"Gabriel, for once please just listen to me!"

"NO! You're lying! Luci! I want Luci!"

"GABRIEL!" Lucifer rushed in, sword ready, at the sounds of Gabriel's screams and his eyes immediately blaze with fury at the sight of Michael with his hands around a crying Gabriel's upper arm. "Michael, you bastard, let go of him!"

Lucifer moved to stand between his two brothers, swinging his blade at Michael, who blocked it with ease.

"I won't let you corrupt our little brother you scheming…"

"Shut up, Michael! You were the one who made him cry!"

Michael glanced down at the sobbing little bundle behind Lucifer and he sagged, the gravity of the situation dawning on him. The blade in his hand disappeared but he continued to glare at Lucifer.

"I swear Lucifer, if you drag Gabriel into your…"

Lucifer was no longer listening, more focused on Gabriel. He pulls his upset baby brother into his arms and flies away, leaving an irate Michael behind.

He isn't quite sure where he lands, but they are alone and that was all that he needed at the moment. He moves to sit against the cloud that obediently solidifies against his back and repositions Gabriel so that his face is buried at the crook of his neck as he sits on his lap. Lucifer silently marvels at how much Gabriel has grown, but his train of thought is broken by Gabriel's muffled voice against his ear.


He glances down at his little brother and strokes his hair encouragingly. "Yes, Gabriel?"

Gabriel pulls away slightly and doesn't meet his eyes as he replies. "Michael said a lot of mean things about you."

Lucifer stiffens and narrows his eyes at the thought of Michael feeding Gabriel all his theories about his intentions and wavering loyalty. He could only picture Gabriel as he vehemently denied his brother's accusations regarding him. He clenches his jaw and tightens his hold on his little brother. He would have Michael someday for this.

Gabriel, probably misinterpreting his silence as anger towards him, quickly tried to clear his name.

"Don't worry Luci! I didn't listen to any of them! 'Cause I knew he was lying! Luci loves Daddy! He would never try to disobey Daddy, right Luci?"

His voice steadily grew desperate as he continued, as if trying to convince himself that Michael really was lying. Lucifer looked into his eyes and almost wished he didn't. He could see the love Gabriel had for him but instead of the usual comfort he felt in the knowledge that Gabriel values him more than anyone, he felt choked. It was a near miracle that he managed to keep his voice from cracking as he answered.

"That's right."

Gabriel smiles brightly and relief fills those eyes as he buries his damp face into Lucifer's pristine white robes.

Lucifer's smile promptly slips off his face. It was steadily getting harder each time, but he didn't care. He had to keep Gabriel from knowing. He couldn't know that Lucifer was planning to rebel. He couldn't know that Michael was telling the truth.

He couldn't know…because Lucifer promised to keep him from growing up too fast…too soon…

"As long as I have any say in it,"

And if that meant using every ounce of his strength to hide every wound radiating with Michael's Grace (because he couldn't bear burdening him with the knowledge that he and Michael have no hope of seeing eye to eye anymore), smiling throughout their time together even if all he wanted was to get away (because he's afraid that every minute spent with Gabriel was slowly weakening his resolve), and lying through his teeth whenever Gabriel asked if he loved their father (because he knows that he could never, ever drag Gabriel down with him if this didn't go as he planned)...

"you can stay a kid as long as you want, Gabriel."

Then so be it.

I am so sorry...I just had my first year of college and I've had several fandom switches because seriously, I don't even know what SPN is on at the moment but I am trying to re-immerse myself into the fandom as well as juggling my writing with my newfound love for drawing.

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