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Chapter 6, everybody. :D

Eliza stepped out onto the balcony of the room quietly; she sat down gingerly; afraid that if she moved around too much the entire balcony would just fall off the third floor. With her legs crossed underneath her, she leaned back and looked up at the stars. Everyone was asleep, and like she had guessed, she was having a hard time sleeping.

She started thinking about the trouble that she had managed to get herself into. She was used to it, really, she almost always found some way to get herself into trouble, but this one was inarguably the worst (excuse the word) shit she had gotten herself into. Not only had she run away and let strangers share her cab with her, but she had been in numerous accounts of near death experiences in less than 24 hours.

Being sheltered (more like boxed up) her entire life she hadn't had a lot of worldly experience, but she was sure that nearly dying wasn't an everyday experience for normal teenagers.

She just wasn't ready for all of this misadventure being thrown in her face. She had never thought that running away would be like this.

She thought she would just have to lie about donating clothes to a shelter or some other (as an excuse for her duffel bag) and then she would just nod while her father would go off on how she is so much like her mother, having apathy for the poor, while smoking his Cuban cigar.

After she'd let her father yap on, she'd just leave with her assigned guards for the day and get in one of her father's many SUVs, ask the driver to pull up at an IHOP (the absolute favourite of all her father's guards) and while the guards are distracted by the pancakey goodness, she'd sneak away and run. She would get in a cab, go to the address her sister gave her and just get on with her (not so) merry little life.

See, Eliza is smarter than she'd lead anyone to believe and she had been planning this for months, fully-prepared for any trouble she'd encounter, but she never expected that she would botch up the last step and end up on a life-threatening road trip in a cab that was about to crumble into a pile of shredded metal sooner or later. Hopefully later. Oh, and she shouldn't forget to mention mini Megatron who was always trying to sear them alive. Lastly, of course, the fact that she's travelling with a cab driver who could pass for a professional wrestler, or even one of her father's henchmen, and gorgeous blonde twins who refused to confess that they were Narnians looking for a magic portal back to Narnia.

Eliza laughed bitterly. She was seriously going off the deep end, and she was convinced that this was her punishment for wanting to run away so badly. Karma was getting back at her tenfold, and she was pretty sure when she ran away Karma had said something like, 'Oh so you want to run away and cause trouble, we'll see about that' which was the only logical explanation as to why she was always on the brink of death. She still didn't want to wrap her brain around the concept that Seth and Sara were aliens. Even if they had already shown her proof, she would accept it when she wanted to, until then she would just make her own assumptions as to why everything is the way it is.

That was Eliza's problem really. Her father always termed it as her having 'a thick skull'. Eliza chose what she wanted to believe, except for beliefs that were forced upon her by her father of course. Now the problem with that was that even if the truth was right there in front of her, practically yelling in her face, she wouldn't believe it if she didn't want to. It could take her days, months, or years to accept something that she didn't want to believe.

Heck, her mother had been gone for three years now, but she still refused to acknowledge this, she still believed that one day she would be awoken by her mother's gentle voice and that she could look into her warm olive eyes once more. Borderline delusional or not, she didn't care, she stuck to that thought. It hurt less to let herself into thinking that her mother would return one day, instead of accepting the cruel truth that Emily Blithe Wolfe just got up and walked out the door of the Wolfe mansion, without so much as feeling any regret that she'd be leaving her two daughters to her husband's mercy.

Her mother had always been her saviour, the only beacon of light in the sad excuse of a family that she had. Her entire life she wondered why someone as free and loving as her mother would marry or even want to be with someone as cruel and controlling as her father. Her mother was, for the lack of a better word, iridescent. She shone like the light from the sun.

She was beautiful (a trait which Eliza insists she didn't get, but one that her sister Emma got by the truckload, though everyone insisted that she looked just like her mother), she was charming and charismatic. She wasn't really book smart, to be honest she never had a proper education, but she was street smart. She lived a hard life, but she didn't let it get to her.

Her mother had grown up in a depressed area in Manhattan, and her living conditions were less than bearable. She was orphaned and lived on the streets. She survived on wit. She was plucked from obscurity and poverty by a modelling agent, and from there Emily Blithe led a better life than she previously did. Her mother met her father when she was invited to go to Nevada for the opening of some club. She was invited for publicity, and her father was invited because a 'business partner' of his was part-owner of the club.

They had hit it off. They got married and Emily Blithe retired from modelling at the age of 25. She knew that her mother had probably married her father for money, but she just couldn't bring herself to think that her mother could do something so shallow, materialistic, and so unlike her.

Her mother was her only light, and she'd never let herself corrupt the image that she saw her mother as. To her, her mother was the only thing perfect in her miserable life, and she'd let no one ruin that tiny illusion of perfection. Emily Blithe Wolfe was a saint.

To her daughter, anyway.

Would things go differently if her mother never left? She was certain. She never would've run away if her mother was still present.

Eliza nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt the balcony shift slightly underneath her. She was even more surprised when she looked up to see a certain blonde had come to join her.

"Trouble sleeping?" Sara smiled at her.

She pulled her knees up to her chest, "Yeah, I thought some fresh air could clear my head out."

Sara looked up at the sky, and back down at Eliza. Sara had been woken from her slumber by Eliza's thoughts. See, thoughts are louder when saturated in feelings; and Eliza's thoughts were spilling with such great emotions. All kinds of emotions; remorse, hurt, anger, bitterness; she emanated them at the moment.

Sara's heart went out to Eliza most especially when she (accidentally) found out about her mother. Sara loved her mother very much as well. It was the entire reason that she was out here on Earth anyway. Not just for the protection of the Earth, or the rejuvenation of her own planet, but most especially for the safety of her parents, who were still held captive by their government.

Sara and Eliza just spent the time in silence, with Eliza gazing out into the galaxies, all the while still deep in thought, and Sara, inevitably, invading Eliza's privacy. They sat like that for about 20 minutes, when Sara's yawn broke through the silence. She had tried to stifle it, but Eliza had already heard her.

Eliza turned to Sara and smiled gently, "You should get some rest."

Sara had wanted to protest, she did not want to leave the human alone in the state that she was in, but fatigue was already overpowering her. Sara smiled back at Eliza, and stood up brushed off her borrowed sweatpants. Sara bid Eliza a silent good night as she silently opened the door and slipped back into the small room. The room wouldn't have been so suffocating had the ceiling been higher.

Sara was about to climb into the lumpy mattress when she caught a flash of light at the corner of her eye, there was her brother, lying on the floor underneath a blanket, the Tracer in his hand. He was still awake.

Her brother had bouts of insomnia. They were unstable; some nights he'd be fine, and others he wouldn't get any sleep at all. His insomnia had started three years prior, it was also around that time that Seth and Sara had started involving themselves in their parents' research. Their entire family was very engrossed in researching about developments for their planet, but the stress had gotten to Seth, and that was what had triggered his insomnia.

There would be nights that he'd just be holed up in the laboratories while everyone was asleep, while it helped immensely in the progression of their research, Sara was concerned for Seth's well-being. He'd just be alone the entire night, alone with no one to talk to, and there were some instances that he'd get a little... batty. Of course it came with the long hours of having no one else around, which is why on the nights that Seth couldn't get a wink of sleep, Sara would try her best to stay up with him, but she'd just end up falling asleep on one of the counters and Seth would just carry her up to her room and go back down to resume his work.

Sara couldn't stay up with Seth tonight, but she wouldn't let him spend the entire night awake and alone. She approached the Seth-shaped lump that was covered in a scratchy blanket and knelt down beside him.

"Seth?" She touched his shoulder gingerly.

Seth immediately ceased searching for the signal of their ship and placed the Tracer down beside his pillow. "Yes, Sara?"

"Trouble sleeping again?" She asked tiredly.

Seth frowned slightly, and that was all the answer that Sara needed. Seth held a strong dislike for his insomnia, and it was blatantly understandable. Sara searched for Eliza's thoughts, and these confirmed that she was still awake and nowhere near sleepy.

Sara pushed herself off the floor and held her hand out for Seth to take. Seth took Sara's hand, but still used his other hand to push himself off the floor. He looked at Sara expectantly, waiting for an explanation.

Sara merely smiled at him and pointed to the door that led to the balcony. Seth scowled slightly; he knew that Eliza was out there, he had seen her leave the room about an hour ago. He knew what Sara wanted; Sara wanted him to go out there so that he wouldn't be the only one awake while everyone else was asleep. Eliza was probably out there thinking about her girl feelings. And Seth didn't want to be awake until dawn talking about girl feelings.

Sara laughed a little at this thought of his. He looked at his sister and contemplated going to the balcony to join Eliza, but then again, he could just stay inside and resume looking for their ship's signal on the Tracer. Upon hearing this thought of his, Sara bent down to retrieve the Tracer beside Seth's pillow and held it behind her. He frowned. He knew his sister wouldn't make him go out there if all Eliza wanted to do till daybreak was talk about girl feelings. Sara would know this immediately of course, and she knew Seth well enough to decide upon what to do.

"I don't want you to be up with no companion." Sara said when Seth stayed rooted in his spot.

Seth's jaw tightened slightly, "Alright, then." Seth replied tightly.

Seth walked silently to the door leading out to the balcony. Though he'd never admit it, he would do anything that Sara would ever ask him to do, some people back home had noted this, and he'd just tell them that Sara probably has some sort of hidden mind control power, seeing as she could already read others' minds. Sara had a powerful mind, so he wouldn't put it past her.

Sara smiled as she climbed on top of the uncomfortable mattress, all the while watching Seth and hearing his thoughts. She stifled a laugh at Seth's comment about her controlling minds; he had been thinking that for a while now. No matter how much she wanted it to be true; she unfortunately could not control minds.

Sara buried the Tracer under her pillow as she pulled the covers over herself. She smiled as she could hear the conversation between her brother and Eliza start as she drifted off to sleep.

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