Title: The Long Weekend

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: About 3 900

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Santana/Quinn

Rating: M

WARNINGS: Consensual Spanking

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: It's the long week end and Santana invites the girls to her parents holiday cabin.

A/N: Okay, so this has been written and re-written like 5 times over but I'm finally ready to post it.

As a heads up to those following me on Twitter, the twist I referred to a few days ago won't be for another few chapters.

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"QUINN!" Santana's voice echoed through the cabin, startling the other three inhabitants, the blond in question cringing as she heard heavy footfalls sound down the passageway. It was a long weekend and Santana's parents had suggested she take a few friends up to their cabin. She had naturally jumped at the opportunity and, at Brittany's insistence, invited Quinn and Rachel along – a decision she was regretting, now more than ever.

"Quinn, do you remember yesterday, when you mentioned you were planning on painting your nails?" Santana demanded as she entered the lounge where the others were relaxing.

"Yes," .

"And you remember me saying that my parents would kill me if you spilt any so to make sure you put some paper down?" Santana raised an eyebrow and Quinn begrudgingly nodded "So then would you care to come and explain something to me?"

The latina stormed back out of the room and Quinn cast a worried glance at the other two before getting up to follow. Rachel made to do likewise but Brittany stopped her.

"Let them sort it out first." She suggested and Rachel reluctantly sat leant back into the chair.

Meanwhile, Quinn followed Santana back into the room she and Rachel were sharing, blushing as she saw the large red spot of dried nail polish on her white pillow and a second on the cream coloured carpet beside the bed. Santana, glared at her, waiting for an explanation with her arm crossed tightly across her chest.

"What the fuck am I meant to tell my parents, Q?" she demanded after over a minute of silence.

"I'll replace the pillow case." Quinn snapped, getting slightly irritated how big of a deal Santana was making of it.

"And the carpet?" Santana questioned "because as far as I'm aware, nail polish stains. You know there was a reason I warned you to put some paper down. Q, it's a white room for christs sake! Surely it just made sense."

"I know but I never normally spill," Quinn defended "I thought it would be fine, but then when I dropped on the pillow I tried to grab the bottle but it fell onto the floor."

"It's so typical of you. You never listen to anyone but yourself. It's just common courtesy that if you're staying at someone elses house and they ask you to put down something to protect their furniture, then you do just that." Santana ranted angrily "It's actually courtesy to do that even when not asked."

"I said I'd replace the pillow case." Quinn pointed out

"That's not a proper consequence. It wont even dent your allowance." the latina dismissed and Quinn thought about that. She always had been curious what it was like to be on the receiving end of a spanking, more so after everything that had happened with Rachel this year and she had even considered once or twice asking someone to spank her before chickening out because it would have just been weird and awkward, but now that the opportunity was presenting itself, Quinn couldn't quite bring herself to let it pass by, she didn't know how Santana would react to the suggestion.

"You could always make more appropriate consequences" she murmured apprehensively.

Santana cast her a curiously incredulous look, "What do you mean?"

"Just ...if you were to...that is to say, I wouldn't blame you...I couldn't let Rachel but...and it's not really fair that I'm the only one who doesn't..."Quinn mumbled, surprising Santana even more.

"Q, you are suggesting what I think right?" Santana interrupted "I'm not jumping to the wrong conclusions or something?" Quinn's averted gaze answered her question. "And you want me to do it?"

That question threw Quinn, she hadn't really thought about it – just that this was a good opportunity to find out what a spanking felt like. She quickly considered. Rachel she knew she could never ask because, well it was Rachel, and she didn't want her girlfriend to see her in that position (figuratively and literally). Brittany was another possibility but she had occasionally seen glimpses of Britt in her 'disciplinarian role' and was a little scared of seeing that side of Brittany directed at her. Of the three, she had been friends with Santana the longest and was probably the most similar to her, and so, Quinn reasoned, would be the most understanding. Subconsciously, she also chose Santana because she felt she would be able to back out and regain control of the situation from Santana simply by arguing with her if she changed her mind, something she wasn't sure she would be able to do with Brittany because Brittany always used a reasoned logic that made argument impossible.

"There's not that many options. I mean I could never with Rach and B...I know she does for you but ...it would be more awkward than this is." Quinn replied, didn't want to say the real reason for not wanting Brittany.

"Alright, but I'll need to talk to B first." Quinn gave a small nod and Santana left the room, going back into the lounge to find both Brittany and Rachel waiting for her.

"Lets go for a walk." She suggested to the taller blond, who happily took her proffered hand "Quinn's in your guys' room."

Rachel nodded and stood to go find her while Santana and Brittany headed out into the summer air.

"Everything okay?" Brittany asked as they meandered down to the lakeside. Santana gave her a rueful smile but nodded and quickly explained the reasons for her ire.

"I mentioned to Quinn her habit of always just doing her own thing and not listening to anyone else." Santana explained, her and Britt having previously discussed this very point

"I thought you were going to spank Quinn when you wanted her to follow you back to the room." Brittany commented

"It was brought up, by Quinn, oddly enough. I said I had to talk to you about it first."

"Why? You know I'd be fine with it; I'd be fine if you two did more than that too." Brittany hinted suggestively. "I mean, not in these specific circumstances obviously, but at another time."

"And that's why you're the best girlfriend in the world." Santana complimented, although she already knew this would be the case. "However I also wanted to give her a chance to talk to Rachel about it and I wouldn't want to do anything else with Q unless you were involved – not that she would do anything with us anyway thanks to that ball and chain Rachel has around her neck."

"Rachel we could get to come around. I think she'd be more open to this than you give her credit for, especially if she were involved. If anything Q will be the difficult one, although the fact she is open to the idea of a spanking is promising."

"So wait, you actually want us to be more than purely platonic friends with them?"

"Well it's not something I'd object to but I'm happy to just keep it us if you want." Santana stopped walking to stare at her for a minute before Brittany realised and stopped, turning back to eye Santana questioningly "Please tell me you're not about to have sudden insecurities about me thinking you're not enough for me?"

"No, I'm just wondering how you could possibly be any more awesome." Brittany skipped back over to loop her arms around Santana's neck and give her a quick kiss.

"I know." She replied succinctly before grabbing Santana's hand and sprinting off along the path, pulling the tan girl with, giggling happily. If they really did land up having a foursome with their friends they both knew there would need to be a much more serious discussion before hand, but neither was in the mood for that right then. When they reached a large tree growing by the lakeside Brittany came to a sto and turned so her back pressed against the rough bark, drawing Santana's arms around her waist and kissing her deeply.

After making out for a while, somehow ending up lying on the ground beside said tree, Santana reluctantly pulled away.

"I'm worried about doing this." Santana admitted with a sigh "It'll change things with our friendship, but I'm not sure how yet."

"Whether you say yes or no, things will still change. " Brittany pointed out, taking Santana's hand in her own.

"I'm worried about Quinns reasons as well." Santana continued after a moment "I don't think it's because she feels she needs consequences. It's more like she just wants to experience what a spanking is like and I don't know if I'm comfortable with that."

"Well even if they're not her reasons for suggesting it, they can still be the reason for you spanking her and if nothing else, it'll be good for Quinn to know what a spanking feels like. I've never liked the fact that she's comfortable punishing Rachel when she really has no idea what it's like herself."

"Mmm," Santana mumbled in acknowledgement as she thought things through, settling on a decision. "I guess we had better get back." Brittany pouted, wanting nothing more to remain relaxing on the grass for the rest of the day. Santana leant down to quickly kiss it away. "So you really don't mind possibly having sexytimes with Quinn and Rachel?" She asked, lightening her heavy mood though with an undertone of seriousness.

"Nope." Brittany replied, popping the 'p'

"Best girlfriend ever." The latina mumbled again as she got to her feet and then helped the blond up.

They got back to the cabin to find Quinn sitting with Rachel on the sofa.

Santana made a small beckoning nod before heading through to her bedroom, indicating Quinn should follow.

"It'll be fine and you'll feel better afterwards." Rachel whispered, giving Quinns hand a final squeeze and leaning over to give her a kiss. Taking a deep breath, Quinn rose to follow Santana as Brittany went to sit in her vacated seat.

Entering the room, Quinn found Santana staring out of the window as she waited. The sound of the door shutting drew Santana's attention to the other girl.

"Q, I want you to tell me why I should spank you?" Quinns guard immediately went up at Santana's authoritative tone.

"You already know that." Quinn snapped.

"I still want you to tell me." Santana insisted.

"Because I spilt nail polish on the pillow and floor." Quinn replied quickly, wanting to move on.

"That's not exactly it, try again." Quinn knew what Santana wanted her to say, the words were there at the tip of her tongue, but there was no way she was giving the latina the satisfaction of saying it, so she remained silent, holding her ground. Santana was equally determined not to give in - If they were going to do this then Quinn had to understand right from the start that it would be on her terms.

They both waited each other out, and it was only after five minutes of silence, during which the determination in Santana's gaze never wavered, that Quinn finally relented and gave in, remembering she had in fact been the one to suggest this.

"Fine, because I don't listen to anyone but myself." She admitted harshly.

"That's part of the reason but not all." Santana replied sternly.

"I don't know what other reason." Quinn huffed after a moment thought.

"Q, this only works if we're both on the same page. Why did you suggest that I spank you?"

"Because I agree that I need consequences?" Quinn guessed at what she thought Santana wanted to hear.

"Don't insult me Q, we both know that's not the real reason."

Quinn blushed, averting her gaze, realising that her friend had worked out her true motivations but there was no way she could admit that she wanted a spanking just to know what it was like. "I can't..."

"Yes you can." Santana's tone was infused with conviction that left no room for argument, giving Quinn a bit of courage. And after a few moments she managed to barely get out the whispered words.

"I want to know what it's like to be spanked."

"Now that's the real reason." Santana lightened her tone, not wanting the whole experience to be more serious than it had to be. "And I will spank you for that reason, along with the others you've given me. Undo your shorts buttons and then come and lean over my lap." She instructed as she moved sit on the bed. The whole situation feeling completely different to Santana, compared to when she had to punish Brittany for something because although the pretence was that of a punishment, it wasn't actually about that.

Unbuttoning her shorts Quinn mused internally about how often she had said similar words to Rachel, finding the paradox rather disconcerting. She also gained a new respect for Rachel for being able to submit in this way. Going to stand on Santana's right she stared down apprehensively but couldn't bring herself to move.

"Q, we've been friends for years, surely you know I'm left handed?" Santana asked with an amused smile. Surprisingly Quinn felt a little better at this comment, remembering Santana was still the same girl she had known for the majority of her life and who, despite their differences over the years, she trusted implicitly.

Flushing, Quinn moved to her left side but again couldn't bring herself to lean over. She was actually starting to frustrate herself with how difficult she was finding everything, not to mention the added embarrassment caused by the situation. Taking pity on the girl Santana took a hold of her wrist and gave it a yank, catching Quinn off guard and sending her tumbling into place, with her torso supported on the bed and her bottom pointing skyward.

"So," Santana began, smoothing her hands over Quinns fabric covered ass in a way that was both disconcerting and strangely comforting to the blond. Quinn had to force herself not to object at such intimate contact, and remind herself that Santana was going to be spanking that same area in a few minutes. "Just to recap, I'm spanking you for two reasons today. The first is in the hope that next time someone asks you to do something, this will give you pause enough to not just ignore the request without thought, and the second is so that you can experience what it's like to receive a spanking, correct?"

"Yes."She forced out quickly, refusing to hesitate again. Santana's hands stilled and Quinn tensed further; expecting the first smack, but after a moment Santana resumed rubbing.

Santana decided that since it was Quinn's first time, she had better explain how she did things. "Okay, so do you notice how you're relatively relaxed right now?" she asked, giving Quinns rear a light pat to indicate where she was talking about. Much to Quinn's surprise, she found she had actually unclenched her muscles as she grew used to the latina's touch. She nodded.

"Verbal answers Q." Santana corrected "unless I say otherwise I expect you to answer my questions verbally."

"Sorry, yes." Santana was highly tempted to increase Quinns embarrassment by insisting on the use of some sort of a title for her but knew it would probably only cause more harm than good in what was a rather fragile situation. She was actually surprised that Quinn ha gone this far without objecting and calling the whole thing off.

"Now I expect you to try stay relaxed like this throughout your spanking." Quinn actually pushed herself up slightly to look back at Santana at that, she could not be serious. "Normally, I would start over if you clench your muscles when I use the brush, but since you're not used to this I won't go quite that far, but I won't count the swat."

"It's not possible to not ...tense." Quinn argued, her stomach tying in knots at the thought of Santana using a brush, knowing how much Rachel hated said item and a little scared of what how she would react – she really didn't want to be reduced to all out bawling over Santana's lap. Santana wasn't insisting on this to be mean though – she just wanted to be cautious and reduce the risk of bruising.

"It's entirely possible, I assure you." Santana spoke from experience. "Also, you can make as much noise as you like and squirm about, there's no shame in it and I don't mind - actually, if I were you I'd take advantage of the fact that we're practically in the middle of nowhere and don't have to worry about nosy neighbours because trying to keep quiet can be a bitch sometimes. However, don't try to get up and don't try to use your hands to stop me. Got it?"


"Okay, lift your hips for me." Quinn reluctantly did so, suddenly feeling much more exposed as Santana lowered her shorts to reveal her panties. "This is the one and only time I'm going to spank you over your panties." Santana warned, deciding to make this small concession since Quinn had been rather unobjectionable, especially considering it was her first time.

Raising her hand Santana waited as Quinn involuntarily tensed before forcing herself to relax, the second she had Santana brought her hand down with medium strength. Quinn made a small sound on impact but otherwise remained silent and still. Santana began a slow but steady rhythm, raising a light pink tinge to the area. Once she was sure the whole area had been spanked twice over she stopped.

"Okay, I'm only giving you ten with the brush. You don't have to count." Picking up the item Quinn hadn't noticed from the bedside table Santana laid the cold wood on Quinn's rear, causing her to jump at the unexpectedness of it.

"Relax." Santana ordered as she brought the brush up, before bringing it down in an arch the second Quinn did so. This time Quinn did cry out, amazed at how much more the brush hurt and wondering how she was going to take ten more.

Raising the brush again, Quinn only just remembered to relax before it made contact with her skin for the second time. By the fourth tears were pricking at her eyes and she was trying to physically move out of the way of the punishing implement, but Santana hit her mark each and every time.

When Santana delivered the eighth smack she couldn't help it anymore and reached her hand around to try cover her punished rear. Deftly grabbing the hand Santana pinned it to the small of her back.

"I warned you Quinn." Santana muttered as she rapidly delivered two spanks to either side of her previously untouched thighs, causing Quinn to buck wildly and cry out. Tears finally beginning to spill down her cheeks and Santana wondered at her surprisingly low pain tolerance. She guessed it had more to do with the humiliation aspect than the actual physical pain. "Two more and we're done."

Bracing herself to stop Quinn literally jumping right off her lap Santana delivered the final two to the direct centre of her bottom, the second on top of the first.

Putting the brush down Santana waited for Quinn to catch her breath and pay attention again, not releasing her firm grip on her one wrist.

"So, next time someone asks you to do something, do you think you can at least consider that they may have a good reason for asking?"

"Y..yes." Quinn muttered lowly.

"Alright. You can get up if you're ready." Quinn practically leapt up, her hands flying to her rear and Santana pulled her into a much needed hug, not commenting on her furious rubbing. The girls feeling closer to each other than they had been in years. Much to her surprise, Quinn found herself feeling rather emotionally raw, coupled with gratitude to the latina for what she did and relief at being held somewhat accountable for her actions for the first time in a long time.

"S, can I go see Rach now?" she asked as they separated from the hug.

"I want you to have some corner time first." Santana denied the request, wanting to give Quinn a little more time to recover and consider what had happened for herself. She gently steered her towards the one unoccupied corner "Put your hands on your head and keep them there."

Santana delivered two more stinging smacks once Quinn's hands were out of the way, reigniting some of the fire before moving to grab a skirt for Quinn out of her cupboard and then lounging on the bed to wait out the blonds corner time.

"Okay Quinn, you can come out now." Santana called after about ten minutes, rising off the bed herself and handing Quinn a skirt she had retrieved from the cupboard. "Trust me, you'll appreciate not having to wear denims right now."

Once Quinn was redressed Santana initiated another hug. "Thanks." Quinn murmured quietly.

"No problem. Do you want me to send Rachel through or are you going to go find her?"

"Can you send her through?" Quinn requested gratefully, sighing in relief when the door closed behind the latina as a final sign that it was over and done with. There was a timid knock on the door and Quinn felt herself flush again as she realised that Rachel probably heard some, if not all of her spanking..

"Quinn?" Rachel called softly when she got no reply.

"You can come in Rach." Rachel entered cautiously, unsure of what sort of a state Quinn would be in since there had been very little sound issuing from the room during Quinn's spanking .

"Hey," Rachel greeted her softly and quickly walked over to stand before the blond, raising her hands to wipe away tears Quinn had not realised were falling. "Why are you crying?" Rachel could tell these weren't the normal remorseful tears that followed most spankings.

"I don't know." Quinn admitted with a chuckle, "I never realised how much something as simple as a spanking would affect me emotionally."

Rachel didn't reply, just offering a soft kiss in understanding before kindly leading her back through to their room and towards the bed. She could remember how confusing and exhausting her first spanking had been and was certain Quinn needed a nap right about then. Settling onto the bed she encouraged Quinn to do likewise, most unusually assuming the position of the big, though physically smaller, spoon and throwing her tan leg over Quinns milky white ones. Pressing a kiss to Quinns neck Rachel just lay there, providing silent support as they drifted off to sleep.

Waking up a couple of hours later, Quinn found herself feeling better than she had in a long while, the spanking already seeming distant and surreal. Un-entangling herself from Rachel, who was still asleep, she climbed up off the bed and headed over to the mirror, her curiosity getting the better of her.

Lifting her skirt and lowering her panties to her knees Quinn eyed her light pink bottom. She could admit now that despite what she had felt at the time, Santana had gone rather easy on her.

"You'll be completely back to normal in a few hours." Rachel commented as she rose, going to stand next to her girlfriend and lightly dancing her fingers over her backside. "Santana wasn't all that hard on you."

"Mentally, I know that but I still have a hard time believing it." Rachel chuckled good naturedly and tugged Quinn's skirt back into place.

"Come on, Brittany mentioned she was going to make flapjacks earlier and I want to get some before Santana finishes them all."

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