Title:The Road to Faberrittana 2: Storming Out .

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: Approx 3000

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Brittany/ Rachel (platonic for now), Brittany /Santana

Rating: M

WARNINGS: Consensual Disciplinary Spanking

Summary: Rachel behaves selfishly and Quinn's out of town. Good thing Brittany's around to give her some perspective.

A/N: Okay so I wanted to get this up before I got off work today because it's so delayed, meaning I haven't had a chance to read over it properly. I'll re-edit it tomorrow so appologies in advance for any mistakes.


"Well if you want the lead so badly Mercedes, you got it. I'm not going to perform in a show where everyone is constantly unkind to me." Rachel announced, storming from the room just as Brittany and Santana entered.

"What's going on?" Santana asked in concern as she took in the others stormy appearances.

"Rachel pulled out of the benefit." Mercedes explained as one of the theatre guys poked his head into the room to give them their five minute curtain call.

"What do you mean she pulled out, she's the one who talked us all into this in the first place."

The others just shrugged.

"Well we don't have time to find her and convince her to sing now,:" Finn pointed out and they all turned their attentions to quickly rearranging their set list to accommodate the missing star. After the performances, which were still a success, Brittany turned her thoughts to tracking down the petite diva, knowing she must have still been at school since she needed to catch a lift home. Brittany and Santana made their way through the deserted halls, checking in empty classrooms and bathrooms until they finally found Rachel in the furthest classroom in the maths corridor. Pausing outside Brittany murmured to Santana to get their stuff and meet her at the car, wanting to speak to Rachel alone first.

"So, you going to explain why we had to rearrange the entire show minutes before we went on?" Brittany asked as she entered the room, her sudden appearance making Rachel jump.

"Mercedes and Kurt were ragging on me and I won't perform with people who treat me that way." Rachel replied petulantly.

"Rach, did you ever consider that not everything is always about you?" Brittany sighed

"I wouldn't expect you to understand." Rachel retorted, turning to leave the room and already deciding to find someone else to give her a lift.

"Rach, don't walk away while we're having a conversation." Brittany called after her but was ignored. If it had been Quinn, Rachel would have stopped immediately but Brittany was different and Rachel was fairly certain she could talk herself out of trouble for walking away if need be.

Exiting the building Rachel saw Santana's car idling in the first parking slot in the almost empty lot, the quiet thrum of music just audible as it echoed out of the speakers. Glancing up from her cellphone where she was typing out a text, Santana noticed Rachels still form. Not paying her much mind, Santana reached over to unlock the back door for her before returning her attention to her phone. It took Santana a couple of moments to realise that Rachel still hadn't moved from the doorway and instead was also fiddling on her phone. Santana reluctantly rolled down her window, wincing as the cold night air hit her face.

"I'm not a chauffeur and this is the closest the car's getting to the door Rach, just get in and you can text from inside, where it's warm and you won't catch a cold." Santana called, thinking maybe Rachel was embarrassed that she was in trouble with Brittany or something. Thinking of Brittany, she wasn't quite sure where her girlfriend was considering that she should have been with Rachel, she shrugged it off - maybe Britt had forgotten something in her locker.

"Don't worry about giving me a lift. I'm calling a cab." The absurdity of this statement was enough to tempt Santana out of her warm vehicle.

"Why the hell would you call a cab when you live three blocks from here and I've already agreed to give you a lift?" she demanded irritably.

"Santana, I'm tired and I don't feel like dealing with your girlfriend and her questions right now, which will no doubt be unavoidable if I catch a ride with you." Rachel replied and even she had to admit she was taking avoidance tactics to a new level with this.

"I know you're joking right now, because even if you were serious it would never work - B would just go over to your house, and while she may be irritated now but having her pissed off on top of that irritation is worse. If you don't want to talk to B today then your best bet is to just tell her that." Santana' was interrupted as her phone buzzed with a new text message. She quickly opened it to see it was Brittany explaining that Coach had cornered her on her way out but would be there in a moment. "Britt will be here in a minute." Santana relayed "it's your choice."

Santana quickly made her way back to the warm car watching from her peripheries as Rachel wavered for a moment before reluctantly heading over to unlocked car door.

Sliding in, Rachel and Santana waited in an uncomfortable silence that the radio was doing it's best to cover, until Brittany arrived.

Santana could tell Brittany was unhappy as the blond turned off the radio the second she was settled. The short journey to Rachels was quiet and uncomfortable, though Santana enjoyed the novelty of not actually being the cause of Brittanys irritation. Pulling up in the Berry's driveway , Rachel climbed out the second the handbrake was up. Brittany hastily said goodbye to Santana, sure that Rachel could give her a lift home later that night if she didn't end up staying over.

By the time Brittany reached the patio Rachel had already unlocked the door and headed inside the quiet house, both her fathers apparently having decided to turn in early. Closing the door softly behind her Brittany followed Rachel up to her room, also closing that door once she was inside so that the sound proofing would stop them from waking up the Berry men.

"I don't recall inviting you inside." Rachel commented, though it lacked bite.

"You didn't." The blond replied easily, moving to sit on the corner of Rachels bed. Brittany's unconcerned attitude confusing Rachel who had full expected at the very least a lecture the second her door was closed

"What do you want Brittany?" Rachel sighed when Brittany didn't say more and it became apparent she wasn't going to leave.

"To finish the conversation that you walked out on." Rachel wondered briefly if maybe she had misread the situation. Though they had agreed a few weeks ago to Brittany taking on a disciplinary role when Quinn wasn't around, there had been no situations since then that called for it until now and it could be that Brittany had changed her mind since then.

"Ever consider that I walked out on it because didn't want to talk about it?" Rachel snapped, her tone bordering on rudeness as she tested out the waters.

"I did, but sometimes you have to talk about something, despite not wanting to." Brittany replied simply, not taking the bait. "Come, sit down." Brittany indicated the desk chair opposite her. It wasn't an order but it was clear Brittany expected Rachel to do as was asked.

"I'd rather stand."

"It makes no difference to me." Brittany shrugged indifferently and Rachel begrudgingly sunk into the chair still weary and feeling very off balance in the unfamiliar situation. "Okay, so first lets just check that I got all the facts right. Mercedes and Kurt insulted you before the show. They hurt your feelings, and so to get back at them you refused to perform with them and ran off five minutes before curtain. This led to rest of us, nine of which had nothing to do with what Mercedes and Kurt said, having to scramble to rearrange our set list." Brittany paused for Rachel to acknowledge that her narrative was correct. "Do you think you made the right choice?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, do you think your decision to behave selfishly and run off, abandoning the whole club minutes before a performance, because your feeling were hurt was the right decision to make?" There was no reproach in her words, only simple curiosity but the question did cause Rachel to feel a sudden disappointment in herself for overreacting yet again, merging with the already present embarrassment. No longer able to meet Brittanys eyes she dropped her gaze to her lap.

"Rachel?" Brittany coaxed when she got no response.

"Maybe I shouldn't have gone so far as to pull out of the show." Rachel agreed quietly.

"Maybe not" Brittany agreed "Can we also agree that there should be consequences for your poor actions?" Rachel nodded, still not looking up. Brittany, sensing Rachels insecurity about the situation so she slid off the bed and went to kneel directly before the smaller girl, using her hand to tilt Rachels head up and encourage her to look at her properly.

"Rach, You're an amazing person and friend, but you need to remember to think about others every once in a while. I want to help you to be the best person you can be; and that person is not someone who abandons her team because they made a couple of hurtful comments." That earned her a hesitant smile from the diva and Brittany stood up, pulling Rachel to standing and giving her a hug.

"Okay," Brittany said in a firmer voice once they broke apart "So lets get the horrible part over with. Is there a hairbrush or some other implement around here" Remembering exactly what was going to happen next Rachel started to panic again.

"Please don't do this Britt, I swear it will never happen again." Rachel pleaded as Brittany went over to her vanity to try locate a suitable implement.

"Rachel, we both agreed that you needed consequences so don't draw this out by arguing." The words weren't harsh but they left no room for protest. After poking about the dressing table top unsuccessfully for a few more moments Brittany turned to Rachel in a huff. "This isn't my house you know."

"Can't you just use your hand?" Rachel tried to negotiate but Brittany just looked at her, her expression clearly saying you-already-know-the-answer-to-that. "I...umm...what exactly do you want?" Rachel gave in, blood rushing to her face.

"Some sort of light paddle"

"There's a wooden ruler?" Rachel suggested, trying to pick the least painful item first.

"No, what else?"

"Hold on." Rachel went over to her bedside table and retrieved a light wood paddle that was slightly smaller than an average hairbrush. Blushing deeply she handed it over to Brittany, who weighed it in her hands and tapped it against her palm a few times to test out the sting before nodding her approval. "Alright, lean over your desk for me."

Rachel sent Brittany one more pleading look before doing as she was asked. Assuming the unfamiliar position Rachel waited tensely, jumping when Brittany put her hand on her lower back soothingly.


Rachel mumbled her consent and Brittany quickly flipped up her skirt and began spanking. The smacks were lighter and had slightly more of a sting than Quinns normally did.

Once Rachel started shifting her weight uncomfortably in a failed attempt to alleviate some of the sting Brittany stopped

"Rachel, how many times have you and Quinn addressed this issue in the past?"

Rachels heart fell at the question, knowing that the spanking would be that much worse once she answered.

"A few times." Rachel tried to gloss over it.

"I'd like something more specific than that?" Brittany prompted.

"I'm not sure, four, five maybe?" Rachel replied, lowering the number somewhat by excluding the less serious times and hoping Brittany didn't call her on it. Brittany however, caught onto something else.

"Stand up and turn around." She asked calmly, waiting while Rachel rose and faced her, her gaze momentarily flicking to the blonds before returning to the floor. "Look at me;"Brittany paused until Rachel complied "So after four or five times you really didn't have some hesitation before storming out of there – I've seen Quinn spank you Rachel, over this same issue I might add."

Rachel bit her lip but didn't reply.

"Rach, I'm going to take a guess that you figured that since Quinn wasn't here you'd get away with it and either you forgot about our agreement or you figured you could talk your way out of trouble with me." Brittany paused and Rachel had seriously not thought it was possible to get even more embarrassed, her expression clearly giving away that Brittany was right "If it was the latter I'm going to tell you right now that you will never be able to talk yourself out of trouble with me if you were in the wrong. Now you may feel differently but, in my opinion, your reasons for doing or not doing something should not be solely based on whether you'll be punished for it or not. The thought of being punished for something should only deter you long enough to realise why you would be punished in the first place. The reason you'd be punished is the reason for not doing it. Make sense?" Rachel nodded, never having thought of it that way. "Good. You can get back into position."

Picking up the paddle Brittany folded up the skirt that had fallen back down and began. In some ways this was easier than spanking Santana but by not knowing Rachel as intimately Brittany was finding she had to watch more carefully to gauge her reactions. Brittany knew as the spanking progressed and Rachel began to show more and more discomfort that she was walking a fine line. She refused to be harsher than she felt appropriate but she couldn't be too lenient or Rachel wouldn't take her seriously in future and she was fairly certain Quinn was generally harsher than her.

Once she deemed the small diva sufficiently spanked, she allowed the sniffling girl to rise. Rachel stood and turned nervously to face Brittany again, her fingers tugging at her skirt as she resisted the urge to rub away some of the sting.

"Rachel, tomorrow I think it would be a good idea for you to apologise to the rest of the club." It wasn't really a suggestion but Rachel nodded anyway. Brittany opened her arms in silent invitation and Rachel gratefully crossed the couple of feet between them, accepting the comforting hug. After a few moments they separated.

"Now, do you mind being alone tonight or would you rather if I stayed with you?" Brittany offered kindly, though secretly hoping Rachel would say no since she really felt she needed to see Santana again. It hadn't been a particularly intense spanking, emotion wise, but Brittany wanted to be sure she hadn't misjudged Rachels emotional state.

"No, you can go – I think I'm going to call Quinn." Rachel assured her with a smile. "Do you need me to give you a lift home?"

"No, I'll just call Santana." Brittany didn't miss the relief on Rachels face – clearly she didn't relish the thought of having to sit down for the ten minute drive there and back.


When Santana pulled up into the Berry's driveway a few minutes later she found Brittany already waiting for her outside.

Sliding into the passenger seat Brittany leaned over to give Santana a quick peck on the lips in greeting before settling into her seat and distractedly flicking the radio over to the classical station. The music Britttany listened to at a given moment was always a dead giveaway to what mood she was in; which Santana was grateful for because it stopped her from misinterpreting silences when she was driving.

After driving in silence for a few minutes Santana blindly reached over to take Brittany's hand in her own; "Babe?"

"Mmm?" Brittany asked as Santana's voice broke her revere.

"Where do you want to go?"

"I don't mind - wherever we can just be." Brittany replied, knowing Santana would know what she meant.

Santana ultimately settled on going back to her place since she knew her parents were out and her brother was already asleep.

They quietly made their way into the house and up the stairs to Santana's bedroom. Santana had barely turned around from closing her door when Brittany's lips found hers. They kissed deeply for a few moments as Brittany sought the physical reconnection between them. Moving over to her bed, and still exchanging soft kisses they lay down. Brittany rested her head on Santana's chest and they both just lay there for a few moments, listening to each other breathing.

"So how was it?" Santna murmured, absently running her hands through blond hair.

"Different." Brittany muttered, reluctantly moving so she was hovering on top of her girlfriend and meeting her eyes.

"Intense?' Santana asked, guessing from Brittanys behaviour

"Not really, just different." Brittany paused for a moment, trying to think of how to describe what she had felt. "It was like...sleeping with Matt."

Santana frowned in confusion at Brittany's reference to her first hook up when they were in an open relationship -they had never shied away from discussing when they were with other people but Santana couldn't see the relevance to this conversation.

"I slept with Matt before I learnt how to cut myself off from the other person, so that the sex pleasurable but purely physical and so I allowed there to be an emotional connection. I think that it was the same sort of thing when I was with Rachel...it's like I feel closer to her now."

"Okay..." Santana drew out the word, not sure what she thought about that.

"But we're still us." Brittany assured her, brightening and and quickly peppering Santana with kisses, causing the other girl to chuckle.

"Good." Santana agreed, smirking and flipping them over so that Brittany was now beneath her and began sucking on her neck, marking Brittany as hers.


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