Chapter Title: A Sunny Afternoon

Author: Stargirl888

Word Count: About 2700

Spoilers: None

Pairing: Brittany/Santana

Rating: NC-17

WARNINGS: Fairly Graphic Lesbian Sex

Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been and unfortunately never will be :(

Summary: Brittany and Santana enjoy an afternoon together while discussing the possibilities of forming a quad.

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After Quinn's spanking the girls found themselves to be even more comfortable around each other. It wasn't spoken of but it was just little things that that hadn't done before. They were more open with each other, they wouldn't try to avoid 'couple' moments, like kissing during romantic scenes in a movie or even just lounging about in close proximity with their respective girlfriends on the couch while they all chatted. Rachel had remarked to Quinn that it was like the difference between being around good friends and being around family - an analogy Quinn hadn't understood, given how reserved and proper her family always behaved around each other.

The only problem with this new found openness, Rachel found, is where before she had only ever seen Brittany and Santana make out in a hot, showing off kind of way, she now got to see the lighter, more intimate kisses and found herself full of an unexplainable emotion akin to longing every time she watched. It made no sense to her though; she had those moments with Quinn; she loved Quinn more than she thought was possible for a high school girlfriend and she was happy in her relationship, however, she couldn't help wanting to be a part of what Brittany and Santana had as well.

Quinn knew Rachel didn't think she saw the way Rach would look at the other two; she was fairly certain Rachel didn't even realise the look she got when she saw Brittany and Santana snuggling together during a movie. The worst was that Quinn didn't even know how to interpret the expression and every time she raised the topic the other girl would blow her off with some excuse. She wondered, briefly, if she had made a mistake letting Brittany punish Rach, and Santana spank her, messed up their relationships equilibrium or something of that nature but then Rachel would kiss her and tell her she loved her and Quinn would forget her fears and shake it off as her being her normal overanalysing self.

Quinn's relationship with Santana had, most surprisingly, probably undergone the least change. Other to the subtly stronger undercurrent of closeness than that which had been there before, they pretty much went back to how they were before the nail polish incident.

Brittany and Santana just found the whole situation with Quinn and Rachel amusing, watching as they overanalysed everything. They had always found it pointless to dwell excessively on the complexities of relationships; preferring to just accept how things played out.

"You know, I think Rachel is falling in love with us." Brittany remarked the one day, nibbling on an apple as they hung out by the pool at Brittany's house. "Or at least the idea of us."

"And Quinn's worried about losing her to us." Santana replied. "It's going to cause them problems if something's not done soon."

"Rachel wants to be with us, that's definite, but she wants to be with Quinn too." Brittany observed "You want a relationship with Quinn,"

"Wait, what?" Santana spluttered

"Relax would you, it's been obvious since we were at the cabin."Brittany replied impatiently

"I said I wanted to fuck Quinn, there's a difference, and I do recall mentioning you had to be there."

"Oh, I know. I never meant you wanted her instead of me. You want us both." Santana just stared dumbstruck, it was one thing considering having sex with Quinn and Brittany, but she had refused to even consider a full relationship. "and Quinn could learn to want a relationship with you...and me."

"It sounds like you're trying to get us all into one big four-person couple." Santana asked disbelievingly

"I don't think it's such a bad idea. We practically are anyway, minus the sex. And what fun is anything without sex"

Santana chuckled.

"But what about you? I notice you didn't mention who you wanted to be with."

"I want to be with you." Brittany assured her "but I wouldn't mind being with them too."

"So let me get this straight. Rachel liked Quinn, and us. Quinn likes Rachel and me, I like you and Quinn, and you like everyone?"

"That's right."

"Fuck, that's one twisted web."

"Not really," Brittany argued "I just need to get Quinn to want to be with me, and we can simplify it to we all want to be with each other - I already know you wouldn't mind being with Rachel." Brittany paused to look at Santana searchingly "How do you feel about this whole idea?"

Santana took a moment to really think about it.

"I don't's a big thing to consider, I mean I know we've shared each other before, but what you're suggesting is more than just sex." Santana replied honestly, talking through her thoughts. "And emotionally I don't know if I could...remember Matt?"

Matt was the first guy Brittany had ever had sex with and it was before Brittany learnt to draw the line between the physical and emotional; she had grown feelings for him which Santana had had a very hard time dealing with. Thinking she was losing Brittany to him, as a pre-emptive self defence mechanism, Santana had tried to break things off with Brittany and it had almost ended their friendship and relationship.

"But San, you already know I care a great deal for Rachel and Quinn and you're okay with it now."

"Because right now I don't have to worry about losing you to them." Santana snapped quickly, revealing the true cause of her hesitance.

"Honey, you never have to worry about that." Brittany consoled, rising from her lounger to go over to where Santana was lying, moving to straddle her thighs.

"I've never minded you sleeping with other people because I always knew you'd come back to me afterwards, but if we dated Quinn and Rachel you wouldn't just be coming back to me." Santana explained in an unusual show of vulnerability.

"Things would be different, but no matter what, we'll still be us. We've always been together and that's not going to change." Brittany's words gave Santana some reassurance "I don't want you to feel like I'm pushing you into this though, because like I said, I'm happy with just you but I just want you to think about it, and decide whether you'll be open to the idea if an opportunity comes."

Santana took a few more minutes to really think it through, and other to her fear of losing Brittany, the idea wasn't that objectionable, although the thought of dealing with the demands of another two girlfriends sort of terrified her "If the opportunity were there," Santana replied hesitantly, "I'd be willing to give it a go. Though I have no idea how we're going to get the others to agree to it, especially Chastity Queen."

"You have to stop calling her that," Brittany scolded with an indulgent frown, though she was pleased with Santana's decision, "you're well aware she has a very active sex life with Rachel."

"I don't want to hear about that." Santana protested out of reflex and Brittany just raised an eyebrow.

"So you don't mind the idea of dating and having sex with them but you don't want to hear about them having sex together?" Santana just rolled her eyes, knowing her Brittany had a point.

An idea slowly forming in her head, Brittany began to gently rock her hips.

"I think it would be rather hot." Brittany husked, leaning over so her face was inches from Santana's, Santana's hands instinctively relocating from Brittany's hips to her ass. "Can't you picture Quinn, kissing her way along Rachel's jaw, sucking her pulse point?" Brittany murmured, while doing just as she described, Santana let out a low moan. "Saying the dirtiest things into the little starlet's ears?" she whispered, before biting down onto Santana's earlobe, making her breath hitch. "And I know you've noticed Rachels breasts. Quinn must have a great time playing with those." Brittanys hands moved to cup Santana's, massaging them through the bikini before running her hands around the latina's sides and back to tug loose the strings.

"This is creepy on so many levels." Santana mumbled breathlessly, unable to help the very hot mental images Brittany was creating.

"Knowing Rachel, she'd probably get off on the possibility of being seen, just as you are now." Brittany continued, leaning over to capture a nipple between her lips, sucking hard as Santana glanced around the yard. The fence was high enough that it was unlikely anyone would see, and the yard only bordered other houses but there was still that delicious possibility that someone was at home in one of the second story rooms overlooking the pool. Brittany chuckled darkly as she noticed Santana checking. "And Quinn probably teases her forever, with her Christ Crusaders 'all about the teasing' motto." One of Brittanys hands wondered down to lightly cup Santana's sex through her bikini bottoms.

"I thought..." Santana gasped as Brittany pressed down on her clit "I thought you said...that we couldn't call her...oh Christ...a Christ Crusader anymore?" Santana was practically squirming beneath the blond now as Brittany expertly toyed with her pussy through her costume.

"I said you couldn't," Brittany corrected playfully, her fingers now pressing at Santana's opening, the fabric soaked through. Santana bucked her hips in an attempt to get more pressure

"Still think Rachel and Quinn together aren't hot together?" Brittany asked, pushing aside the fabric now, to allow two fingers to only just enter the other girl.

"Yes." Santana lied, crying out as Brittany roughly rammed two fingers into her unprepared pussy.

"Yes?" Brittany questioned, pinching a nipple, hard, with her other hand.

"Yes." Santana repeated as Brittany began thrusting hard and fast, quickly adding another finger and completely ignoring Santana's clit, tugging her rock hard nipples "So you don't find the idea of Rachel on all fours, Quinn fucking her with a dildo from behind hot? Rachel crying out with perfect pitch on every thrust?"

"Please." Santana begged as Brittany brought her to the brink of orgasm before coming to a dead halt in all her ministrations, her fingers still buried deep inside.

"You know what I want to hear babe."

Santana wavered but was still not willing to give in, and biting her lip, she shook her head no. Brittany frowned, ever so slowly starting to rotate her hand and separate her fingers inside Santana, who let out a guttural moan. Sliding out, Brittany removed one finger before burying the others again.

"Are you absolutely sure?" she checked as that third finger, slick with Santana's juices, moved against her other hole, threatening to enter. Santana's grip on Brittany's hips tightened and her breathing picked up. She only managed to hold out a couple of seconds before crying uncle.

"Fine. Quinn and Rachel are hot together." She gasped and Brittany immediately removed the finger. Repositioning herself Brittany quickly set to work licking, sucking and nipping at Santana's clit, quickly sending her over the edge. Gently licking her through the aftershocks before moving up to lie alongside Santana and cuddle as the tan girl caught her breath.

"Next time," Santana murmured, half seriously "don't equate me to Rachel."


"So, you really want us to form some sort of four person couple?" Santana asked a short while later, once Brittany had returned to her lounger and they were both laying on their backs tanning.

"Were you serious about us giving it a try?"

"You think I'd say no to having two other chicks ready and willing to have sex with me?" she teased, shrieking indignantly when Brittany took a few half melted pieces of ice from the ice bucket beside her and flicked them at her.

"Seriously?" the blond asked, a smile still tugging at her lips.

"Seriously, the idea of dating Quinn and Rachel is not completely unobjectionable."

"Yay!" Brittany cheered "Now we just have to get Rach on board."

"And Quinn." Santana reminded her.

"Quinn will agree if Rachel does, because she'll not want to risk losing Rachel to us – not that that would happen. Over time she'll want to be with us for other reasons too, and the original ones won't really matter anymore."

"Yeah, and people say I'm manipulative." Santana muttered, though a small, hopeful smile was tugging at her lips.


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