Ch 53: New Beginnings

After seeing Ulquiorra's parents had left I wanted to wait a bit before we headed out for pizza. I waited an hour before trying to get the smaller teen moving or at least talking because he had been quiet since entering the house.

"So Ulquiorra were your classes alright today?" I just wanted a chance to get his mind off his shitty parents.

"Yeah," He looked up slightly out of it. "I don't think your friend Yylfordt likes me very much. In cooking class he usually ignores me."

Shit, well at least he wasn't causing him problems. "It takes him a while to warm up to people."

"Hmm. Also I seem to always be in the middle of Stark and Hichigo's arguments during art class."

I grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to change into. Without hesitation I started changing in front of Ulquiorra; really at this point I didn't have an excused to be embarrassed anymore. "Those two are always at each other's throats. You know they used to get in fights a lot and I think their tied for amount of times won." The smaller teen was still in his uniform when I finished changing out of my own.

"Come on. Do you really want to go and eat in that?" My question seemed to prompt Ulquiorra into movement as he sluggishly slipped off our bed and moved to his bag of clothing.

He chose something baggy for once and, if I were to judge him, he came off a kind of slobish in light colored ripped jeans and a jack skeleton sweatshirt.

I smiled at him and taking Ulquiorra's hand lead him to the door.

Luckily I didn't' run into Nnoitora on our way out because he would have insisted in coming with us. Our trip to the pizzeria took longer than I had thought because Ulquiorra insisted on moving slower than usual.

The pizza place I chose was no stranger to me. Whenever my friends and I would go out this was our first stop for any meal; it was cheap too.

I had to wait a few moments before Ulquiorra left the car but when he did I slipped my arm around his waist and gave him a reassuring squeeze before leading him in.

The pizzeria was styled with shiny red booths, a bar and large TV's that would play sport games when the home teams were playing. The place was near empty due to the time saved for a few patrons here and there and a certain booth catching my attention.

Yylfordt and Szayel were located in a corner booth of the pizzeria and it wasn't like I could just ignore them. Grabbing a hold of Ulquiorra's hand I lead him over to the occupied table while trying to keep my mind from reliving that awkward kiss I had with the blond those weeks ago. Though I hate to admit it, I had been trying to avoid him since then hoping that separation would drive a wedge between his attractions to me.

"Hey guys enjoying some pizza?"

"Oh look who it is," Szayel put his pizza down and tilted his head back to look up at me. "The two love birds got out of their cage."

I rolled my eyes, tilting my position so mine and Ulquiorra's interlocked fingers couldn't be seen by the two. "I ain't a damn bird, if anything I'm more like a cat. How've you guys been?" We hadn't really talked since Stark's party so I was a little eager to catch up.

"Fine, failing government though; really when will I ever need half that shit?" Szayel leaned back in his seat. "So will you guys be joining us or just stand there and watch us eat?"

Honestly, I didn't think that was such a good idea. First off what Ulquiorra had said about Yylfordt worried me since there was still something going on with the older Granz and second if I sat next to either of the brothers there would be some kind of problem so I shook my head. "Nah, we'll get our own booth since its date night. Enjoy your…..what is that?"

I just realized that Szayel's pizza had some strange combination on it.

The pink hair boy picked up the monstrosity of a pizza and waved it at me. "Pineapple, pepper, spinach and sausage a classic."

"Like hell it is! I'll see you guys around." I left the brothers with that and pulled Ulquiorra back up towards the counter to place our own order. Luckily Ulquiorra didn't order anything strange.

After buying a pie half with peperoni and half sausage we picked a booth on the other side of the pizzeria from my friends. "Know what you want to drink?" Ulquiorra shook the paper cups we had been given for drinks.

"Yeah, a Dr. Pepper."

With the information he went over to the fountain drinks to fill them up. Ulquiorra had barley left my view when someone slipped into the seat across from me.


"Yylfordt." Honestly, I wasn't surprised that this had happened.

There was a pause as the blond fiddled with his blond hair, "…Are you happy?"

Strange question, "Yeah. I'm enjoying my relationship if that's what you mean." He didn't look happy to hear that.

"I wanted to know, well, why him?" I gave him a look, "Why him over me?"

Sigh, great. Ulquiorra better not walk in on this, "First off you're my friend Yylfordt; and I can't look at you past that. Second something just clicked with Ulquiorra that never happened before with me."

That didn't seem to get a reaction out of him though as he continued to sit with his head down and fiddled with his sleeve. What he said next was a shock. "I'm not upset anymore I was just wondering why; actually I really like someone else now. That new girl that I helped is named Cirucci. We like a lot of the same things and she's really cool. I just wanted to apologize about how I handled the situation and needed some question answered."

I repressed a relief sigh and instead grinned at the blond, "Yylfordt got bit by the love bug? You know you have to introduce her to the group now."

My grin was returned with an added flip of long hair. "I know, only thing is I don't really want to share her."

"Ah em." The clearing of a throat caught my attention and I looked up to see Ulquiorra with our drinks.

"I'll go now; don't want to interrupt your date further." Yylfordt stood and retreated back to the side of the restaurant with his booth.

"Everything alright?"

"Yeah, Yylfordt just wanted to ask about some homework. Don't sit there come here." Ulquiorra had been about to sit across the table but I signaled for him to sit next to me. He complied and I slipped my arm around his shoulders before taking a drink of my Dr. Pepper.

We didn't talk as we waited for our order but keeping my hands off the smaller teen was another story. The pizzeria was near empty so I felt no shame in giving my boyfriend a little attention; such as the occasional nip or kiss along his neck.

"Order 15 is ready!"

I kissed Ulquiorra's temple, "Be right back." Slipping out of the booth I retrieved our pizza and returned to find the black hair teen looking depressed.

I'm gonna kick his parents asses if they every show their faces again.

The street lights were turning on by the time we left and the darkness was a welcome seeing as it seemed to pick up Ulquiorra's mood a bit; for some strange reason.


"Hmm?" We were about half-way home when my boyfriend finally started a conversation.


I looked over to the silent teen as we came to a red light, "Well?"

"Would you be willing to try something new?"

I didn't' know where this was going but Ulquiorra's mood appeared to pick up so I went along with it. "Sure did you have something in mind?"

The smaller teen undid his seat belt and crawled over the arm rest, somehow managing to squeeze himself on my lap.

"Um, I don't think this is legal."

Instead of a verbal answer Ulquiorra clamped his mouth down on my own and started rubbing his hand against my lower region. Shit, I can't drive like this; I can't even see the road!

"Ulqui-" I tried to push him off but the guy had an iron grip around my neck as he started to create a hickey there. "Damn it!"

Using a hand to push Ulquiorra's head down and the other to steer I managed to pull into an empty parking lot for a park.

Once the car stopped the pale teen slipped a hand around my seat and pulled the lever to lower the seat back. "I always wanted to try this."

"Someone's going to see us." I grabbed ahold of Ulquiorra's hand in an attempt to get him to stop rubbing but all it did was make him attack my neck more.

"So? My parents don't give a flying shit what I do any more." The smaller teen started to push up my shirt, exposing my stomach and chest. "Let's just have a little fun."

Honestly, I didn't know what to do in this situation so I just gave in with enthusiasm; bucking up to create friction between us and brought Ulquiorra's mouth back up to my own. My hands gripped the pale teen forcefully situating him firmly in my lap.

Ulquiorra managed to weave one of his hands between us and undid my seat belt. Due to the steering wheel I couldn't turn so whatever Ulquiorra wanted to do he was going to get.

His mouth was now focused on my exposed chest and he trailed kisses and nips along the muscles. In turn I undid Ulquiorras jeans and was glad he had opted to wear a loose pair today otherwise I wouldn't' have been able to get off the clothing.

When I had managed to pull it down to his knees I then went for his boxers but instead of taking them off I reached my hand under the band and with my other one pulled him more into my chest so it was easier to prep him.

"Grimmjow hurry it up." Ulquiorra whined into my ear as he pressed back into my fingers.

"Alright, alright but I can't do much in this position."

Once that was out there Ulquiorra wasted no time in pulling his boxers down and repositioning himself so he was straddling my hips. Though I hadn't really prepared him Ulquiorra didn't hesitate taking me full on.

"Grimmjow~" Ulquiorra moaning out my name was always a turn on and I couldn't help subconsciously thrusting up. Over and over I pushed up into my boyfriend and each time his head brushed against the ceiling from the force. His head fell back as he moaned out, "So much; really deep."

I took that as a complement and pushed down on Ulquiorra's hips driving me deeper inside him. "You forgot how big I was."

"How can I forget." The pale teen rested his head on my shoulder as he spoke, words coming on breaths of air, "Nh. Grimmjow, I can't hold it any longer."

That was my que to step it up a bit. Gripping my boyfriend's hips as tightly as I could I took one last thrust; plunging as deeply as I could into the teen. Ulquiorra loudly moaned my name and the tightening of his walls pulled me over the edge as well.

As we tried to catch our breath I lifted Ulquiorra slightly, so that I slipped out of him, and rubbed circles into the small of his back. "Was doing it this was as fun as you thought?"


I didn't take that as an insult since I was starting to feel the discomfort from doing it in such cramp courters. "Come on, let's get out of here before a cops comes to investigate."

Ulquiorra nodded and shifted himself into a position where he could pull his pants up before rolling back into his passenger seat. After I was fixed and looked decent again I put the car in reverse and pulled out of the parking lot as fast as I could.

There was silence as we both cooled down from

"Maybe doing it in the car wasn't such a good idea." Ulquiorra admitted as we turned onto our street. I know I was feeling sweaty and sore and the teen next to me was sticky from my seed and would probably need a shower on our return.

"It was a fun thought but yeah when all's said and done it's probably a once and done thing." The lights of my house were one as I pulled up the drive way and from the inside I could see Nnoitora and Ma sitting in the living room.

Looking over to the passenger seat Ulquiorra was not paying attention to my house but his own. I could feel my chest constrict at what he must be thinking but when I followed to where his gaze was fixed the tightness stopped.

A room in the house had a light on and the front porch light was also on. "What the hell," Ulquiorra muttered and leaned forward in his seat.

"Where they on when we left?" I leaned forward too to get a better view of the house.

Illuminated by the porch light, the front door opened and a figure slipped out of the heart stopped for a moment. Next to me Ulquiorra's mouth opened, "Mother." Before I could even blink the teen had already stepped out of the car. I followed after him, hurrying to catch up with him as he crossed his yard. Ulquiorra had composed himself again, speaking in a way that hid his emotions. "Did you forget something?"

Mrs. Cifer looked exhausted but her smile was genuine. "No, Ulquiorra I-" His mother paused for a second and took a deep breath, here smile still in place. "I asked your father for a divorce. You know I always thought that Aizen was the most important person in my life but when I thought I was going to lose you, I realized that I made the wrong choice.

I don't' think Ulquiorra knew what to do it was obvious that he was working to find something to say; so I butted in. "Mrs. C," I pulled the woman's attention onto me so as to give him time to think and stuck out my hand. "I'd like to formally introduce myself as Ulquiorra's boyfriend."

Though startled she did shake my hand. "Thank you, um Ulquiorra." Mrs. C turned back to her son. "Will you be staying the night here or over Grimmjows? If you want he can also spend the night."

Ulquiorra most likely didn't trust himself to speak as he just nodded.

I grabbed a hold of my boyfriend's hand, "We'll just go grab our things and be back."

"Alright the door will be open," As I turned to leave a hand gripped my shoulder and I looked to see that Mrs. C wasn't finished yet. "Thank you for caring for Ulquiorra."

"I couldn't not care about him if I tried."

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