A/N: I wrote this at school, partly because of boredom, but also because I've had this idea in my head for ages and I wanted to write it down. I just wish that poor Harry had been warned about all the bad things that were going to happen, so in this, he does!

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Abigail x

Harry felt so weak…happy…but weak. His worst possible enemy had been brought to immense power. What was he to do now? How was he supposed to live without having some fear inside him?

He sat, lonely and abandoned, on the damp grass in the wondrous Hogwarts grounds, running a hand through his medium length hair. He felt his scar with his fingertips as it tingled slightly from his touch. In his mind, Harry thought of himself as helpless, with no one on his side except for Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore. How was he going to cope?

And it was in that moment, his deep thoughts were interrupted. He noticed a blue shiny light ahead of him, almost like a Patronus light. Was it a Patronus? Harry stood up, eyeing the light as it grew from a mere ball into a shape. It was a woman, with a thin silver dress running down her body, as if it was just rags. Her skin was almost transparent, and as Harry stared into her eyes, he received a kind but serious look from them.

"Harry Potter." she whispered, an echo coming from her lovely voice.

"Who are you?" Harry asked gravely, closing a hand around his wand that sat in his pocket.

"Do not be afraid." she said softly, "The events of several nights ago must have disturbed you. You have lost a friend, I take it?"

Harry said nothing for a few seconds, trying to take in what was happening. How did this strange spirit know all this? He replied to her, trying to sound calm.

"Well…Cedric Diggory wasn't a close friend but…I knew him rather well."

"And He Who Must Not Be Named…" the spirit said, a slight hiss coming from her voice, "He is back…"


Harry wasn't sure what to say to all this. At any rate, he knew it all already, and he didn't particularly like being reminded of it.

"Harry…" the woman said, her dress flowing in the evening breeze, "I have come to tell you of your future...not your dreadful past."

Harry did not answer to that. He simply listened, intrigued.

"If you think what has happened now is troubling enough for you…it has only just begun, Harry. So much distress and devastation and far worse events will happen to you in a year's time. You will lose many others you hold close to you…until you find yourself so miserable you find it hard to go on at all. But you will have to, Harry Potter. You must face him and beat him someday."

Harry stayed silent, even though he was in complete shock at the moment.

"You must be prepared, Harry." the spirit concluded, "Be prepared, and be ready for sorrow."

That was the last thing she said before she floated backwards and disappeared into the thin mist. Harry stood there, breathing heavily. What did she mean? Whatever she meant, Harry knew it was bad. If he felt miserable enough now, was there even more despair to come?...