Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: About 1000

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Santana/Brittany, hints of Quitt if you squint

Rating: T

WARNINGS: Mentions of Domestic Discipline

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: Santana and Brittany have an important conversation and Brittany talks to Quinn.

A/N: This took me ages, Ik! And it's a very short chapter, really it's more an end to the last few chapters but hopefully next chapter should be longer.



"So, you going to tell me what was up with you today?" Brittany asked once they were alone in Santana's bedroom.

"Why were you going to spank Quinn without telling me first?" Santana blurted out as Brittany began to undress.

"I knew you'd be okay with it." She replied, pausing to look over at Santana seriously "Are you not okay with it?"

Santana shrugged, avoiding Brittany's gaze.

"San?" Bittany prompted again. "You said you were okay with this earlier; if that's not the case you need to tell me."

"I don't have a problem with you punishing Quinn, I have a problem with you not talking to me about it first." Santana replied honestly.

"Why? It wasn't like I was going to keep it a secret; I just wanted to let you sleep a bit longer."

Santana shrugged again, turning around to extract some sleeping clothes from the chest of draws. Brittany went over to her. Putting her hands over Santana's, she drew her around so they could face each other properly.

"I'm sorry I didn't intend to talk to you first," Brittany apologised sincerely, "I wasn't thinking,"

Santana accepted her apology with a small smile. "But I honestly don't understand why you are so affected by it." Brittany continued but she could see Santana didn't know how to answer her so she decided to leave it for the moment. "Lets get ready for bed."

They climbed into bed a few minutes later and Brittany drew Santana into her, planning to spoon before Santana's small whimper reminded her of earlier and she re adjusted so she wasn't touching the sensitive area. They enjoyed the calm familiar closeness for a bit before Brittany spoke.

"The reason I didn't like you punishing Quinn without thinking to talk to me about it first is because..." Brittany prompted, waiting as Santana sighed against her, having hoped her girlfriend would let it go while knowing it was unlikely.

"It makes me wonder what else you'll do without talking to me first, because you assume I'll agree." Santana replied in a quiet voice, knowing her admission would only hurt her. Brittany's arms tightened around her. Brittany was hurt but she was also angry with herself for making Santana think this.

"Like sleep with someone?" Brittany asked gently, feeling herself start to tear up as Santana hesitated before nodding.

"It's just, things are different now," Santana tried to explain. "You know I couldn't say no to you sleeping with someone else, or dating them in the same way you knew I would be okay of you punishing Q."

"I would never..." Brittany was actually crying now, not knowing how she could possibly reassure Santana properly. "You can always say no to something like that if you had a legitimate problem with it and I would always talk to you first."

"And yet you weren't going to about this," Santana turned over, propping her head up on her hand so she could look at Brittany properly; Brittany mimicking her posture. "Despite knowing how I feel about this you were still going to spank Q and not ask me first. And I know that I agreed to you punishing Rachel a long time ago, but that doesn't just extend to anyone"

"Well Quinns not just anyone, but I never thought it did and you're right," Brittany agreed, well aware of how Santana felt about the intimacy between them during a punishment. "I made a mistake and shouldn't have just assumed you'd agree; you deserved the opportunity to say no. I won't make that mistake again."

Santana accepted her girlfriends words, turning back over to resume her position against Brittany, snuggling into her while Brittany placed a kiss on her shoulder. "I'm sorry." She murmured against tan skin.

"It's alright," Santana accepted, twisting to meet the dancers lips with her own.


The next morning Brittany, Quinn and Santana were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast when the doorbell rang. Santana went to answer it and was surprised to find Rachel on the other side.

"I haven't forgotten we had plans or something?" She asked after greeting the diminutive girl with a quick kiss.

"No, I just thought I'd stop past and see if maybe you wanted to go shopping today since my Dad gave me his card?" Rachel explained as Brittany and Quinn emerged from the kitchen; coming to see who was at the door.

"Hey Rach." Brittany greeted enthusiastically, dodging around Santana to give her a hug which Rachel returned.

"Hi," Rachel added more demurely to Quinn who returned it. "You okay after the other night?"

"Yeah, sprained wrist but I'll recover." Quinn replied. There was an uncomfortable pause.

"So, what's up?" Brittany interrupted, having not heard Rachel's explanation to Santana. Rachel quickly explained again.

"Of course you can also come...and Quinn." Rachel offered. Brittany glanced around to judge what Quinn wanted to do before shaking her head.

"I think Q and I are going to pass." Brittany declined, "but S, you can go if you want."

Santana glanced at Brittany, checking if Brittany really wouldn't mind of if she'd prefer for her to stay.

"Okay," Santana agreed after a second "come keep me company while I change?"

Rachel nodded and followed her girlfriend upstairs while Quinn and Brittany returned to the kitchen, Quinn feeling hurt by the other's departure.

"How are you okay with that?" Quinn asked once they were both seated.

Brittany shrugged. "They're not doing anything."

Quinn gave her a disbelieving look.

"Rachel wouldn't feel it was right with you here." Brittany explained. Quinn wasn't sure how she felt about that.

"Fine, but you know they do do stuff." Quinn continued.

"They're dating; I'd be more concerned if they didn't." Brittany explained though she could see Quinn still didn't understand. "I know that Santana loves me, I know that her feelings for Rachel doesn't change that and her dating Rachel was not because of something lacking in our own relationship. People don't have a set quantity of love they can feel and by giving it to one person they take it away from another; it's infinite, to suggest otherwise would be like saying that when a couple has a second child they suddenly have to love the first less."

"How can you be so sure?"

Brittany just smiled and shook her head in a way that Quinn knew meant there was something other to just intuition that made her feel this but she wasn't willing to say what it was.

"So you've never had any doubt?"

"I'm human Quinn," Brittany replied, slightly embarrassed by her own insecurity, grateful when Quinn didn't try to push the subject further.


AN2: Like I said before, short chapter, but I felt like I needed to finish off the previous chapter before going onto the next section. I feel like I've dwelt on reasons and explanations about poly for long enough now (anyone else also feel that way?) so I'm planning to move focus to other things next few chapters. I'm going to try update a bit quicker so fingers crossed, and I know I don't deserve them after the long delay but please leave a review with your thoughts.