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Back handspring

My stomach should join the freaking cheerleading squad.
I am so not ready for this and I can't tell Sasuke how nervous I am because he's busy slamming his forehead against the steering wheel, his worries seem a lot worse than mine.
Although, I have no idea what he's so worried about, I'm the one who should be nervous.
"Calm down, everything'll be fine." I assure him, giving him a comforting pat on the shoulder. The raven haired boy lifts his head from the steering wheel to glare at me.
"Fine? Fine?" His eyes grow wider as he rakes his fingers through his hair.
"Everything is not fine. Everything is horribly un-fine, I wasn't planning on this. I wasn't planning on this at all." He panics as he draws his knees into his stomach like a child and I sigh. What a drama queen.

Guess I'll have to play the grown up again.
I swing open my door, quickly shutting it before walking over to Sasuke's side of the car and opening it for him.
"Come on." I say, impatiently tapping my shoe against the concrete.
"No, I don't want to. Let's go somewhere else." He refuses and I nudge his side with my foot.
"Don't be baby."
He frowns and crosses his arms. This notion makes him seem like even more of a baby.
"You'd be like this too if you knew how embarrassing my family could be," He complains and I roll my eyes.
"Who's family isn't embarrassing? When you came over to my place, Neji tried to strangle you with his sock, Hanabi stole your shoe laces and I'm pretty sure my father tried to poison you." I reason but he continues drumming his fingers against the dashboard anxiously.
"Yeah, that is pretty bad, but I saw that coming. My family is awful and I don't want you to meet them." He insists.
I am extremely tempted to yell at him 'Get over it, princess,' then proceed to drag him inside by the collar but I don't think that would give his parents the best impression of me.

It was when we parked outside his house and Sasuke caught a glimpse of his parents and his brother in the kitchen that he had gone into spazz-mode, proceeding to bang his forehead against the steering wheel and groan loudly. His parents can't be that bad, can they?
I mean, his house looks nice. It's not as big as the Hyuuga mansion but it's a lot more modern. It's two stories and it's also quite wide.
When I asked Sasuke what his parents did, he said his parents were both business lawyers. It's strange to think that he has kept that from me for such a long time because my father used to be a business lawyer but then proceeded to become the owner of his own business.
I don't really blame Sasuke for not telling me though, I hate telling people that my Father's the owner of Hyuuga-corp. Once they find out your parents are important, they proceed with the ass-kissing and it really gets on my nerves.

"Fine, if you're not going in there, I'm going in by myself." I shut his door and his eyes widen in alarm as I walk up the front porch and mash the door bell button.
As expected, the car door flings open and my oh-so-predictable boyfriend comes bounding out of the car, up the porch steps and latches onto my wrist.
"Let's go." He says…well, more like orders.
I shake my head.
"No." I refuse firmly and he pouts.
"Please?" He begs, his face moving slightly closer to mine.
I place my hand on his forehead and push him away.
"I'm meeting your parents," I declare stubbornly and he folds his arms in defeat.
"Don't say I didn't warn you." He grumbles and laces his fingers through mine, as if to comfort me.
To tell the truth, I'm not sure if I'm the one who needs comforting. Even though Sasuke has put on his usual mask of cool-demeanour, I can tell he's nervous by how tightly he's gripping my hand.

The front door is yanked open completely and light spills onto the porch.
A woman, about in her mid thirties is standing in the door way with a friendly smile gracing her lips. No doubt she's beautiful. Not that I expected any less, because she's Sasuke's Mum after all. She has raven black hair, slightly shorter than mine and soft facial features. Her eyes are obsidian, like Sasuke's except her eyes seem a lot softer and friendlier than his.
"Sasu-chan, I was wondering where you had gone. Your brother was out causing mischief again, so we had to pick him-" Her eyes flick to me, then Sasuke and I's linked hands. Her lips form a small O.

She stares at me blankly, completely stopping mid-sentence and Sasuke rolls his eyes, looking embarrassed already.
"Is th-this…." She stutters but closes her mouth abruptly, to continue staring.
I have no idea what to do, or say so I simply stare back at her.
I'd rehearsed suitable greetings in my head so I'd be prepared, but now my minds like a blank whiteboard.
I need to think of something to say. I can't think of anything.
All there is blankness. Blank, blank, blankity, blank.

"Hey Mum...This is Hinata, she's kinda my girlfriend. Sorry for suddenly springing this on you, but you said you wanted me to get a proper girlfriend…so, um, surprise?" Sasuke scratches the back of his neck sheepishly with his free hand and his Mothers eyes widen.
I suppose Sasuke was right about the surprise part.
"So…you have a real girlfriend now….?" The woman questions Sasuke and he frowns at her.
"What do you mean real? Did you expect me to get a plastic blow-up one or something?" He replies sarcastically and the woman shoots him a 'Don't fuck around with me' kind of look before turning her gaze back onto me.
Just as I'm wondering if this could get anymore awkward, the woman steps towards me.
Is she going to hit me?
Suddenly her arms wrap around me into a tight embrace and my eyes widen in shock.

"Mum!" Sasuke whines, trying to tug her off me.
She unwinds her arms and grins at her son.
"I have a daughter in law!" She exclaims to him and Sasuke frowns at her.
"We're not married." He points out but she ignores him and turns back to me, to look me in eyes.
Her face is lit up with a mix of surprise and happiness and I return her smile, shyly.
"What's your name?" She asks excitedly.
"Hinata." I answer, blinking at her.
"Okay Hinata, welcome to the family. My name's Mikoto," She smiles before leaning in closer to me, "But you can call me Mum, if you want."
Sasuke's palm smacks against his forehead as he scowls at his mother.
"We're not freaking married! Besides, if she called you Mum, then that would sound like she was my sister and that's gross!"

Mikoto frowns.
"Okay then, just call me Mikoto. None of that Mrs. Uchiha kinda stuff, it makes me feel old." She tells me and I nod my head.
She's so charismatic. Obviously, Sasuke didn't get his social skills from her.
Mikoto then turns to Sasuke and jabs an index finger at his chest accusingly. Even though he's quite a bit taller than her, she still manages to look threatening.
"And you were planning on bringing her here while nobody else was home, you sneaky brat. If I weren't so pleased right now, you'd be grounded! I told you, no more girls behind my back!" She snaps and he sticks his tongue out at her.
"I'm no brat." He grumbles, "Besides, she doesn't count cause she'll be around more than a night."

"I should hope so." Mikoto mumbles before clapping her hands together.
"Okay then, you kids seemed to come at the right time because dinner is almost ready. Sasu-chan, you go change out of that damp t-shirt while your father and I talk to Hinata."
Before Sasuke can protest she latches onto my arm and begins guiding me inside the house.
The inside of their house is just as modern as the outside.
The living room, the kitchen and the dining room having no walls separating them apart so it feels spacious.
The living room consists of an oversized flat screen television clinging to the wall and four black leather couches facing in the direction of the television.

On one of the couches a young male who is either in his late teenage years or in his early twenties is sprawled out on the couch, hands propped up behind his head and watching a boxing match on television.
He looks like Sasuke, except older, taller, more mature and with long hair.
He has a relaxed expression as he stares at the television, which is strange because watching two men smash the living daylights of each other should not be relaxing.
Sasuke is right behind me and trying to separate his mothers hand from my arm.
His mum ignores him and turns to the older-Sasuke.
"Where's your father?" She asks him and the older boy shrugs.
"He's angry with me, so he's probably in his office thinking up some way to kick me out of the house." He answers bluntly and Mikoto sighs.

"Well, can you go get him? Tell him we have a surprise guest."
The older boy ignores Mikoto and settles himself further into the leather couch.
The raven haired woman responds by thwacking him on the top of his head and pointing in the direction of the hallway.
"Now." She orders and he rubs his head and moves out of his seat in the direction of the hallway before stopping in his tracks.
He turns to face me and jabs a finger in my direction.
"Who's she? Is she another one of Sasuke's toys?" He asks bitterly and Sasuke frowns at him.
"She's my girlfriend." He states bluntly and the raven haired boy raises his eyebrows.
Sasuke nods.
"Do you have a problem with that?"

The other raven haired boy folds his arms and smirks.
"The day you have a proper girlfriend is the day when hell freezes over."

An arm winds over my shoulders.
"Hell was frozen a week ago."

Having dinner with the Uchiha's is nothing like having dinner with my family.
The atmosphere is light and friendly (With the exception of the two brothers) and there's no-one there who dumps their vegetables on my plate (Hanabi) or gives me a lecture about not chopping the fat off my lamb chops (Neji).
Also, it seems as if I'm the centre of attention. Usually Hanabi would be the centre of attention because she'd either have some exciting story to tell or she'd be scolded by father or Neji. Sure, they pay attention to me but only when they want me to pass the soy sauce.

At the Uchiha's, everyone seems to be interested in me. Even though it's mostly Mikoto asking the questions, Fugaku- Sasuke's Dad and Itachi-Sasuke's brother look at me as if waiting for my answer.
Sasuke is just eating his noodles silently, only looking up to scowl at everyone.
I have no idea what he was so embarrassed about, his family isn't nearly as bad as mine.
"So, what do you like about Sasuke?" Mikoto asks, popping a cherry tomato in her mouth.
Fugaku points his fork at me.
"It's his skills as an MMA fighter, isn't it? I told you girls are impressed by that kinda stuff." He flicks a glance at Sasuke who removes his eyes from his bowl to stare at his father blankly.

"She's in my Mixed martial arts class, Dad," Sasuke grumbles," Why would she be impressed?"
Fugaku furrows his eyebrows together. "What? I remember Hiashi telling me that he didn't have any girls in his class." He questions and Sasuke shrugs, not bothering to elaborate.
"Father doesn't like referring to Hanabi and I as girls. He prefers to just think of us as his sons." I explain to the confused man as I swirl my fork around in my bowl to gather more noodles.
Fugaku chokes on a cherry tomato and Itachi reluctantly pats him on the back as he tries to regain his composure.

"Father? Hiashi's your father? You're a Hyuuga?" He splutters and I nod.

His mouth forms an O the same size as the cherry tomato that almost killed him and he sets his fork down beside his bowl.
"It's decided," Fugaku declares as he turns to Mikoto. "That girl will save our son and the future of the law firm. With a Hyuuga helping run the business the law firm will be unstoppable."
He turns to Sasuke who is sulkily chewing an overloaded mouthful of noodles and frowns at him.
"To be honest, I never really expected much from you or your brother. Both of you are only interested in sport, you'd both be completely useless to the business. "

Sasuke scowls at his father.
"Are you calling me an idiot?" He growls, a piece of noodle hanging off his chin.

Fugaku shakes his head.

"No, I'm not calling you an idiot. I'm saying that with Hinata's help, when you inherit the law firm with the Hyuuga's power and smarts you can make it even more successful." He states and Sasuke rolls his eyes.
"I thought Itachi was going to inherit the law firm."

Itachi and Fugaku open their mouths to speak but Mikoto interrupts.
"Let's talk about something more interesting. All this talk of business and such must be boring our guest to death," Soft dark eyes brush over mine, "So, are you planning on staying the night? If you are, you can sleep in the guest bedroom on the second floor." She informs me.
Good, now I won't have to worry about sleeping in the same bed as Sasuke.
He's my boyfriend but he can get a bit touchy-feely sometimes.
"She's sleeping in my room." Sasuke grunts at his mother.

"No she's not. She's your first real girlfriend, I wont let you taint her innocence." The dark haired woman refuses.
I agree completely.
"She's my girlfriend, she'll sleep where I want her to sleep!" Sasuke declares, banging his fist on the table stubbornly causing a bottle of soy sauce to topple over and roll off the table.
"Well tough nuts. This is my house and if you don't watch your mouth I'll make you sleep on the porch." Mikoto threatens him in a cheerful voice, which somehow made her sound scarier.

"You didn't care when girls slept in my room before!" Sasuke barks, clutching onto his fork tightly.
"That's before I knew what you were doing with them," She hisses in reply, narrowing her eyes at her youngest son.

"What did you think we were doing? I'm seventeen! We wouldn't be playing hand games all night!" The raven haired boy growls and my stomach performs another cartwheel.
What does Sasuke expect me to do tonight? Does he actually expect me to…..
"Where abouts is the bathroom?" I ask as I slide my chair backwards and stand up, wiping my hands on my jeans.
"It's the second on the left, down the hallway." Mikoto instructs and I smile at her appreciatively.

When I reach the hallway, I sprint past the numerous photo frames clamped against the walls and into the bathroom.
My thing I notice about the bathroom is that it's white. Everything is a shiny pearl white. The shower, the bath tub, the sink and the oversized frame of the mirror.
White. Nothing is tainted.

I press my nose against the glass of the mirror.
Hold it together Hinata, I'm sure he doesn't expect anything from you. He likes you for you, not your body. He doesn't see you like he does the rest of them.
It's not logical though. What makes me any different from any of the other girls?
I wonder how many girls have fallen into this trap. Thinking that Sasuke likes you when all he really wants is to sleep with you then be done.
Then again, he did call me his girlfriend. I'd like to think that title puts me slightly higher than all the other girls he's been with.

Calling me his girlfriend could all be a ploy. He didn't want to introduce me to his parents...What if I am just another one of those idiotic girls that gets roped into thinking that Sasuke could actually care about them….What if he doesn't actually like me?

I squint hard at the mirror. I'm sure Sasuke's looked in this mirror countless numbers of times…maybe if I squint hard enough I'll be able to see how Sasuke sees me…
Suddenly a dark figure materializes into the mirror, I swivel around on my foot only to come face to face with Sasuke's older brother.
His expression is blank, his lips pursed together. Stray strands of soft black hair have fallen around his face and I can't help but think of how much he reminds me of Sasuke.

He leans in closer to my face and I unconsciously take a step backwards, my heels bumping against the sink cupboard.
"Hi, Itachi-san." I mumble, my lilac eyes locked with his obsidian eyes.
He doesn't say anything, instead he rests his hands on the marble bench at either side of me, trapping me between him and the sink.
"Is there something you wanted?" I ask him uncertainly as I press my back up against the sink, the coldness of the sink seeping through my shirt.
"Why do you like Sasuke?" He asks quietly, his eyes still holding my gaze.
I swallow the lump in my throat.
"I don't know," I reply nervously, staring at his arms, hoping that he'd remove them from the sink.

"You don't actually like him for him, do you? Tell me why you're going out with him." He demands in the same low voice.
"What do you mean?" I almost squeak and he narrows his eyes at me.
"I mean what do you want him for? Is it for popularity? For money?" He presses, his face dangerously close to mine.
I shake my head.
"Oh, that's right. You already come from a wealthy family…and you probably have a considerable amount of friends…" He trails off before zooming his focus back onto me.
"So, it's for his looks?"
I blink at him in shock.
I don't like Sasuke for his looks, putting up with all his antics is not worth how good looking he is.

Itachi sighs and frowns at me.
"What is it going to take to get you away from my brother? Girls aren't good for him they're only dragging him down and making him unhappy." He taps his fingernails against the marble bench and looks at me expectantly.
"You mean, I'm making him unhappy?" I ask and he nods his head.
"Do you have any idea how many girls I've seen him sneak into his room? He keeps changing one girl after another and he's never satisfied. If he doesn't stop bringing girls to his bedroom then he'll be like that for the rest of his life." He explains.
"But, I'm not planning on sleeping with him." I tell him and his eyes widen slightly.
"What are you talking about?"
"I mean, we haven't done it yet and aren't doing it any time soon. He hasn't asked me yet and even if he was planning to ask me tonight I still wouldn't agree." I elaborate and Itachi looks like he doesn't know whether to frown at me or laugh.

"Then..what do you do while you're together?"

I shrug.
"I don't know. We argue, eat chips, play playstation, watch movies, practice MMA and just do whatever we want." I answer honestly and Itachi's eyebrow twitches.
"…That's exactly what Sasuke and I do…"

"So, you actually like him? Who would've thought someone would like him for his personality?" Itachi muses aloud as he brings his arms to his sides to release me and I nod my head in agreement.
"I used to wonder who could truly like someone like him then I suddenly started to like him. I don't know why. But I guess there are some good things about his personality."
Itachi raises his eyebrows in disbelief.
"Like what? I love him because he's my brother, what's your excuse?"
I tap my finger against my chin as I begin to follow him out of the bathroom.
"He's stubborn, over-protective, cocky, argumentative and a huge pain in the ass but I guess that's what I like about him." I answer.

Hmm…now that I think about it, Sasuke and I do put up with each other's annoying traits quite a bit.
Maybe I better have some trust in him. I doubt that he'd go this far just to get laid…although that doesn't mean I'm any less nervous about the sleeping arrangement.

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