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Ch 1: A Brief Encounter

"Grimmjow!" My head phones were ripped off my head right in the middle of my current favorite song. Turning I faced my Ma who was looking more then displeased with me.

"Need something?"

"Yes I do. I told you that the lawn needed to be mowed before the neighbors arrived." Her light brown curls bouncing slightly as her head bobbed.

Again with the neighbors. The abandoned house that had been empty since probable the beginning of time was finally going to had a family in it and my mom wanted to look like the perfect neighbor with the perfect house when they arrived.

"Why do I have to do it? Nnoitora could do it he doesn't do anything." I replied gesturing towards the wall that separated my older brother's room from mine.

But Ma just huffed and and stated blankly. "Because I want YOU to do it." Emphasizing the you so I got the point.

Do it or die really.

"GAHHHH YOU SUCK!" I complained as she left the room deft to my complaints.

"That's what she said." Nnoitora stated just loud enough to be heard threw the wall. I took this as a chance to take the bouncy ball on my desk and threw it against the wall.

"Shut up queer." It shut him up but it made me feel a bit bad. Nnoitora was openly bi so he was use to it but it still felt wrong to say it in that way.

Sighing I grabbed my headphones and made my way down stairs to the garage, cursing everyone as I went. 'Stupid neighbors, stupid Ma, stupid lawn.' Rather immature for a seventeen year old.

Pulling out our old lawn mower I tried to at least listen to my music over the loud grinding of the machine.

When the lawn was about half done a moving truck turned around the corner followed shortly by a red mini van. I stopped my work to take a break and get a good look at the new guys.

'Dame people better have a REALLY cute daughter.' That was the only good thing I could think about the new neighbors. I was actually really hoping for a girl.

The cars stopped a few feet from me but I couldn't see the people inside the van. I pushed the short blue strands of hair out of his eyes while waiting .

I was growing impatient as time slowly trickled by.

"Hey Grimmjow! Ma wants to know why you stopped?" I looked over to see Nnoitora leaning causally against the door frame. His short black hair was tied into a stubby pony tail. "Oh that's why." he stated when he found what I had been looking at.

Now both of us just tried to look like I we were busy as I absentmindedly messed the machine waiting for them to get out. My brother was never one to be patient and soon he was shifting from foot to foot starting to get aggravated.

"What are you boys doing out their?" Ma was shouting as she to came to the door. Obviously she had noticed that the lawn wasn't getting cut.

Spotting the car she plastered on one of the biggest fake smiles I had ever seen as she approached them.

Nnoitora came and stood next to me smirking slightly. "How much you wanna bet they'll be invited over for dinner?"

'Idiot.' Ignoring him I kept my eyes on the car.

The occupants of the car could no longer hide as Ma all but shoved her face against their window. First the man and women in the front got out saying shy hellos to us.

I was able to get a short look at the man before he entered the house.

He was tall, in comparison to his wife, square black glasses and brown hair that hung in front of his eyes. The woman staid to made polite small talk with Ma. Her hair was tied back in a tight bun, being that she was fairly short I couldn't figure out her age. I did happen to notice that the lady kept knocking on the window of the back seat.

'So theirs still the chance of a girl moving in.' Unwillingly I felt my hopes rise a bit.

"Grimmjow, Nnoitora come say hello." Ma beckoned us with a wave of her hand.

Obediently I followed the order with Nnoitora slinking behind me.

"Boys this is Ms. Cifer ."


'Nnoitora you dick. Why did you feel the need to say yo?'

"Hi boys." She seemed nice her smile was very warm towards us. "Could you help me with a problem? My son wont leave the car he rather upset about the move."

'Oh...a son.'

"Poor kid must be hard moving." I could tell Nnoitora was enjoying this. He knew I had hoped a girl would move in.

Honestly I never dated before, hell I didn't even know how to act around girls really and I had though it could have been a good practice.

Ma and the Mrs. C started walking up to the neighbors new house.

"Lets just get the brat out of their." I went to pull on the handle but it was lock. "Hey Mrs. C it's locked." I called to the retreating figure.

She sighed and rejoined us unlocking the door. "Ulquiorra. Don't be difficult." She pulled it open not to reveal a little kid but rather a a person around our age.

He didn't reply instead just looked at us with his overly sized green eyes. He was rather pale like he barley saw sun, black hair was cut ruffly chin length and hung close to his face.

'Is that really a guy?' Was all I could think of, despite myself I could help but realize how cute he was. I may be straight but given the chance even I would take advantage of him.

"Please come out meet the nice boys." His mother was coxing trying to get him to leave the car. Instead it had to opposite effect he faced forward and ignored us completely.

Being fed up with her son Ms. C apologized for his rudeness and asked us to come over when ever we wanted to see him.

"Sure they will right." Our Ma added meaning she intended to send us over there as much as she could this summer.

"Yeah sure."

"What ever." Nnoitora answered earning him a dirty look from both Ma and me. Really hes a dick.

They left us by the car as they continued chatting my brother taking the chance to talk to the new boy. "So looks like well be spending a lot of time together." He grinned somehow managing to show almost all his teeth before continuing. "I cant wait to know you much better."

I felt myself go cold. I knew there was a double meaning to those words Nnoitora was such an open flirt, and with him being bi and all I knew he had his sights set on him.

"Nnoitora by the way." He added before walking back to the house.

Ulquiorra didn't even seem to notice anything he kept a board face and just stared straight ahead.

I still hadn't introduced myself but I wasn't sure if he even cared so why waste my breath. "Later."

Ignoring the still unfinished lawn I walked back into my house and headed towards my room. But I found myself cut off half way up the stairs by someone sitting right in the middle of the steps.

"He seems rather interesting." Nnoitora commented.

"Yeah." I scoffed. "If interesting is the new definition of boring." I leaned on the wall know he wasn't moving anytime soon.

"And he's really…cute...almost like a girl. Should I go for him?"

I couldn't help but laugh. "I think Tesla would kill if you dumped him." Tesla was Nnoitoras current boyfriend. He was nice but he would do anything Nnoitora asked him which kind of bugged me.

'Bastard already has a thick enough ego he doesn't need anymore.'

"Yeah but I bet he would mind if I was still with him and the other guy."


He smirked. "I am what I am." Sickened by his behavior I stepped over him making sure my foot hit his head.

Wasn't long before Ma returned complaining about the lawn again. She did stop long enough to tell us that we were be having the Cifers over for dinner Friday so we shouldn't make plans.

"Can Tesla come?" Nnoitora ask hopefully. He just loved having him around.

"No." She replied quickly. It wasn't that she had a problem with his sexuality I bet Ma just didn't want the neighbors to know yet.

Soon enough I was forced back into the summer heat to finish mowing. As I went about my labor I would occasionally glance over at the mini van. ' Wonder if hes still in there. '

I shook my head. 'Nah he probably left the minute we went inside.' With that in mind I returned my attention to putting away the mower. Before I had the chance though I felt something on my shoulder. Turning my blue eyes meet with green.

I jumped back instinctively trying to create some space between our overly close bodies. "What do you want?" It came out sounding rather angry but I couldn't help it I hated surprises.

"Whats your name." Ulquiorra asked. Even his voice had a bored air about it.


"Grimmjow then." He looked me up and down before continuing. "Keep your brother away from me or I'll put a hole in him."

He must of also guessed the double meaning. But why a hole? Breaking his arms or legs would be more effective. Ulquiorra left me with that and walked away.

As he left though I couldn't help but take a look south of the border. His skinny jeans left a noticeable outline of his lower half's movements as his hips slightly swayed from side to side walked.

'Yup I'd make an exception for him.'

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