Title: Let Me Go

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: About 2300

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Santana/Rachel, Brittany/Quinn friendship

Rating: T

WARNINGS: Alcohol.

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: Quinn shows up at Brittany's house drunk.

A/N: Busy...RL is busy. Just...yeah. Special thanks to NayaFan for her input! Enjoy :)


"Ugh!" Santana slumped into her seat in the cafeteria, across from Rachel.

"What's up?" Rachel enquired cheerfully, taking a sip of water.

Santana shook her heat irritably and shoved a couple of forkfuls of food into her mouth before mumbling "Math."

"But you're normally good at maths." Rachel countered, slightly amused now that she knew it wasn't anything too serious.

"I know but we started a new section today that makes absolutely no sense to me."

"Give it a couple of lessons and then see," Rachel suggested "If you're still confused you can always ask someone to try re-explain it to you; maybe Quinn." Santana gave a noncommittal nod, acknowledging the suggestion.

"And speaking of Quinn, is Britt not joining us?" the petite burnette continued, glancing at her watch to see that over five minutes of lunch had already passed.

"How do you find a leap between 'Speaking of Quinn' and B?" Santana said, then invalidated her point by adding "and no; she's gone to help Quinn with some History assignment in the library."

"The two of them have been spending a lot of time together recently." Rachel tried to judge Santana's reaction but she did nothing more than nod her head in agreement. "How do you feel about that?"

"Fine." She shrugged "They're friends, and I'm glad things are going well with them, and honestly; I'm glad she has someone else she's close to, to hang out with and talk to when I'm busy with you and I'm glad Quinn is letting someone in a bit more."

Brittany and Quinn had taken to having sleepovers and movie nights whenever Rachel and Santana were doing couple stuff, which Santana was honestly glad about because it meant she didn't have to feel bad about Brittany sitting at home with nothing to do...not that Brittany did do that before she mended her relationship with Quinn, but still, it put her mind more at ease.


Brittany and Stacy were just finishing clearing up dinner when there was a loud knock on the front door. They were home alone since their parents had gone to a parent teacher night at Stacy's school. Exchanging curiously confused looks Brittany lead the way through to the sitting room, looking out the window onto the driveway but there was no car present.

"Wait in here." Brittany instructed Stacy as she herself went through to the entranceway as another knock echoed through the house.

Pulling open the door a few inching before opening it fully in surprise as the head Cheerio tumbled into the house.

"Q? I thought you were doing stuff with your mom tonight?" Brittany asked as Stacy entered the room, having heard who it was.

"Hey B." Quinn slurred "My mom it appears prefers other peoples company."

Brittany put a hand on Quinns shoulder to steady her as she toppled slightly. "You're drunk." She stated after a moment.

"No shit Sherlock." Quinn replied, drawing out the words and pushing past Brittany into the sitting room and slumping onto the sofa.

"Stacy, go upstairs." Brittany asked as she followed her friend though.

"No way," Stacy replied, laughing as Quinn tried to unsuccessfully struggle her way out of her jumper, relenting and going up to her room when Brittany gave her a hard look.

"Q, you can't just show up here like this." Brittany said as she sat down beside her friend,

"Can't be here, can't be there." Quinn mumbled, pausing before trying to focus enough to glare at her "Where else am I supposed to go?" she demanded harshly before cumbling before Brittany's eyes and turning weepy "My mother is more interested in her lover than me, Santana is shacking up with my ex and Rachel...Rachel's my ex." With that tears started to fall, while Brittany watched her friend helplessly "And you...you don't even want me here."

"Q," Brittany tried to protest "Q, focus." She waited until Quinn had managed to pay attention "That's not what I meant, I meant that you can't just come over drunk when my sister is in the house, and my parents could have been here...and probably will be here soon."

"I don't blame you for not wanting me here." Quinn cried, her words mumbling to near incoherence "I wouldn't want me, but you...you said you'd be there for me, and this is me." As though realising her own patheticness Quinn pretty much collapsed over, burying her face in the couch cushions as she wept.

"I'm going to go get you some water" Brittany murmured, giving Quinn's shoulder a reassuring squeeze. Talking to Quinn right now was pretty much pointless.

Brittany took a few moments in the kitchen to collect herself and try decide on a plan of action before her parents got home because she actually felt a bit at a loss right then. Though she was both curious and worried about what had happened that Quinn had decided to drink in order to cope she knew that conversation would have to wait until the morning.

Brittany grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge only to return to an empty sitting room, the breeze blowing through from the entrance way alerting her to the open front door.

Quinn was tottering down the drive way when her friends angry voice echoed behind her "Where the hell do you think you're going?"

A sober Quinn might have realised how angry Brittany was to actually curse but in her current state it didn't even register. A hand grabbing her bicep to pull her back unbalanced the head cheerleader and Brittany barely managed to catch her in time.

"To someone who actually wants me around." Quinn replied, her words still slurred, though not as badly as before. She shoved the other blond away, stumbling and forcing Brittany to catch her a second time. Even though she knew the alcohol was causing Quinn to say things she wouldn't normally it still felt like a slap in the face to Brittany that Quinn thought she didn't want her around taking precedence over the anger she had felt over Quinn trying to leave in her current condition.

"Quinn, I..."

"Don't deny it. You haven't wanted to be friends since we turned thirteen and you and Santana kept trying to sneak off an do things without me." Brittany wanted to protest, but she was actually speechless. Sure there had been times over the course of their friendship where they weren't particularly close, but Quinn had also distanced herself from them at times; Brittany had always understood it never meant they wanted to stop being friends completely and assumed that Quinn did too.

"I'm giving you what you want." Quinn continued "Now you no longer have to pretend that you want to help me, or fix me or whatever."

Quinn tried to walk away again, only to find her path blocked as Brittany darted in front of her.

"I've never once 'pretended' to want to help you, Quinn." Brittany said firmly, taking a hold of Quinns shoulders to keep her in place when she tried to walk around her.

"Let me go." Quinn demanded, trying to shake her off.

"No. Quinn, whether you believe it or not, you are one of my best friends, I love you and I'm not going to just let you walk off into the night."

"Let me go." Quinn repeated, though with less force. "Please."


Brittany watched as Quinn slowly gave in, tears beginning to once again trickle down her cheeks. Pulling Quinn into her arms, Brittany held back tears of her own for the girl in front of her. Brittany knew Quinn, and that whatever had brought this all on was more than she was saying.

"Alright," Brittany murmured softly after a moment. "We're going to go inside now, get some water into you and then you're going to sleep this off."

Feeling Quinn nod against her chest Brittany gently guided Quinn back into the house.


The next morning Quinn was awoken by the ray of blinding sunlight that filtered its way onto the bed through a half open window. Groaning and twisting over she accidently rolled into the edge of the bedside table, almost toppling off in the process and resigning herself to the fact she has to open her eyes and let the day start.

She felt beyond embarrassed about her behaviour the previous night, though she pointedly refused to begin examining the cause of it right then. Rolling back onto the bed proper she squinted around the room, surprised to see that she was not alone as she had assumed but rather Brittany was sitting by her dresser with her laptop perched precariously on her lap

Quinn debated feigning sleep until Brittany went downstairs and she could at least make an attempt at sneaking out when Brittany looked up and caught her watching. The last thing Quinn wanted to do today was talk about last night.

Brittany nodded towards her bedside table and Quinn turned to see a bottle of water and some buttered toast waiting there for her with a couple of headache pills next to it.

Reluctantly sitting up Quinn took the tablets and began nibbling on the toast, Brittany's attention was back on her laptop. Just then a thought struck her.

"What time is it?" She asked in a sudden panic, remembering that it was a Wednesday and they were meant to be in school

"Like 1:30." Brittany replied without looking up, typing something as she spoke. "And you may as well relax, there's no point in trying to go in when you've already missed the majority of the day."

"Didn't you go?"

"I came home early. I was worried when you didn't reply to my messages. I didn't think you'd still be asleep this late." Quinn looked around, trying to locate her phone, noticing her jeans from last night in a rumpled heap next to the bed, recalling she had put her cellphone onto silent before she began drinking. Leaning over the side she found the device in the right pocket and opened it to find a couple of missed calls from her mom, along with the message from Brittany and four from Santana.

Deleting the missed calls and message from Brittany she opened the first one of Santana's.

11:30 Coach says unless u re in hospital she's expecting

2 see u practice this afternoon.

11:50 Seriously Q, If u're not coming tell me so I can do

damage control nw. Coach is on a rampage 2day n

I swear I'll kick ur ass myself if you miss practice

without a good reason n Coach takes it out on us

12:30 Ik u're B's n not lying in a ditch


13:20 ignoring me is getting old really fast.

Quinn rolled her eyes. Coach must really have a bee in her bonnet for Santana to send so many messages. The last thing she wanted to do right then was jump around with faked enthusiasm while her sadistic coach looked on and yelled insults but she knew the penalty for missing practice without at least some sort of doctors note when Coach was in a mood was not worth it. And going also gave her an excuse to put off the inevitable conversation with Brittany for a bit longer.

I'll be there. In gratitude u can come up w/ a way 2 save me from ur gf after

Climbing out from the covers, Quinn pulled on her jeans, when her phone's screen lit up.

I o u nothing. Just mess up n Coach'll keep u late.

It's an option.

U really want to avoid her. Wat happened?

None of ur business. Just pls?


Quinn waited, but there was nothing forthcoming.

Brittany had turned her attention back to the essay she was working on while she waited for her friend to finish messaging whoever it was. She was startled when her own phone beeped beside her. She opened the message from Santana.

B, I hv a favour to ask.

Brittany frowned at the screen, wondering what this was about.

K, wat?

Lay off Q 4 2day? Ik u're worried etc n last night etc,

Bt wait like a day? 4 me?

Brittany sighed and glanced up at Quinn, noticing her anxious expression and wondering just what she said to Santana. Brittany had given her girlfriend the condensed version of the previous night but they hadn't had a chance to discuss it. She was torn between being amused and hurt that Quinn had asked her girlfriend to help her get out of talking though, instead of just telling her herself.


Brittany really didn't want to have to wait another whole day to talk to Quinn.

Can I call in one of my favours?

Brittany sighed, if Santana was calling in favours she must feel that this delay was important. Brittany knew she could still say no and really put her foot down but while she didn't particularly want to agree, she was also sure that something had happened between Q and her mom to set her off and Quinn was more likely to talk to Santana than anyone else about it. And forcing Quinn into things was generally not the best approach.


Closing her laptop and putting it aside, Brittany stood up, Quinn watching her anxiously, knowing from her friends expression that she was hurt about something.

"Q, next time you don't want to talk about something with me, rather tell me yourself than going through my girlfriend."

Quinn blushed guiltily as Brittany left the room without waiting for a response. Quinn hated hurting the other blond, and it was clear she had done just that by trying to go through Santana, but she also really wasn't ready to confront her actions the previous evening.

She glanced down to see she had another message.

K, I had to call in a favour 4 that. As thx

U're taking me to breadstix after prac.

Quinn sighed, having already expected Santana to say something of the sort.

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