Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. I can't believe I finally did it. Elizabeth Wolfe, better known as Eliza, thought as she ran through the streets of Las Vegas with her duffel bag in tow. She turned to look behind her and smiled when she saw that none of her father's guards were following her. Score.

She looked around nervously, eager to get out of the open before any of her father's men caught up with her. She panicked when she saw a black SUV at the end of the road. Without thinking Eliza yanked open the door of the nearest cab and immediately got in. She settled in and dumped her duffel bag on the front seat.

The cab driver turned around, but not before eyeing Eliza's huge duffel bag. "Where to?" He asked.

"Um," Eliza began. Shoot, what was that place called again? She searched her pockets for her cell phone. I must've placed it in my bag. She reached over to the front seat and unzipped the pockets of her duffel bag searching for the pocket that contained her cell phone.

She settled back into her seat when she found it, she was surprised when she elbowed something hard. She turned to the object she bumped. Sorry, no, not an object, the person she bumped. Person? Wait, what? Eliza had never been one for public transportation, so she didn't know how this worked, but she was pretty sure that people could not just invade an occupied cab.

There were two people on both of her sides, a boy and a girl. Both blond haired and blue eyed, and both very beautiful (of course the boy was handsome, but you get what she meant).

Eliza was surprised. "Why are you... Is this legal?" she stumbled over her words.

"Come on kid, we don't have all day, I need an address." The cab driver turned around in his seat and was surprised to find three kids in the back of his cab, he specifically remembered only picking one up. "Where did you come from?" Jack frowned.

The blond boy beside Eliza shifted in his seat. "Uh, outside." He said, sounding unsure.

"Yeah, I kind of figured that." The cab driver said sarcastically. "Who did you get in the cab?"

Eliza was wondering about the exact same thing, how did they get in without her feeling them beside her? Even if she wasn't sensitive to her environment, she would've at least heard the cab door opening and closing... sure she had hearing issues from blasting music from her earphones too loudly, but she wasn't deaf.

"Through the portals." The blond girl answered pointing to the two doors on either side of the cab.

Eliza furrowed her eyebrows, who calls a door a portal? The blond girl then looked at her.

"You mean the doors?" The cab driver asked with an eyebrow cocked. The two teenagers nodded slowly.

"I'm Seth," the boy began leaning forward in his seat trying to get around Eliza to peer at the cab driver. "this is my sister Sara." He added, pointing to the blond girl on the other side of Eliza. "We require your transportation services immediately."

"Really?" the cab driver dead panned, "Well I require-"

The girl, Sara, cut him off before he could finish his sentence. "Currency transaction?" Sara said leaning forward in her seat as well.

Seth suddenly leaned back to get something from his pocket. "Will this amount suffice?" He asked the cab driver holding something up to his face. Eliza peered over his shoulder and was surprised when she saw a thick stack of cash folded up in Seth's hand.

The cab drivers eyebrows shot up to his hairline, but not long after that his look of surprise was replace with a look of suspicion. "What did you two do, rob a bank?" He just stared at the two of them, his gaze switching from Seth, then to Sara.

"Is this acceptable Jack Bruno?" Sara pressed when the cab driver, Jack Bruno, didn't give them the answer they wanted.

"How do you know my name?" Jack asked slowly. Sara pointed to where Jack's licence was hanging on the rear view mirror. Jack rolled his eyes. "Of course."

"If we have a deal for your services we must move forward rapidly. It is urgent that we get to our destination without delay," Seth said.

Jack moved the car forward, irritated by the honking and profanities that were sent their way. "I'm going, I'm going!" He muttered with a frown. "Where to?"

Eliza sunk in her seat uncomfortably. Hey buddy I'm still here. She thought as she bit her lip and flipped her cell phone open in frustration. She searched for the text message her sister sent her containing the address she was supposed to head to. Well I guess that's not where I'm headed.

"I need an address." Jack said turning to face the back seat, slowing the cab down so that they wouldn't crash into anything. Jack blinked when he was Eliza wedged in between the two teenagers.

Of course. Eliza thought bitterly.

"Hey, kid-" Jack began but Eliza cut him off.

"No, it's fine, I don't need to be there right away anyway. Theirs is, like, more urgent and stuff." She said awkwardly. Curse my mother for always telling me to be polite.

"Are you sure you're alright? I mean, I could call you another cab-" Jack was cut off once more, but this time it was by Sara.

"We must travel in that direction." Sara said pointing somewhere that Eliza didn't bother to look.

"Well I'm going to need something more specific than 'that direction'." Jack said slightly frustrated.

"Uh, we must locate latitude 40.54 cross intersecting longitude-" Seth began.

Eliza frowned. Way too specific.

Jack raised his hand stopping Seth from continuing his drone. "Let's just stick to 'that direction'." He said pointing towards somewhere on the right.

Great. Ignored at home and everywhere else. Eliza thought crossing her arms over her chest.

Sara then turned to Eliza and opened her mouth to speak but Eliza beat her to it. "I'm Eliza." She said holding her hand out to the blond girl. "Well, Elizabeth actually, but only my dad calls me that." She wrinkled her nose when she said 'dad'. Sara stuck her hand out as well and Eliza shook it.

"So, kid... I mean, Eliza." Jack said tapping his hands on the steering wheel. "Are you sure you're alright with taking a detour first? You were the first one to get in the cab anyway..."

"Yeah, it's fine. I don't really need to be there right away. They're expecting me tomorrow, actually." She lied. In reality, she just didn't want to step out of the cab for fear that her father's men were lurking around somewhere. She was alright with the two strange teenagers invading her cab because... well, there's safety in numbers, right? Growing up well guarded made her get used to always having people hanging around and she felt much more safe that way, too.

It had been 10 minutes since Jack was driving and Eliza was bored out of her mind. She was playing with the hem of her shirt as she thought of the previous day and the events that caused her to run away from home.

Her father had gone home at 2am, with her sister, Emma, in tow. Emma was in hysterics. She had a bruise forming on her arm and an angry red mark on her cheek. Father looked furious. He saw Eliza staring at him and fumed even more. He threw his suitcase at her.

"Why aren't you asleep yet?" He glowered.

"I was waiting for Emma... father." Eliza gulped nervously.

"Bring that piece of shit up to her room." He yelled at her pointing towards Emma who was crumbled on the floor. He turned to leave but turned back around and faced Eliza. "You two are grounded for the rest of the year! No one leaves this house." He grabbed Eliza by her hair. "And if you even think of disrespecting me the way your sister did... you'd be better off dead. Do you hear me?"

Eliza didn't answer. She was far too busy holding her tears back, her father hated crying and he'd be even more angry if he saw her crying. Crying was a sign of being weak.

"I said" her father roughly grabbed her by her arm. "Do you hear me?"

Eliza couldn't help it anymore, she let a tear fall. "Yes." She answered weakly.

Her father kicked her before leaving. Muttering under his breath about how stupid and weak women were. You see, he always wanted a son, he didn't want anything to do with a daughter.

Eliza pushed her father's suitcase off of her and helped her sister Emma up the stairs to her room. And-

"Eliza?" Sara voice broke through Eliza's thoughts.

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