Chapter Title:

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: About 1000

Spoilers: n/a

Pairing: Santana/Brittany

Rating: M

WARNINGS: Consensual Spanking & DD

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: Brittany's punishment comes to an end.

A/N: *cautiously pokes head out from behind wall & gives sheepish wave* Hi. I'm refusing to even look at how long it's been since an update; all I can do is apologise profusely and thank each and every one of you who has stuck with me through these lulls. I've just been ridiculously busy - I feel so out of everything Glee fandom at the moment; I haven't even looked at twitter or tumblr in weeks. I THINK things should start slowing down a bit and then I'll find some time to write; but I'm honestly not certain. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope.

A huge thank you once again for sticking with it; I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! Here's just a short chapter to tide you over:


Santana picked Brittany from her house quite early on Sunday morning a couple of weeks later. They were going to have breakfast at Santana's place while they waited for Santana's parents to leave for the day and then finish up the final part of Brittany's punishment.

"I'll be so glad when things can finally go back to normal and I can drive without having to put that cream on." Brittany commented as she put her things down in Santana's room.

There was a quick knock on Santana's door and her mom poked her head in the door, giving Brittany a quick dismissive look before turning her attention to Santana.

"Santana, your father and I are leaving now. We've been invited to brunch after church so we probably won't be home until this afternoon some time." Santana nodded and her mother left. Brittany had always found the fact that Mrs Lopez went to church to be a curious contradiction in the cold woman, who was probably the least Christian person she knew.

They waited until they heard the car pulling out before heading downstairs to get started on breakfast.

"How's Q been lately?" Santana asked as she cooked the scrambled eggs, knowing Brittany had been spending a lot more time than she had with Quinn in recent weeks.

"She's okay, just getting used to having the house to herself, I think. She's made an appointment with Dr Boysen."

Dr Boysen was one of the counsellors on the list Santana had given Quinn a couple of weeks ago, but Santana wasn't surprised that Quinn hadn't mentioned the appointment to her, she was just glad that Quinn had taken her advice.

"Good, I know you're still sceptical about it but I do think this could help her."

"I know. We'll see how it goes." They began plating up the food; bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. "This year feels like it has just been spinning past so fast lately. I can't believe that in a couple of months we'll have graduated and be moving to New York"

"I feel like there's still so much to organise before then. It's like times suddenly sped up to triple the speed. How are we already working on our final graduation performance in Glee?"

They continued to discuss graduation, exams, moving (they had decided after a lot of thought to take Rachel up on her offer and all move in together this coming Fall) and all other related topics as they ate.

"Why don't you go fetch the cream and your report while I pack these in the dishwasher?" Santana suggested as she began to collect the plates and dishes once they were both done.

"Do we really have to use the cream too? I'm sure you can be just as effective without it."

"Probably, but we're using it anyway.' Santana replied "I like the idea of it tying everything together and I want you to remember this."

Brittany rolled her eyes but got up to fetch the requested items. She waited for Santana to finish with the dishes before handing her the tube and folder and, at Santana's instruction, flicked up her skirt and leaning over the breakfast bar.

Santana put aside the folder for now and pulled down Brittany's boy-short panties and carefully squeezed a blob of cream onto each cheek – previous discussions with Brittany about her experiences applying it alone had led them to discover about how much was required. Santana began to massage the stuff in, enjoying the feel of Brittany's skin beneath her palms.

"Don't even think about it." Brittany warned suddenly and Santana realised her hands had absentmindedly begun to stray further south.

"Sorry." Santana apologised, quickly moving her hands into safer territory – getting the cream down there would not end well. A few moments later she removed her hands all together and reluctantly returned Brittany's clothes to their correct position. She went to was her hands while Brittany stood up.

"We'll start properly once it's sunk in." Santana explained. "Let me know when you start feeling it, in the mean time I'm going to read this."

Picking up Brittany's report she led the way into the lounge, and Brittany, following her lead, took a seat beside her.

Brittany reached for a magazine to read herself when Santana stopped her, and flicking open the report began reading aloud. "Car accidents account for more deaths per year than any other form of transportation..."

Sighing, Brittany settled back to listen, with Santana pausing every so often to show her the pictures as though she wasn't the person who had included them in the first place.

Brittany barely held back a sigh of relief when Santana came to an end of the tedious material she was quite frankly tired of hearing, having already spent the last week researching it. She wasn't as successful at holding back her irritation when Santana simply flicked to the beginning and began reading it again.

"I'm well aware of just how torturous you find this, " Santana paused in her reading "and it's for that very reason that I'm doing it."

"I practically know that thing off by heart, S."

"Good, by the time we're done you can know it backwards." Santana continued to read. Brittany was almost grateful when she felt the cream beginning to work mid way through the third read through.

"S." Santana looked up from the paper and meeting Brittany's gaze, knew what her girlfriend was trying to tell her.

Putting the folder aside she untucked her legs from under her so that she was sitting properly on the couch, indicating for Brittany to climb into position, and once again lowered her underwear once the tall girl was in place.

"B, I want you to tell me why I didn't just punish you with a normal spanking. Why is this such a serious issue?"

"Because speeding is potentially dangerous and its not something worth risking my life over. Car accidents are normally exponentially worse when one or more of the drivers is speeding because of the impact, and it's also harder to control the car when you're going fast."

"That's all true, but I want to know why this time is particularly serious?"

"I guess because this isn't the first time I've been in trouble for speeding."

"You guess?"

"No, I know that's one of the reasons." Brittany corrected herself.

"Mhmm, and what about the fact that you knew you were well aware that you were speeding when you were behind the wheel and didn't slow down – this wasn't like an absent minded mistake."

"That too." Brittany agreed, cringing as the first smack fell.


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