This story will be getting a sequel! It was brought to my attention VIA comments (well over 25), and the "save the jungle movie" Facebook group (FIFTY freakin people!) were dying to see a sequel to this ditty. At first I abhorred the idea of a sequel, thinking it would be one big pain in my ass. BUUUUUUT I do realize there is much to grow upon from my previous storyline. (and who doesn't want to see Arnold and Helga as a couple? Haha)

So….. It's official kiddies! A SEQUEL IS COMING!

As of right now I HAVE decided on a title;

"Head-on collision"

And yes, EVERYONE will be returning for the sequel! (It's surprising you all liked Danny, Louis, and Jason!) OC's usually aren't crowd pleasers. Lol. But they will all be back!

As for the status of my other story; "Odyssey"… it's…. on permanent hiatus for now. It got strangely negative reactions, so sadly it's been put on the backburner.

But back on a positive note, I've been working on the sequel for several days now thanks to all the ideas and suggestions given to me by the facebook group! I'm hoping it'll be along VERY soon!

Be on the lookout!

And thank you all for being amazing! ;)