something, and he could not wait to find out what it is. His question was answered soon enough.

"I think I had my fair share of blindness. Now it is your turn."

Clark saw Lois slowly removing the ties of the blindfold behind her head. He waited for her with anticipation, and he saw the smile slowly radiate on her face as she finally saw the entirety of the waterfalls and the river.

"Clark!" Lois exclaimed, wondrous surprise etched on her face.

Clark smiled, looking around at the colorful surrounding. Clark had labored for months, bringing in wildflowers and blossoms from Oliver's kingdom and together with the castle gardeners, planted everything: near the riverbanks, around the trees, even the cliff faces. Every color imaginable was present, and the shafts of lights that cut through the trees only added to the allure of the landscape. "I have always considered this our special spot. This is where I first saw you, and I think I fell in love with you when you had your dagger poised on my neck." Clark said, which earned a small laugh from Lois. "I love you, my wife, my Queen." Cupping her face, he leaned in and their lips met, hearts thundering from all the emotion their bodies were experiencing.

"I love you," Lois replied. "I could never tell you enough how much."

"You have given me so much, Lois. And you have given me Marta, the most wonderful gift of all," Clark said in between soft kisses all around her face.

"Marta is a gift to us, and yes, I most certainly agree that she is the most wonderful gift of all."

"She will have your spirit, of that I have no doubt," Clark said, then added with laugh, "It will be difficult when suitors come knocking on the castle door."

"That is still a long way ahead, Your Majesty," Lois said, now lifting the momentarily forgotten cloth in her hand. "Maybe, we should focus on what is at hand, right now?"

"Where were we, my love?" Clark asked, desire quickly invading his mind once more.

Lois did not answer. Instead, she wrapped the cloth around Clark's eyes.

Laying a kiss on his lips, Clark felt Lois leave his body. "Be still. Do not move, not even a little."

Clark then felt Lois slowly undressing him. He would heave out a sigh every time her hands would touch his bare skin. Every nerve ending of his body was thrumming. Hell, his whole body was waiting to erupt, and it was because of the minx he called his wife.

As the last bit of clothing left his body, he felt Lois move away from him. He waited for Lois' next move, but found that time seemed to stand still.

Clark and his friends were trained to have heightened senses when in complete darkness, but somehow, this time with Lois, he completely forgot the training. He could pinpoint exactly where the opponent was in the dark, but now, he had no idea where Lois was standing. Maybe it was because of the surging desire and excitement he felt, that the other senses of his body were completely unfocused.

Clark heard a crunch, and in a moment, he felt her hand envelop his. He felt his hands brought up to her face as Lois laid soft kisses on his fingertips, one after another.

"All I need," Lois whispered, "is now here with me. This is all because of you, my love." Clark then felt Lois kiss him full on the mouth, before pulling a bit, adding. "I love you, Clark."

"And I love you, my wife," Clark said, before capturing Lois' lips in his own.

Lois pulled back once more, and Clark felt bereft for a moment. But his longing was not for long, because Lois started placing kisses on his naked chest. Breathing heavily now, Clark took a sharp intake of breath when he felt Lois' lips close around his nipple, and then her tongue darting out, laving it up.

Clark's body was now completely on fire. Clark felt Lois moving downward, and he was completely debating with himself if he was to remove the blindfold or not. All his thoughts left him when Lois softly kissed the tip of his very hard member.

"Lois," Clark groaned, immeasurable pleasure jolting him. Not thinking that Lois might get angry, Clark lifted his hand and removed the blindfold, just in time to see his shaft disappear inside a kneeling Lois' mouth.

Clark closed his eyes and leaned back into the trunk, reveling in the bliss his wife was invoking. Looking down once more, he saw Lois working her magic. She started moving her mouth against him, and Clark's eyes rolled upward when he felt her tongue swirl around the head, licking the wetness away. Lois continued with her actions, and soon enough, Clark was quaking as he came in her mouth with a shout of her name.

Feeling completely spent, Clark relaxed against the tree, his eyes closed. Feeling Lois sidling up to him, she pressed her lips against his. Still not opening his eyes, Clark felt Lois leave as he rested his sated body.

A few minutes passed, and Clark heard Lois say, "You are free to join me, if you want."

Clark pushed himself off the tree and turned to the direction of her voice. It was just like their first meeting: he was against the tree, watching a now naked Lois go into the water with absolutely no abandon.

"The water feels magnificent," Lois shouted to him, and Clark watched as Lois swam towards the falls to be showered by it. "I have always wanted to climb that and jump into the water," She said, and Clark saw she was pointing to a formation of rocks at a cliff face. It was harmless enough, but he had other things in his mind.

As Lois started to swim towards where she pointed, Clark finally took a swim. As Lois reached her destination and placed her hands on the rocks to brace herself up, Clark stopped her with his hands on her hips, slowly pulling her back into his chest.

Lois knew his intent immediately, as she rubbed her backside against his, once again, growing desire. He let out a groan, and then took her right ear in his mouth, licking the shell. "I don't believe I have told you, but the first time I saw you here, I was thinking you were a nymph, out to seduce any man who would see you."

"You are the only man I was born to seduce, Clark."

"Most definitely," Clark growled, and attacked her neck with open mouthed kisses.

Lois' hands left the rock, lifted them to thread her fingers into Clark's hair behind her. Clark's hands did travelling of their own, one arm draped across her stomach, the other now on her right breast, laying a palm over it, massaging it, and then rubbing her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

The sounds Lois was making made him want for more, as he moved the hand from her, now settling on her core. He started teasing her bud, and Lois jerked against him. Not wanting to be left behind, Clark felt Lois' left hand leave his head, and she moved it behind her, encircling his manhood with her hand.

Clark hissed, for Lois was mirroring his action. He would apply pressure on her nub flicking it with his finger, Lois would grip him tighter and would move her hand up and down on him. When finally, Clark inserted a digit into her womanhood, Lois knew he could not copy his action, she tilted her head to kiss him full on the mouth, and instead imitated Clark's finger with her tongue. Each thrust of his finger inside her, Lois exacted with her tongue brushing against his inside Clark's mouth.

Clark knew Lois was nearing the pinnacle, and he increased his hand's rhythm. He laid one final press on her front inside wall, and it proved to be the trigger to her climax. Lois shivered against him, as she crumpled, her hands again on the rocks, her head on top of it.

The cold water on their skins could not put out the fire in them, as Clark positioned himself against her entrance, and with one hand massaging her breast and the other holding her hips in place, Clark entered her in one swift move, which elicited a gratifying shout from Lois.

Pumping in and out of her, Lois' moans were the only thing he was hearing. Completely focused on her, Clark wanted to see Lois' face when she climaxed. Pulling out of her entirely, he did not let Lois complain as he turned her quickly enough and was once inside against her once more. Treading the water lightly, just enjoying the feel of him inside her, Lois wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips, and she started moving up and down on him. Clark thrust his hips up, meeting hers.

Clark focused on Lois' face: eyes closed, mouth slightly open, enjoying their love making. He gently pulled on her hair, exposing the column of her neck. He pressed his mouth against it, each dart of tongue against her neck in time with their thrusts.

Clark increased his pace, and Lois finally came with his name on her lips. He followed soon after, and they reveled at the closeness of their bodies, still in an embrace, both not wanting to let go of the other.

After a few moments, with him still inside her, Clark watched Lois let go of his neck and completely immersed her body in the water, her face the only part of her above water. The water being clear, Clark could see her full and bountiful mounds, and he could not help it, he placed his hands on her back, lifting her body a bit so that her breasts were also above water, and he leaned down to take one peak inside his mouth. He made love to both her breasts, suckling, kissing it, licking it, treating it with love and reverence.

"How I love your body," Clark said, his lips hovering over one nipple, placing light kisses before taking it once again in his mouth. "So sweet, so intoxicating."

Lois let out a laugh. "Your taste is intoxicating too," she said, referring to their earlier encounter by the tree.

Clark's eyes clouded with desire once more, lifting her up pulling her face near his, he touched his forehead against hers. "I am so blessed, to have you with me," Clark started. "I love everything about you. Your mind, your body, your spirit. You are so unselfish, with our people, and then with me when we make love," he said with a small smile.

"You are the most wonderful man I have ever met. I was born to love you, my King. So many obstacles we have gone through, but we came out victorious not just because of our friends, but also because of our love. I am truly, truly grateful that fate has brought us together, right here in this forest."

Looking deeply into Lois' eyes, Clark found that the words deserted him at the immense love and desire they share. "All I need," Clark whispered, borrowing her earlier words. "All I need."

Clark knew Lois understood him, she always does. Kissing deeply, they basked in their glorious love, knowing that they would be together, always and forever.

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