Chapter Title: Release

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: About 2000

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Santana/Rachel, Brittany/Quinn, Brittany/Santana

Rating: M

WARNINGS: Consensual Disciplinary Spanking, No Faberry this chapter.

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: Quinn talks to Brittany

A/N: I wanted to get this up before new year so it's slightly rushed but anyway.


Quinn looked up quickly when Brittany re-entered the room. She was still debating if what she was about to do was a good idea or not.

"Sorry about that." Brittany apologised for keeping her waiting. Quinn shrugged to show she didn't mind, sitting up properly from her relaxed position on Santana's bed while Brittany perched on the edge next to her. "So you wanted to talk?"

Quinn glanced around the room, trying to think how to phrase this right. She had been running through possible ways to have this conversation and she still hadn't settled on an approach.

"I want to apologise for last night." She explained. It felt strange to her to feel guilty over how her actions had unintentionally and indirectly affected someone else. Brittany nodded for her to go on. "I still can't really believe that I agreed to Santana driving; I knew all the risks and statistics – I just felt like none of those things would happen to me."

"The thing with going through life without consequences is we stop believing that they're real." Brittany commented.

"I think I need to see that they're real." Quinn replied, giving Brittany a pointed look and hoping she would catch on to what was being asked.

"What about the accident?"

"I got out of that with a sprained wrist, I've had worse from Cheerio's practice. I can't explain it but it's like it could have been much worse, but it wasn't. I find myself thinking to myself that even despite the minor collision the whole thing didn't turn out that badly, and I know mentally that we were just lucky but I feel as though the consequences of drunk driving are not as bad as everyone makes it out to be."

"Okay, so you need actual consequences." Brittany confirmed and Quinn nodded "but by agreeing you have to trust me to decide what's fair, you don't get any say in what the consequences actually are."

"I want to be able to say no." Quinn replied immediately. "A safe word or something."

"I'm not going to force you into anything." Brittany explained "and you need to trust me to judge the appropriate severity, but maybe a safe word is a good idea. Pick one."

"Apples." Quinn chose randomly, relieved Brittany had agreed to this. She wondered briefly if Santana had a safe word before her attention was drawn back to the other blond.

"Okay, so you say 'apples' at any time and I'll stop," Brittany agreed, her expression serious, "But Quinn, I'm going to be completely honest in saying that the consequences for last night are not going to be pleasant for you and using the safe word is a last resort; you can't use it just because you don't like something."

"How do you want to do this?" Quinn asked without replying or acknowledging what Brittany had said.

"First I want to confirm what I'd be punishing you for," Quinn nodded for her to go on. "You got into a car with Santana driving, knowing she was drunk."

Quinn flushed lightly "And let Santana drive."

"You're not her keeper, driving was her choice." Brittany argued.

"I should have tried to stop her. Despite everything, I shouldn't have just let her drive."

"And you didn't protest at all?"

"I suggested that we were both too drunk and she said she had sobered up so I let it go." Quinn explained. Brittany felt another flicker of anger at Santana that she had still driven even after Quinn brought up how much they had had to drink. She pushed it aside, reminding herself that Santana had already been punished for her behaviour, and rather tried to focus on the argument Quinn was making. She looked at her best friend appraisingly. Being honest with herself, Brittany was upset that Quinn hadn't tried to stop Santana more, but she knew that was due to the fear she had felt when she heard Santana had been in an accident, and she wouldn't allow herself to inadvertently take out her feelings on Quinn. However it was also apparent that Quinn felt that she had been wrong not to say something and Brittany didn't necessarily disagree and she had said that Quinn would be the one choosing what she was punished for; assuming it was reasonable.

"Okay," she agreed, coming to a decision. "So for getting into the car and not making a decent effort to stop Santana from driving."

"So...?" Quinn prompted.

"Take your jeans off and bend over the end of the bed, I'm going to fetch something quickly."

Brittany quietly opened the door to the lounge, and made it across the room before Santana stirred.

"B?" she asked groggily.

"I'm just busy with Quinn and needed to grab these." Brittany replied, indicating the strap and dowel rod.

"Quinn?" Santana asked, waking up a little more, wincing slightly when she tried to sit up and her ass made contact with the couch.

"Yes; I'll explain later. Are you okay with this?" Brittany asked, suddenly thinking it may have been a good idea to talk to Santana about this first, though she didn't think the latina would have a problem with it.

"Yeah," Santana reluctantly agreed, though she didn't like that Brittany had obviously been planning to do it without talking to her first had she not woken up. She'd bring it up later, she decided before realising what Brittany was planning on using. "You can't use the strap though."

"Why?" Brittnay asked in confusion.

"Because." Santana replied, suddenly feeling very possessive of the object. She had a history with that thing, much as she loathed when Brittany decided to use it. It was personal though, and not something she wanted used on anyone else.

"Because what?: Brittany tried again.

"Just because." Santana pouted, embarrassed and not really wanting to explain her strange sentimentality. Brittany looked at her curiously for a moment before shrugging.

"Okay." She agreed. She didn't know why but it was obviously important to Santana so she wouldn't argue it. "Can I use one of your dad's belts then?"

Santana nodded; having no particular connection to the object since they both disliked using it.

"You can sleep a while longer." Brittany suggested "I don't think this will be quick."

"I'm going to call Rachel – I promised I would once..." she waved vaguely in the direction of the implements.

"Cool," Brittany agreed "I promised Q we would do a movie marathon later but there's some time if you want to go see Rach first - just leave me a note."

"I may just do that." Santana agreed.

"She'll have to pick you up though; no driving remember?"

"I know." Santana said ruefully, picking up her phone and pulling up Rachels number on the screen while Brittan y had already punished her.


Brittany entered to find Quinn waiting in position. Looking at Quinn's form for a moment she reconsidered how she had planned to do this.

"Q, I've changed my mind," she said, going to sit down on the bed "Come lay over my lap instead."

Brittany didn't spank Santana over her lap because she found the connection to be too much during a punishment, and couldn't bring herself to do things properly, but her instincts told her that Quinn would benefit from the connection the position gave and help her know that Brittany was there for her. She hoped that because it wasn't Santana she would manage.

Quinn stood next to Brittany, cheeks bright pink but unable to make herself get into position. Brittany offered Quinn her hand and calmly guided her into position, taking care not to hurt Quinns injured wrist which was in bandages. Swallowing down her pride and remembering the one other time she had been in a similar position when she, Rachel and Brittany had stayed over at Santana's family's cabin last summer; things had been going well back then. This time felt different though; that being more of an experiment while this felt inexplicably real. Flushing, Quinn shifted about until she was slightly more comfortable; Brittany's lap was at an angle so that her upper body could rest on the mattress and she didn't need to use her arms for balance. This closeness, compared to being over the bed moments before, was both comforting and stifling to Quinn.

"Alright, so we've discussed why you're in this position. Anything you want to talk about further before we start?"

Quinn shook her head and tensed as Brittany curled her fingers into the waistband of her panties. "Do you have to...?"

"Q, I've seen more of you in the locker room."

"This is not exactly the same." Quinn argued, though she didn't protest again while Brittany pulled her panties to mid-thigh.

Brittany began spanking in a steady, monotonous pattern, barely hard enough to cause more than a light sting that would slowly build. Quinn, though relieved, was also disappointed by the unexpected lightness of it. Though not able to ignore the spanking the rhythmic, unchanging nature of it allowed Quinn to focus on her thoughts too.

"You should be thinking about why we're doing this." Brittany advised, as though knowing that Quinns mind was wondering. Quinn didn't even realise when she started squirming about or that the spanking was really beginning to hurt, until she did and then it seemed inescapable and unending as Brittany continued to land smack after smack, never missing a beat.

It was becoming too much for Quinn, with emotions coming to the surface that she didn't want to address, her chest tightened. Tears were already trickling down her face, though they were caused by the physical rather than emotional. She could tell if Brittany didn't stop soon that would change and the thought of letting out all of that scared her and brought the safe word to the tip of her tongue, equally fearing what would happen if she allowed it to continue as if she called a stop to things.

"Just give in Q." Brittany coaxed gently; knowing the other girl was fighting it. Deciding to give her that slight push, Brittany began spanking a bit harder, still maintaining the rhythm. The change was obvious when moments later Quinn was sobbing pitifully in her lap. It had been a rough day, a rough few weeks if Quinn was honest and it all came to a head at that moment. And once she started crying she couldn't seem to stop herself, crying not only about the car crash or allowing Santana to drive, but for everything else that had been bottled inside of her from her mothers disinterest to her break up with Rachel and Santana and Brittanys distance and betrayal.

Brittany rubbed her back and allowed Quinn to have her moment; breathing a sigh of relief.


Rachel was at the bakery picking up some muffins for everyone when she got the text from Santana saying that she could come over. Quickly paying she headed to the Lopez residence, anxious to see Santana for herself. She hoped Quinn was there too, to make sure that she was also okay, but knew it was unlikely since she had a strong suspicion to what had just occurred between Brittany and Santana, and knew they'd have wanted their privacy.

Pulling up to the house, Rachel saw Brittany's car was still in the driveway.

Santana greeted her at the door, pulling her inside and shutting the door, before leaning over and capturing Rachel's lips with her own before Rachel could so much as offer a hello; pressing against Rachel who was now leaning on the closed front door

"Hey." Santana muttered breathlessly when she finally and very reluctantly ended the kiss, knowing it would not be a good idea to take things further with both Britt and Quinn upstairs.

"This doesn't mean I'm not still angry with you." Rachel panted. Santana rolled her eyes. "You're okay though?"

"I'm fine Rach," Santana assured her "Though I'd be more fine if we could go to your place." She hinted.

"And Quinn, she's okay?"

"Like I said on the phone; she's got a sprained wrist but otherwise she's fine." Santana mumbled as she trailed her lips along Rachel's jaw, trying to initiate something. "And Brittany already read us the riot act."

"Good." Rachel replied, giving Santana's shoulder a light shove to get her to stop for a minute."Where's Britt? I saw her car outside."

"She's upstairs talking to Quinn." Santana explained, reluctantly taking a step back and allowing Rachel to stand properly.

"They're going to be a while. I was hoping I could use that time to trying making it up to you for last night." Santana hinted, adding in a slight pout for effect.

"Fine," Rachel agreed "You do have a lot of making up to do. You sure the others won't mind you leaving?"

"Britt actually suggested it. I would have just met you at your place but I needed you to give me a lift."

"When you say Britt suggested it, are you and she...?"

"No, we're fine." Santana assured her quickly, understanding the question "She was pissed off about it last night but we're good now."

"Okay," Rachel agreed, and Santana went to scribble a note to the others to tell them she had gone out.


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