Title: College, Counselling and Capsaicin

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: About 3800

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Santana/Brittany, Santana/Rachel, Unholy Trinity Friendship

Rating: M

WARNINGS: Mentions of a Domestic Discipline relationship

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: Rachel makes a proposal, Santana talks to Quinn and Brittany has to fetch Stacy from her piano lesson.

A/N: I'm back, and feeling rather proud for updating on the day I said I would, which you all know by now hardly ever happens! :) I just want to thank the guinea pigs who tried out the capsaicin cream and let me know their thoughts and experiences with it! This chapter is effectively 3 mini chapters combined but hopefully it's not too choppy to read. Enjoy, and I look forward to your thoughts afterwards


Brittany and Santana made a pit-stop at the drug store to buy the cream before heading over to breadstixs to meet Rachel.

"Congratulations." Brittany sang as she headed through the restaurant to where Rachel was waiting for them by a table, giving the petite girl a hug and handing her a small gift bag.

"Aww, thanks Britt." Rachel replied, pulling out the little bobble head man who was holding a bunch of balloons that read 'Congratulations' that they had found at the drug store.

Putting it aside, Rachel turned to Santana who also offered her a hug, and chaste kiss on the cheek while murmuring her own congrats.

"So looks like we're all going to New York." Brittany observed, wincing slightly as she sat down.

Rachel raised her eyebrows in surprise, noticing the wince and immediately sending Santana a curious glance. Santana feigned obliviousness while Brittany glanced everywhere but Rachel.

"Ahem." The waitress clearing her throat drew the attention away from Brittany and they all placed their drink orders.

"So, now that we've all gotten our acceptance letters; albeit provisionally, though I don't envision there being a problem with any of our results that would cause them to withdraw the offers, I think it's time for us to start planning the practicalities of next year." Rachel said and Santana quirked an eyebrow at her curiously, sensing the barely concealed excitement radiating from her girlfriend. "And in that regard, I have a proposal to make."

"Wow, Rach, a proposal already!" Santana teased exaggeratedly.

"Yes Santana, I'm proposing. Marry me... Brittany!" Rachel said, turning and clutching a hold of a surprised Brittanys hand while Santana recovered from her own shock.

"What? Brittany?" She demanded in mock outrage.

"Yes, I just can't hide it anymore, I want to marry her and be able to call her my wife."

"Well, I don't know, I mean I do have this like life plan thing," Brittany played along, taking a friendly dig at Rachels obsession with following her life plan before Quinn came along. "and marriage is only scheduled for when I'm like twenty-five. Besides, I always thought it would be with Santana, but now with your proposal..."

"You guys suck." Santana grouched.

"So what is your actual proposal then Rach?" Brittany enquired.

"In a nutshell; we all move in together in New York." Brittany and Santana exchanged a surprised look at that, but Rachel continued talking before they could interrupt. "Hear me out. This morning, after I found out about my acceptance, my dad's took me out to brunch to celebrate and while we were out they brought up my Aunt Linda."

"I didn't know you had any aunts." Santana admitted in surprise; having thought that she would have at least heard a mention of them by now, but the only family Rachel ever spoke about was her dads.

"She passed away about five years ago," Rachel explained "Technically she's a great aunt – she was Daddy's mothers sister. She'd always had a soft spot for him when he was young, and was one of his most vocal supporters when he came out to his family. She had no children of her own so when she died Daddy inherited most of her belongings and property, which included a large townhouse in New York. Knowing I planned to move to New York, even back then, they kept the townhouse and rented it out for the last few years but now that I've been accepted they're going to give the current tenants their notice so I can move in there after graduation. The place is too big for me to use by myself however, and I've mentioned to them before that you two were considering moving there after graduation so they suggested that you move in with me. Now I know living together may get a little complicated, but it won't be even a remote squash, and my dads won't charge you rent...I mean that is assuming you want to still stay together once we move..." she added to Santana "I know it's cliché and everything that High School relationships don't last but I still think we should try...and like I said we won't be living completely on top of each other and chances are our schedules will be too busy for it to bother us anyway..." Rachel rambled, getting nervous when she couldn't read anything more than surprise on the others faces, and thinking it might have been better to discuss this with Santana first.

"I'm not going to break up with you just because of graduation Rach," Santana assured her quietly, picking up on one of the more important points in her speech because while she and Brittany had discussed their plans for the future, Rachel had been studiously avoiding any conversation that went deeper than her Broadway dreams since her audition until she had her acceptance letter in hand."Especially not when we're going to be in the same city."

"Good," Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. "So what do you guys think about living together then?"

"I think it's a good idea." Brittany answered first.

"You do?" Santana asked curiously

"Yes, I think we'll have to think it through properly and everything before taking any final decisions, but my first impression is it's a good idea. It's the most practical option and I know you were concerned about how we'd be able to afford living there, since your Mom won't agree to pay for you to live somewhere with me, and my parents only have just enough to pay my tuition fees, this will make it all much easier, especially if her dad's don't want rent from us."

"Yeah, but living together, the three of us...that could get rather awkward at times." Santana wasn't necessarily against the idea but she couldn't help but think of how many problems could arise from this situation.

"It'll take some adapting, but I think we could get used to it." Brittany replied.

"I agree," Rachel concurred "And when I say big, it's like six bedrooms and four bathrooms, so we'll all have our own space and then some."

"Wow, what did your aunt need all that space for?" Santana asked,

"She just really liked space, and she was an art collector so she needed space to display it, though most of her pieces have now been donated. It's actually three smaller apartments that she brought over the years and then broke through to make them into one place."

"And it's close to the campus's?" Santana already knew that the three campuses were within ten minutes of each other, and had a feeling Rachel had probably already mapped out all their various routes to make sure it was workable.

"SoHo." Rachel replied happily as though immediately expecting them to know where that is. "It's close." Rachel added, rolling her eyes.


Once they were done eating, Santana offered to give Brittany a lift home, since they had come in one car and Santana was planning on spending the rest of the day with Rachel. Brittany declined though, having already texted her mom to pick her up.

"Everything alright with you two?" Rachel enquired as Santana watched Brittany leave, her expression thoughtful.

"Yeah," Santana replied half heartedly, chuckling as Rachel tried to imitate Quinn's infamous disbelieving eyebrow raise without success.

"We're fine," Santana confirmed again, "I just realised earlier that I haven't been supporting her in the way that I should have lately and I need to work on that. I was thinking we should all do something fun next weekend. Maybe take a road trip for the day." Rachel voiced her approval of that plan. "I was also thinking we should invite Quinn."

"I don't mind that." Rachel replied. Things had been alright between her and Quinn lately and while they weren't buddy buddy with each other, they could hold a comfortable conversation again.

"I'll talk to B and Q about it and try arranging it."

"So what do you really think about us moving in together in New York?" Rachel changed the topic.

"I think that it could either bring us infinitely closer or end our relationship." Santana replied honestly,

"And you think I'm the one prone to dramatics?"

"I just mean that on the surface it's a good idea, and like B said earlier it makes sense, particularly when it comes to money, but it also means the three of us living in the same house; which means that if I'm having sex with you Brittany will be sitting in another room fully aware of what we're doing. I mean that's a lot to ask, and the same goes for you when I'm with her – I don't even know how comfortable I'd be with that. I know we're all fairly open about what goes on but I don't want to feel like I'm pushing it in anyone else's face. And also practically, how would that work room wise; do I have my own, or do I just shuttle about between two rooms. I'm not saying I don't want to live with you or Brittany, because I do; you're my girlfriends, I want to live with you and share an apartment, and wake up to having breakfast with the two of you, but I don't want to lose either of you in the process, or anyone resenting anyone else because we have a good thing going at the moment."

"Santana, I wouldn't have suggested this if I thought I couldn't handle living with you and you other girlfriend. If I'm being honest I'm more scared I'll lose you if we don't; everyone knows how hectic college is work wise; you won't have much free time to spend with one of us, let alone both; less if you have to get a job to help pay rent. I have no doubt that it'll be an adjustment to us all being under one roof, but I think we can do it, and it's not like it's set in stone; if we do find that living together doesn't work we can make another plan."

"I guess that's true." Santana agreed "though I'd still like a bit more time to think about it."

"That's fine, I don't need an answer right now." Rachel agreed.


Santana arrived at McKinley early Monday morning hoping to catch Quinn before her weekly Captains meeting with Coach Sylvester. She mentally braced herself as she headed down the familiar path, knowing that there was no way that Quinn would take what she had to say well. Reaching the locker room Santana was surprised to find that Quinn wasn't alone in the room but that Brittany was there with her.

"Morning." Santana greeted both of them, heading over to her locker to put away her things for that afternoons practice. Brittany skipped over to give her a quick peck on the cheek while Quinn returned the greeting from where she was sitting on the bench tying her shoelaces. Santana sent Brittany a questioning glance, wanting to know why she had come in so early.

"I stayed over at Quinns last night so I caught a lift in with her." Brittany explained with a shrug.

Santana briefly considered waiting to talk to Quinn another time before deciding it didn't really matter if Brittany was there, and it might even be helpful to present a united front; on condition that Quinn didn't feel cornered in the process. Extracting a couple of sheets of paper from her bag, Santana crossed the room to where Quinn sat.

"Here." She said, holding them out to the blond who glanced at it curiously.

"What's this?"

"A list of counsellors and psychologists operating in the area." Santana explained, cutting right to the point. She could see Quinn's guard go up immediately while Brittany watched from where she still stood by the lockers. Brittany would have probably gone with a less direct approach, Santana mused.

"Why are you giving them to me?" Quinn asked carefully.

"Because you're going through a lot right now, and I think it might be good for you to talk to someone about it."

"I don't need therapy."

"I didn't say you did." Santana pointed out.

"But you did just hand me a list of psychologists."

"Because you need to come to terms with everything that's happened in your life, and I think that maybe there's someone on that list that can help you do that or at the very least teach you healthier coping methods."

"You've gone through things in your life too, and if I recall your coping method was sleeping with every guy in the school, why don't you go speak to these people then?" Quinn demanded irritably.

"That's true, but I dealt with it. I'm not that person anymore and I can now deal with things in a healthier way. But I never went through what you did with Russell." Santana didn't miss the way Quinns grip tightened at the mention of her father.

"Well good for you. I'm fine Santana, just let me live my life. I appreciate what you're trying to do but I really don't think sitting on a couch talking about my problems every week is going to do anything. Nor do I have any interest in dragging up that past. I made a mistake the other night but that was all it was, a mistake; a momentary lapse in judgement; I don't need to go see a therapist about it. I do however need to go see Coach about the Cheerio's practice schedule." Quinn stood up, handing the paper back to Santana.

"This is not only about the other night Q, and you know that." Santana snapped, standing up and darting in front of Quinn before she reached the door. "Do you really want your life to keep going along the way it has been? We're young Q, do you want to go the next ten or twenty years with everything weighing down on you or would you rather come to terms with it so that you can live a full and happy life. And I know it's not a quick fix thing but I honestly think you need this, you need to talk and acknowledge what happened to you. I love you Quinn; I'll do whatever I can to help you and right now, this list, this asking you to talk to someone else, is me helping you in the best way I can. At least consider it."

Santana stepped to the side so she was no longer blocking Quinn's path and Quinn immediately strode out the door without speaking, trying to get as far away from the situation as quickly she could.

"Well I guess that could have gone worse." Santana observed once Quinn had left and Brittany murmured her agreement. "We have an hour before school starts, I feel like working out in the gym a bit, want to join me?"


Britt, please could you pick up Stacy from her piano class?

Brittany sighed as she read the text. She had known this was coming. She had known that she'd never make it the whole three weeks without having to drive somewhere but that hadn't stopped her from trying and so far she had been lucky; being able to arrange lifts or getting out of running errands for the last five days but she really couldn't tell her Mom she wasn't feeling well again and Santana was working on a project with Kurt and Rachel that afternoon – Santana wasn't mean enough to refuse to give Brittany lifts when she was free just to teach her a lesson, but she also wasn't going to move her schedule around to help Brittany circumvent a part of her punishment . Sighing, Brittany reluctantly sent her mom a reply and checked the time to see she still had about half an hour. Deciding that if the roles were reversed she would like a heads up were Santana going to drive somewhere so she quickly scrolled through to her girlfriends number and pressed Dial.

"Hey babe. Did you know that broadway actually refers to a group of 40 theaters?" Santana asked in a fake excited voice, already knowing who it was from her caller ID.

"Rachel and Kurt get sidetracked with Broadway trivia again?" Brittany chuckled knowingly.

"For the fifth time in five minutes. I don't know why I thought working with them on this project would be a good idea."

"You didn't, Mrs Freedman did." Brittany could heard Kurt correct her in the background.

"So what's up?"

"I have to go pick up Stacy from her piano lesson in about half an hour."

"Okay." Santana replied, without volunteering anything further, wondering if Brittany was going to ask her for a lift and knowing she wouldn't be particularly impressed with her if she did.

"So I just thought I'd let you know since..."

"Oh, thanks. Just remember when we first tried it – a little goes a long way with that stuff and I'd rather you use too little than too much. Also, wash your hands after." Santana advised, being sure to not be too specific in her wording as she was still in earshot of the Rachel and Kurt "I have to go try get the others to focus so we can finish this project this afternoon, but I'll call you after, okay?"

"Yeah, love you." Brittany agreed, hanging up the phone and going to retrieve the still unopened tube from her backpack. Although she knew it would take a bit of time to work, Brittany couldn't help but feel like she was pointlessly wasting her time when applying it; as if it was plain moisturise, she heeded Santana's warning though and only used a little before going to wash her hands and finishing getting ready to go.

Brittany wasn't sure how she managed to time it exactly right but she could feel it starting to take effect just as she got into the car, and soon enough she felt as though she had just had a session over Santana's lap. Santana had a point when she said it would give Brittany pause before speeding while experiencing the effects of the cream. Brittany was grateful she was alone in the car so she could squirm about a bit, although it didn't really help matters, and if anything it was actually getting worse while the cream sank in properly. She had resigned herself to just waiting it out and trying not to draw attention to the fact her bottom was on fire when Stacy got into the car, attempting to unsuccessfully ignore the burn and focus on driving and whatever Stacy was trying to talk to her about.

Brittany had never been more grateful to get home as when finally parked the car and got out so she was no longer sitting. Making sure Stacy didn't need anything from her, Brittany quickly headed up to her room, citing an important homework assignment and locking the door she stripped off her jeans. Feeling her derriere cautiously she was surprised to find that despite the fact that she could still feel the burning of the cream (albeit a bit less now that she was no longer sitting in the car), her skin was no warmer than usual. Unable to resist she glanced in the mirror, noticing her reddened cheeks before grabbing her cell phone and flopping face down onto the bed to wait out the effects. She decided to send off a quick text to Santana.

I'll have you know that was by far the most uncomfortable car ride I've ever had

Good, next time maybe you won't speed.

That was like a sp n using the heating pad, I've learnt my lesson,

isn't that enough w/out me having to go through it again if I have

to drive in the next couple of wks.

U've never used that pad, n no, we agreed 3 weeks.

Santana could practically see Brittany pouting on the other end, she knew that while punishments were never enjoyable ones that took place when they were in separate places were normally unpleasant in a completely different way.

How abt u come over tonight n do the sp w/ cream n

Then we can move on, w/out dragging it out another 2 wks

Nope. We're not negotiating this.

Come on, I could make it up to u.

Brittany asked again, feeling rather sorry for herself and wishing the cream would wear off a bit quicker.

I've said no twice, ask again n u'll b putting on the

Car seat heater at the same time.

Santana paused before sending off another text

Come on babe, I know its crappy to have an drawn

Out punishment like this, bt u know its deserved, so

Drop it. Y don't u invite Q over for a movie night

Or something n I'll see u tomorrow whe come

Pick u up?

Yeah, okay. I'd rather if you were here though

Ik, I would b there if I could bt R has this whole

thing planned for tonight so I can't ask to move it.

It wasn't that often that Santana felt torn about wanting to spend time with one of her girlfriends when she had plans with the other since they normally kept the schedule pretty flexible and she saw both of them a lot but tonight was Rachel and Santana's date night and Rachel had been hinting at doing something rather special all week though she wouldn't tell Santana what so Santana knew she couldn't try to swop days, though she would have liked to have seen Brittany after her punishment.

Yeah, it's fine, I'll talk Q into doing something.

C u in the morning. 3 u

Lv u 2.


AN2: So what did you think? Things are probably going to start moving a lot faster now. I'm curious what everyone thinks about the living arrangements for NYC – good idea, bad idea, Santana's room and sleeping arrangements etc. I know a few people have asked do I still plan Faberrittana or has that changed and I'm leaving Quinn behind; no it has not changed, Quinn will be involved. If however it's going to be a Faberrittana family thing but with the romantic involvements being limited to the various couples (they will ALL be in relationships, but no three and foursomes - not to break it into crude sexual terms because there's more to it than that but that's probably the shortest way to explain), or they do become a full dating quad (as most often happens) is still up in the air ...if the latter happens I'm talking way down the line – I'm curious to know peoples preferences in this regard as well.

Looking forward to your thoughts, thanks for reading :)