Title: Chivalry While Appreciated is Not Always Wanted.

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: 2000 (no idea how that happened!)

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Rachel/Santana

Rating: NC-17

WARNINGS: PEZBERRY SEX! (Yes, I do think this needs to be put as a warning after some of the reviews I've gotten, lol)

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: The glacial pace of her new relationship is starting to seriously frustrate Rachel.

A/N: Nothing to say, oddly enough, lol. Enjoy!


Rachel let out a quiet whimper as Santana ran her tongue teasingly over her lower lip, immediately parting them to give her proper access, reclining back further into the mountain of pillows she was leaning against on her bed. It was Thursday and they were meant to be doing homework, but as seemed to be becoming habit, the second that they could be alone together for a few seconds or more, they began a heated make out session.

Although, much to Rachels chagrin, making out seemed to be all they were doing. Honestly, she had half expected Santana to 'jump her' after the picnic the night they had agreed to date, since it was fairly obvious that Santana was a rather sexual person, but with three weeks having gone by they hadn't even fully rounded second base yet! The most they did was a bit of light fondling over her top and every time she tried to push for something further Santana would pull back and suggest they take a break. Don't get her wrong, it was enjoyable and all, but it only served to wind her up! And it didn't help that she hadn't had sex in months.

While Santana lavished her attention on Rachel jawbone, Rachel tried to not so stealthily move Santana's hand, from where it rested on her hip, under the hem of her shirt and up to her rib cage – she'd even settle for 'under the top over the bra' fondling at the moment; at least it would be progress. She thought momentarily that it was a success before Santana realised what she was doing a pulled back, breathing heavily as she put some distance between them.

"Seriously Santana?" Rachel didn't bother to hold back her frustration this time. "Do you not want to touch me or something, because it kind of comes with being my girlfriend."

"Of course I want to touch you!" she replied, completely confused as to how Rachel could think that; she felt like she was on fire with want, and it took all of her self control to pull away from the petite girl.

"Really, because it doesn't seem like it."

"I was trying not to pressure you." Santana defended. "I thought you would want to take things slowly."

"There's slow and then there's glacial." Rachel retorted irritably. "For goodness sake, we haven't even progressed to some heavy petting yet."

Rachel crossed her arms tightly, trying and failing not to pout. Smiling at the adorableness of Rachel's expression, Santana climbed back onto the bed properly and moved so she could straddle Rachels lap.

She gently unfolded Rachels arms so that they were holding hands and lent over for a quick kiss. "The reason I've stopped us before from doing more than making out is because if we start something more I don't think I could stop myself, and I didn't know if you were ready to go all the way yet."

Santana could see Rachel was trying to hold on to her frustration at the her, and failing miserably, finally relaxing into a rueful smile. "Santana, I may be a romantic, but I'm also a hormonal teenager who hasn't had sex in four months. I have no doubt of my feelings for you, and I'm ready to go all the way, if you are."

That took Santana aback; not the no sex in four months because although she hadn't thought about it she knew there had been no one since Quiinn, but the fact that Rachel had asked if she was ready for this. It wasn't something anyone had ever asked her before – with Britt they had been experimenting with what felt good and not given any thought as to if they were actually ready for it, and the guys who she had slept with had assumed, knowing her reputation. But Rachel knew her reputation and her history and had still thought to ask. For the first time, Santana acknowledged to herself that she was falling in love with the diminutive starlet before her.

"Santana?" Santana blinked, realising she had been staring at her girlfriend in silence. "Santana, are you ready, because if you're not we can wait."

It was not lost on Rachel how this conversation had gone from her practically demanding sex to her now saying they could wait, but no matter how much she craved it, if Santana wasn't ready then that was different and she could wait.

"It's okay," She offered, trying not to be bothered by the strange look Santana was giving her and leaning up to give Santana a sweet, chaste kiss before making as though to get up and prompting Santana to get off of her, which she did almost on autopilot "When you know, you can tell me."

Standing she reached to take Santana's hand, giving it a tug to get Santana to stand up but Santana didn't budge, still contemplating Rachel with an unreadable expression.

"What is it?" Rachel questioned in concern, while Santana just shook her head to clear it and stood up, wrapping her arms around the small girl and pulling her closer.

"I'm ready."


Santana insisted that they wait until the next evening (which was their Friday date night) to do it, figuring Rachel would prefer their first time together to be special, and if she was honest with herself, she did too. She had never really had the whole romantic, rose petals on the bed, first time with someone, big night before, and this was an opportunity for her to also indulge (though if anyone asked, this was all for Rachel).

Santana may have been ready, but that didn't stop her from being nervous, which was really weird for her, because if there was one thing she knew she was good at, it was sex, but the problem was that this was more than just sex. This was feelings, and making love, and the only person she had ever done that with before was Brittany. With Brittany though, she didn't have to worry about anything; she could do something completely stupid and make a fool of herself and it didn't matter. With Rachel; she wanted to impress her as well, and by the next morning she was regretting not giving herself more time to plan something.


Rachel arrived at Santana's house at seven o'clock, wondering nervously what Santana had planned.

"Hey.: Santana greeted her at the door with a kiss. "We have the house to ourselves this evening."

Rachel made a mental note to speak to Santana about her parents and their regular absence sometime, not wanting to break the mood of the evening by bringing it up the sensitive topic right then.

Santana led her into the lounge where a soft glow emanated from the multiple candles scattered about the room. On the table was a pizza box and some plates, along with a couple of DVD's. It was sweet, and romantic in a toned down, sentimental kind of way.

"I figured we could do a pizza and movie night." Santana explained the obvious, feeling like maybe she should have gone for something a little grander.

"I like that idea." Rachel agreed happily, going to sit on the couch while Santana fetched the soda from the fridge.

Though they both enjoyed the evening, spending more time talking than actually watching the movies, there was a palpable undercurrent of tension as the second movie drew closer to the end, and, honestly, Santana was starting to ask herself why she hadn't just gone with the flow of things the day before rather than allow for all this build up and awkwardness when the credits began to roll.

"Shall we head upstairs?" Rachel suggested to which Santana readily agreed, hoping the change of location would help the awkwardness dissipate. It didn't. But it did give her enough time to collect herself slightly so that when they reached her bedroom and when Rachel turned to give her a light kiss she returned it without hesitation.

They both sank onto the bed and things began resumed a comforting familiarity as their tongues danced together. It was slow, and calming, with neither rushing for anything more. Rachel laying back first, with Santana following, supporting herself on her arms above the small girl. Santana shivered lightly when Rachels hands ran under her top and over her hips and abs and began to kiss her way along the smaller girls jaw.

Sitting back up, Santana fiddled with the buttons on Rachels top, pushing back the fabric. Rachel waited momentarily anxious as Santana gazed down at her; irrationally worried that the latina would see something she didn't like and get up and leave, before Santana let out a soft smile and began lightly trailing her fingers over the exposed flesh, raising goose bumps in their wake.

Rachel exhaled slowly as Santana gently cupped her breasts through the bra. Not wanting to be completely passive in what was happening, Rachel murmured for Santana to let her up, which she reluctantly did. Now kneeling facing each other, Rachel tugged at the hem of Santana's shirt, pulling it over her head and tossing it to the side. Lips met and both were determined to take their time rather than rush to sate the fire that was had begun in both of them. Touching, caressing and exploring each other, allowing hands and lips to wander over each others bodies. Bra's were removed at some point, and Rachel let out a breathy but vocal moan when Santana began to lightly suck on her left nipple, the sound going straight to Santana's core.

Unwilling to delay longer, they both began removing their pants. Santana tried to coax Rachel into laying back again but Rachel shook her head.

"This is about both of us," she explained "I want us to do this together."

Nodding her agreement, and curious as to what Rachel had in mind, she allowed Rachel to rearranged them so that Rachel was straddling her thighs while she was still sitting up. Rachel took one of Santana's hands, gently guiding it to just above her hot centre. Santana paused, her eyes seeking final permission

"Okay," Rachel agreed breathlessly and Santana needed no more prompting to move her hand lower down, gently playing along Rachels soft folds. Santana was gratified by how wet Rachel already was, and the way her hips rocked, begging for more contact. She tentatively grazed over Rachels clit, eliciting a low, demanding moan before letting out a gasp of her own when she felt Rachels hand gently graze it's way along her slit. They took their time, discovering what the other liked.

It was different to how Santana had imagined it; having thought to make love while Rachel lay beneath her enjoying the experience, rather than them both pleasuring each other at the same time, but the connetion she felt between them; being inside of Rachel while Rachel's own fingers were inside of her was inexplicably perfect for their first time together.

Santana's orgasm caught her by surprise; it wasn't the most earth shattering that she had experienced; but it suited the atmosphere of the night. If Rachel noticed she was oddly embarrassed by coming first she didn't comment on it; nor the sudden welling of emotions that she was sure were showing on her face.

After a moments recovery Santana turned her attention back to Rachel and not long after Rachel experienced her own release, slumping against Santana as she recovered.

They sank back onto the mattress, Rachel laying against Santana's side, snuggling into her enjoying the closeness


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