Chapter Title: A Breakfast Brunch

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: About 2200

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Santana/Rachel, Brittany/Santana

Rating: T to M

WARNINGS: None really

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: Brittany, Rachel and Santana all sit down to brunch to discuss how things are going to work

A/N: I have come to the conclusion there is nothing more annoying than an anonymous bad review. Seriously, I don't mind if you don't like something in my fic, I really won't mind you telling me about it, but I would like to be able to reply to you so we can discuss the parts you don't like – I promise, I don't bite. Please just don't complain anonymously – it's plain irritating!

Also, I know I've said this before, and the fics title is a pretty huge hint but this is a Faberrittana fic, so I really don't want anyone wasting their time thinking that Faberry is the endgame – it's not. There will be faberry, but also pezberry, brittberry, quitt and so on. I'm not reiterating this again! It's in the title for goodness sake!

Rant over but as a point of interest, (because I honestly didn't think about it enough to realise this until I researched it in prep for this fic) I've noticed that in this fandom we tend to use polyamoury to describe relationships where three or more people are involved with each other in one big relationship (i.e. all are physical together at the same time)...this is a type of polyamoury but polyamoury just means to love more than one person at the same time so Santana's relationship with both Brittany and Rachel is a form of poly, even though Brittany and Rachel are not currently involved with each other as more than friends, which is why I refer to it as such.

Lesson over for the day, lol. Enjoy the update!


Good Morning! Hope this doesn't wake you and you had a good night's sleep. I think You, Brittany and I need to sit down and discuss some practicalities, so I was thinking brunch at my place? (or would you prefer to talk to us separately first?) xo R*

Santana let out a low growl as she eyed the bright screen in her dark room, glancing at the clock to see it wasn't even 10 o'clock yet and wondering how why she keeps picking morning people to be her girlfriends. Before she could get up the energy to sit up properly to type out a response the phone let out another piercing beep and Santana made a mental note to change her message tone.

If you're sleeping don't worry about brunch - just give me a shout when you're up. xo R*

Rolling her eyes, Santana pressed the call button.

"Oh good, I was worried you were still sleeping." Rachel answered the phone, her caller id telling her who it was.

"I was, but I'm up now." Santana mumbled as she rolled out of bed and moved to open her curtains.

"Are you sure – you can go back to sleep and I'll call you later?" Rachel offered in concern.

"It's fine," Santana waved it off, readjusting the phone on her shoulder as she perched on her windowsill. "So you want to do brunch?"

"Only if you want to." Rachel replied cautiously "If you'd prefer, you can just discuss things with Brittany and I separately."

"And have me the go between in a three way conversation? No, brunch is a good idea."

"Okay, then if you and Brittany can be here say 11ish?"

"Works for me, and I think it'll be fine with Brittany, but just let me know if it's not."

"I thought you were going to tell her?" Rachel asked in surprise.

"Why? It's not like you and she can't be friends now and all communication has to go through me. I mean I don't really want you two gossiping about me behind my back but you can still talk and what not, and Britt is okay with us so you don't need to worry about her biting your head off over it or something. Just call and invite her."

"Oh," Rachel said, "Does she know about last night? That we'" even saying it aloud gave both girls a pleasant shiver.

"Yes. It was late when I got home so I haven't spoken to her about it but I sent her a text." Honestly, Santana was also feeling a little weird about talking to Brittany because while discussing it in theory was one thing, it was another to actually be going through with the idea.

"Okay, I'll call her then. So, 11 then?"

"11" Santana confirmed before hanging up, and quickly sending B a message alerting her to the imminent call and asking Brittany to phone her afterwards before quickly hopping in the shower.

Relaxing under the hot spray, Santana took her time, nearly shrieking blue murder when her bathroom door opened before seeing the flash of blond hair.

A second later Brittany had discarded her clothes and slipped into the shower behind her and wrapped her arms around Santana.

"You were here fast." Santana noted, turning her head to give Brittay a quick kiss.

"I was on my way over when I got your message." Brittany explained, taking the sponge from Santana so she could do her back it wasn't a sexual gesture, more a reassuring one to both of them.


"Mhmm," Brittany mumbled, crouching to do Santana's legs. They both knew Brittanys reason for coming over had more to do with reassuring herself that they were still them but neither commenting on it. Having Santana turn around Brittany continued washing back up the front of Santana's body before putting aside the sponge and leaning in for a passionful, breath stealing kiss.

When they broke apart they were both panting, secretly relieved that it still felt the same. The water was starting to get cold as they rested their foreheads together.

"We should get out if we're going to be at Rachels on time." Santana commented, knowing she must have been in the shower for well over half an hour by now. Brittany nodded and reached over to stop the spray.

Climbing out of the shower they both towelled off, Brittany redressing while Santana went through to her bedroom closet to pick out some clothes.

"So how was last night?" Brittany asked as Santana sifted through her various outfits. Santana glanced over her shoulder, wearily trying to read Brittanys expression but seeing nothing more than simple curiosity.

"Come on," Brittany coaxed. "It's not like it's secret, or something shameful that we can't talk about it. I want to know what happened."

Brittany really was excited to know how her best friends date went (she was assuming it was a date) and now that Brittany had had a chance to reassure herself that her and Santana's relationship was still as strong as ever she didn't mind discussing her date with Rachel.

"Well it's Rachel, so of course she went for the overly dramatic romantic gesture." Santana said with faked nonchalance.

"Which you loved every minute of." Brittany called her out on, grinning widely as her girlfriend tried to hide her embaressment at her own cheesiness. "So, come on, tell me more!"

"It was nice," Santana allowed, trying to not give into her normally buried teenage instincts of gushing about every little detail. "She had the blanket laid out with petals and battery operated tea lights when I got there and we talked just about random stuff."

"Did you kiss?" Brittany asked, choosing to ignore the slight momentary awkwardness of the question and practically bouncing up from where she was kneeling on the bed as she read Santana's expression "You did, didn't you!"

"Yeah." Santana admitted "after I asked her out."

"Aww," Brittany cooed teasingly as Santana flushed, "Well it's about time it happened."

They went on to discuss the date while Santana changed, and finished getting ready and soon enough they were pulling into the Berry's driveway.

Rachel was practically barrelled over by an excited blond when she opened the door, Brittany flinging her arms around the smaller girl. "Congratulations!" Brittany greeted a surprised Rachel who sent Santana a weary glance over the dancers shoulder.

"I told you she was okay with it." Santana shrugged as Brittany finally released her friend. The stood awkwardly for a moment as though not sure how to appropriately greet each other in Brittany's presence.

"And thanks for the letter Rach, it meant a lot to me." Brittany added breaking the moment and they all entered the house, going through to the kitchen where Rachel had laid out a rather impressive array of food.

"You do know there's only three of us?" Santana checked, eyeing the plates full of fruit, cereal, bacon and the like.

"I was aware." Rachel replied dryly, handing over a plate.

"So I suppose we should discuss the practicalities now that Santana and I are..." Rachel trailed off uncomfortably once they had all sat down to eat

"Dating." Brittany supplied "It's okay to say it Rach, "Its not like its a secret between us."

"Dating," Rachel repeated "Well I guess the first thing is is there anyone you want to tell about us, because obviously we can't be a public couple but if there's someone in particular?"

"You don't mind if we don't tell people?" Santana asked in surprise, having thought that she would have to try talk Rachel into being secret. "

"Even in big cities dating two girls at once would probably raise eyebrows and we live in a small backwards town in the middle of nowhere, most people here don't even accept lesbians, let alone polyamourous ones." Rachel explained "Of course I would rather if we could be open about it, but that's not logical, though I was hoping we could go back to being friends at school, that way we can still spend time together and it won't be too suspicious."

"Okay." Santana agreed and Brittany simply nodded her agreement.

"I don't mind you two being open about it when it's just me around though." Brittany added after a beat, causing both Rachel and Santana to send her confused looks "What I mean is like, you can kiss and cuddle if we're watching movies and stuff while I'm around, you don't have to like maintain a five foot distance from each other to make me more comfortable."

Rachel and Santana blushed sheepishly at being called out on how they had been orbiting each other since they arrived in an attempt to make Brittany more comfortable.

"You 'd be okay with that?" Santana asked searchingly

"I know it'll happen when I'm not here anyway," Brittany shrugged "besides, it's not exactly fair to ask Rachel to witness us being all touchy feely on occasion."

"I appreciate that Britt," Rachel commented. "Now time share wise, how are we going to work that?" Brittany felt Santana stiffen beside her and decided to have a little fun at her girlfriends expense.

"I was thinking I would get her on Mondays and Wednesdays, and you Tuesdays and Thrusdays, we can alternate weekends."

"And how about we get her to ourselves for the week our Birthday falls in?" Rachel suggested catching onto Brittanys game.

"I'm not an inanimate object you know, I do get some say in this." Santana interrupted indigently.

"Okay, but now public holidays are going to be a problem," Brittany continued, completely ignoring Santana's protests


"Maybe, but I want her one Christmas."

"Then I claim Easter." Rachel replied.

"Hey, you can't just 'claim' me like that, and no way are we scheduling things like this!"

"First of July." Brittany added, now biting her lower lip to contain her smile.

"Thanksgiving. I really should get a calendar to write all this down!" Rachel said excitedly, making as thought to get up although Santana beat her to it.

"No, absolutely not!" she exclaimed loudly over Brittany support for Rachel getting her calendar. "I am not going to live my life according to some schedule pinned up on a wall that tells me which of you I'm with each day."

"Alright honey, calm down." Brittany took pity on her, no longer holding back her amusement. "Of course you get a say. You can decide who gets you on Sundays."

Santana flicked a blueberry at Brittanys mischievous grin, knowing they were ust riling her up for the fun of it. "Yeah, yeah, it's all very funny until I start withholding my attention from both of you." Santana mumbled to which Brittany quickly shook her head at Rachel to confirm this would never happen, the silent communication not missed by Santana.

"Okay, too weird. I have a rule now, no secret sister-girlfriend things." Santana exclaimed, waving her hand between the two.

"Secret sister-girlfriend things?" Rachel question curiously

"Like that!" Santana exclaimed in a huff, sinking into her seat and covering her face with her hands as the pair exchanged another amused glance.

"Okay, we'll stop." Brittany said sincerely this time, giving Santana's shoulder a squeeze while Rachel hesitantly drew Santana's hand from her face, and leant over to kiss her knuckles tenderly in apology, testing out the 'physical-contact-is-okay-in-front-of-Brittany' thing and finding it less odd than she thought it would be.

"I don't think I realised what I was letting myself into with both of you." Santana mumbled, mollified by both gestures.

"Seriously though, how are we going to work out when you spend time with each of us?" Rachel asked, bring the conversation back on track.

"Well I certainly don't want to schedule it to the extent you two were suggesting."

"I don't think it'll work if we just do it randomly though," Brittany added

"How about we alternate weeks?" Rachel suggested

"It's still sounds very structured and don't want to have the issue that if I feel like seeing one of you in particular for some reason one afternoon or evening then I can't because it's not your week, and I'm sure it's the same if one of you wanted something with me." Santana inserted and they all thought about that for a moment

"What about if we just say that who's ever week it is gets first call on your time?" Rachel asked after a moment "Like, in general it's pretty much fair game and if you want to do something with Brittany one afternoon and myself another then it's no big deal, but if it's my week and I want to do something with you or we have something planned then that will take priority or visa versa? And if we want to go on dates or something then we schedule them during our week?"

"That sounds fair." Brittany agreed

"But like, I can kiss and touch you and whatever even if it's not your week?" Santana asked apprehensively and both of her girlfriends exchanged a look.

"I don't have a problem with that." Brittany agreed "If you're busy hanging out with Rachel during one of my weeks I'm not going to expect you to hold back because it's my week."

"Same here." Rachel added, and Santana let out a relieved sigh – self control in that department had never been her strong suit.


AN2: I had fun with this chapter. Next up we've got Santana and Rachels first time and Quinn will be coming back into the picture a bit more :) Looking forward to reading your thoughts!