As Long as I'm Here

Lucifer growled softly as he watched his father's latest creation stumble around the Garden. The mere thought of his father seeing him and his brothers as inferior to these little insects made the anger bubble within him like never before. They were pathetic. Fragile. Easily broken.

What gave Him the right to order him to bow down to these disgusting little…


He spun around, blade in hand, ready to maim whoever it was who dared sneak up on him, only to pause when he saw his youngest brother, little Gabriel, smiling innocently at him with those bright eyes.

"Hi! Whatcha doing, Luci?" The little one chirped happily, as if his older brother was not pointing a blade at his forehead.

"G-Gabriel…" Lucifer dropped his blade and grabbed his little brother's shoulders. "Don't you ever do that again!"

Gabriel blinked owlishly at him and tilted his forehead. "Why?"

"What why? I could've killed you!"

"Ohh…" Gabriel hummed, the smile returning to his chubby face. "Well, I know you wouldn't do that, big brother, and even if you did, I'm sure Daddy would bring me back," he explained cheerfully, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

By now, Lucifer had regained enough self-control to stop his hands from shaking. He ran through what Gabriel just said and felt more than slightly embarrassed at how he reacted. Obviously their father would bring him back, but that didn't stop him from panicking at the thought of nearly killing his little brother.

He sighed heavily and let go of Gabriel, who rocked on his heels. "So…whatcha doing here?"

"Just…admiring the view," Lucifer muttered. He gave the humans one last glare before he extended his wings and launched into the air, Gabriel following soon after.

He glided against the strong winds without a hitch, every now and then glancing behind him to make sure Gabriel was alright. He smiled proudly to find that they were only several feet apart. An incredible feat for an archangel who had only began to learn how to fly three days ago. He decided to cut his little brother some slack and slowed down to let Gabriel catch up.

"So, why'd you come find me?" Though it was not unheard of for Gabriel to seek out his brothers at random times, Lucifer knew that somehow Gabriel had a reason for coming to him.

"Well…" his little brother started, flapping his little wings a little slower now that he caught up with his older brother.

"Michael told me that someday I'd hafta grow up like you guys. That I couldn't play forever and that I should take up my res…uhh…res..pon…my job," Lucifer chuckled fondly at the attempt, but Gabriel didn't mind it. "…as an Archangel. That true, Luci?"

Lucifer stopped in his tracks, causing the little archangel to lurch forward, not at all expecting the sudden halt. He leaned down to be eye-level with his little brother, who raised an eyebrow at the action.

"If I have any say in it," he said, patting Gabriel's head. "then you can stay a kid for as long as you like, Gabriel."

That bright smile on Gabriel's face was almost enough to make him forget what he was planning to do.


That's drabble one, drabble two will be coming up shortly.

After having a SPN Season 5 and 6 marathon with a friend, I suddenly found my heart reaching out to Gabriel. Poor thing only wanted his family back together and he gets stabbed in the gut by his big bro :'( I spell Gabe's nickname for Lucifer as Luci because somehow calling the devil Lucy seems so wrong in my mind xD

Some of these drabbles are related. They'll be labeled accordingly if they are anyway. So uh, reviews make wee!Gabe very happy!