Chapter Title: Moving Day

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: About 1800

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Santana/Rachel

Rating: T to M

WARNINGS: Very brief reference to DD. Consensual spanking

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: Before they realised it, the day was finally here and Santana, Brittany and Rachel were leaving Lima for New York

A/N: So moving right along, I've skimmed over the last couple of months of the girls at High School, in my mind they were pretty much taken up by studying, graduation and other normal end of year stuff.

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Graduation flew past faster than anyone expected and before they realised it, the day was finally here and Santana, Brittany and Rachel were leaving Lima for New York with Quinn following only a week later. Rachel was all set to start at Tisch in the Fall, while Santana was going Pace to study Psychology. Thanks to a friend of Quinn's mother, Quinn and Brittany both had jobs waiting for them at the Caledon hotel when the others began college; Brittany because, though she was provisionally accepted at the Institute of Culinary Education, she had to complete a certain number of working hours before she could attend, and Quinn because she wasn't sure what she wanted to study as yet and figured she may as well work while she decided.


Moving to a new city with your two girlfriends was by far one of the most stressful events life could throw at you; this was the conclusion Santana came to while dumping the third box of shoes into what would become the living room. It also didn't improve matters that Brittany's cousin Johan had tagged along to help them with the heavier stuff and he had no knowledge of how not to set a highly stressed Rachel Berry off.

Santana had originally thought that Rachel's obsessive need to be organised would help make the move go more smoothly but since Rachel was apparently the only person who could make sense of her overly complicated colour-coded system the movers, Brittany, Santana and Johan kept mixing up where things were meant to go, irritating the diva, who couldn't see how they were not understanding her system, and making her more annoyed and bossy by the minute. That added to the fact that Rachel had already mapped out exactly how the furniture would be arranged not only in her room but the communal rooms, and Brittany and Santana's rooms without consulting them and being unwilling to change her plan now meant that both Brittany and Santana were hitting their last nerves with the girl.

Not to sell her girlfriend short, Santana could admit that the basic idea behind Rachels system was a good one, particularly the colour coded boxes of stuff that should have easily found their way to the right rooms, but the problem was Rachel's colour coded system was complicated enough that it ruled out any benefit the colours may have had. Santana had almost forgotten how much of a diva the petite girl could be having only seen the occasional glimpse of that side of her in the last couple of years. Even Brittany was getting close to her last nerve with Rachel's bossiness. Santana was eternally grateful to Brittany for noticing the warning signs for when she was about to blow her top and managing to diffuse the situation before she actually did land up shouting at Rachel.

It did apparently become too much for Brittany an hour later though when all requests for Rachel to tone it down had failed and Santana wasn't exactly surprised when she saw the blond dragging her girlfriend into the one of the rooms and shutting the door.


"Rachel, it's enough now." Brittany said firmly once the door was closed and she released Rachels arm.

"Britt, I can't exactly help it if after two hours of doing this people still can't work out the colours – it's really not that difficult. Light Pink; my room, delayed unpack. Dark green is kitchen for immediate unpacking, light green for your room, red is my room, dressing table, purple is the communal bookcase in the lounge, black is..."

"Rachel, it's a needlessly complicated system." Brittany snapped, losing all patience. Rachel tried to protest but Brittany stopped her. "I actually don't care about that. You're ordering us all around like we're your lackeys, refusing point blank to listen to anyone's idea's but your own and quite frankly being downright rude."

"I..." Rachel tried to protest but Brittany wasn't done.

"I'm pretty sure the movers are two minutes away from walking out and just leaving our stuff on the sidewalk. I have been trying not to say anything and be lenient because I understand that moving is stressful and Johan is here but if I have to pull you aside again because of your attitude you will not like the consequences. Do you understand?" Brittany prompted when Rachel only nodded mutely.

"I understand." Rachel pouted – Brittany had never spoken to her quite like that before; having always taken a more conversational approach.

"Good. Now take a minute, loose the attitude and remember we're all trying to make this move go smoothly, and no one is trying to be deliberately difficult. Also the movers are people too."

Brittany left without waiting for a response, already feeling slightly bad about the way she had handled things with Rachel.


Rachel exited the room a little more subdued than before and everyone was grateful for the reprieve (though Santana was sure she was the only one to have noticed the girls disappearing for a few moments).

For the next hour or so things went a bit smoother. The movers finished and left so there was less movement in the house, and they took a break for lunch, the food lightening everyone's spirits. The occasional warning word from Brittany was also enough to keep Rachel's diva to a manageable level for the rest of the afternoon.

It was getting late and Brittany was just thinking they might all make it through the day in one piece while unpacking some boxes in her room when she heard Rachels distinctive lecturing voice from somewhere else in the house. A part of her wished she didn't know that it couldn't be Santana Rachel was talking to (she had gone out to pick up some basic groceries) so that Brittany could stay uninvolved – she tried not to interfere in disagreements between the two. Unfortunately the only other person in the house was Johan and Brittany knew she couldn't in good conscience leave him to deal with Rachel.

Getting up she wandered through the house; finding them in the living room where Johan was trying to hang a picture under Rachels supervision and it was apparently skew.

"Oh good, Britt, maybe you can tell me why your cousin is incapable of hanging a single straight picture?" Rachel demanded when she noticed the blond.

"It is not skew." Johan practically growled as he tried not to snap at her, having had the demanding girl supervising what he was doing for the last 30 minutes.

"I think we're all tired, why don't you just leave the rest for tomorrow." Brittany suggested. Johan gratefully agreed, putting down the hammer and leaving the room as fast as he was able – he was staying in a hotel down the block for the next couple of nights before going back to Lima.

"I wanted to get this done tonight." Rachel complained as he left.

"Well then you shouldn't have been treating him like that."

"It's not my fault he hangs them skew."

"But the way you spoke to him is your fault." Brittany countered. "Johan is here helping out as a favour to us, the least you could do is be grateful for the effort."

"Well I would if he was actually helping." Rachel mumbled petulantly under her breath. Having finally reached her limit and crossing the room in three quick strides, Brittany spun the other girl around to deliver four quick smacks to her thighs.

"You know that I hate mumbling and I've already warned you about your attitude." Brittany scolded. "Just be grateful that that's all you're getting. Moving was meant to be fun, but it hasn't been because of the way you've been acting. Now, you're going to go to bed, try to get some sleep and in the morning you'll have hopefully gone back to your normal, slightly less diva self."


The next morning Santana awoke to the familiar feeling of being watched. She was surprised to find Rachel was still asleep next to her; especially since Rachel had already been asleep when she joined her in bed the night before. Groaning from the harsh sunlight in the room, Santana reluctantly opened her eyes.

"B, why are you staring at us?" She asked hoarsely as she rolled out of the patch of sunlight.

"Sorry, I wanted to talk to Rachel." Brittany explained, just as Rachel began to stir.

"And you couldn't have waited until later?" Santana asked, before rolling her eyes to herself as she remembered who she was talking to. "Of course not."

Sitting up, Santana leant over to give still half asleep Rachel a chaste kiss before getting out of bed and going to give Brittany the same.

"I need coffee." She mumbled as she stepped away.

"K, we shouldn't be too long." Brittany replied as Santana left.

"Is it weird how domesticated that felt when we've only been here one night?" Rachel asked from where she was still sitting on the bed. Brittany just shrugged in response.

"Rach, I wanted to apologise for yesterday." Brittany admitted after a second.

"It was my fault – I tend to become a little over the top at times."

"I know, but I shouldn't have lost my temper when I pulled you aside yesterday morning and just presumed to be quite so authoritative with you, and I should have discussed it before giving you a punishment." Brittany apologised, worrying she had inadvertently overstepped a line – she had only needed to step into a disciplinary role for Rachel a few times in the past, and not recently so it felt as though the arrangement had unofficially ended; and whenever she had she had always been careful to discuss everything with her first, not just act.

"It's fine Britt, I didn't mind." Rachel assured her; and if she was being honest with herself it had been what she needed to snap her out of it though she appreciated Brittany wanting to check how she felt about it.

"Rach, are you still okay with us having that sort of relationship?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know, it's just it's been a while and this is a new setting, so I wanted to make sure you didn't want to maybe stop."

"Do you not want to?" This was the only reason Rachel could see for Brittany's question

"No, I don't mind, I just thought I'd check in with you."

"Well I'm happy to keep going as we are."

"Okay." Brittany agreed, giving the petite girl a quick hug.

The pair entered the kitchen a few minutes later to find Santana waiting for them with steaming cups of coffee. Santana raised an eyebrow in silent question and Brittany gave a small nod to say everything was okay while Rachel went to wrap her arms around her girlfriend and get a proper good morning kiss.

"I like your girlfriend I think we should keep her." Rachel stage whispered causing all three to chuckle. Brittany's stomach growling interrupted the moment.

"I think that's the cue for breakfast." She announced and they all decided to get dressed and go exploring for somewhere to eat.

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