Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that my new Forwood will be up soon if it isn't already. Here's just a portion of it, so I hope you decide to check it out. For those of you who read 'Angel', don't worry, this one will have a completely different ending. It's called 'coup d'etat'. Let me know what you think! =)


Vampires are the new race of humans. They have been for a little over a century. So little of us are left, humans that is. The only way to survive is to be owned by a Vampire Lord.

Witches have gone extinct and werewolves abandoned the earth centuries ago leaving the humans with no protection.

My name is Caroline Forbes, I'm seventeen years old and one of the oldest of my kind. My father died as a Vampire Hunter, or so I'm told. He was one of the few and best, the only name that made vampires everywhere fear for their immortal lives. My father, William Forbes, better known as Bill, created an uprising before I was born. He wanted to destroy the monsters that took away our free will and turn us into their personal food banks at their own convenience.

When my father was finally caught, after killing nearly twenty undead families, he was hung as a traitor to the vampire lords and ladies.

When it was found out that he had a wife, they killed her too. My Mother was able to put me in hiding before the vampires found out William Forbes had an heir.

A small human family own by Lord Salvatore had recently given birth to a daughter. They knew my parents well but didn't join the uprising. When mother was killed, they took me under their name. They claimed to the town that she bared twins, and I was a miraculous surprise.

My true name is Caroline Forbes, but they call me Caroline Gilbert now.