A/N: Mmmmmmm, cheesecake... Sorry, first thing that popped into my head cos I'm eating it ^^ Yum... I actually got a Mother's Day present O.o From one of my best mates :D She call's me Mum! Hahaha just thought y'all wound find that humourous. And MY HUSBAND'S GETTING MARRIED DX IMMA DIE! GAHHH STUPID NANCY!

And that was my brief update on my uneventful life (: The format for this song will be very familiar, mainly cos If I Fell refused to get out of my head T_T You can actually sing it to the tune and it doesn't sound weird. Don' worry, it's not the actual tune of the song, it just fits pretty much perfectly ^^"


I'm sorry for what I did

I said things I shouldn't have said

If you'd just understand

That I'm sad that we have changed

And I wish we'd stayed the same

This wasn't in our plans

If you'd only see

How much

This hurts me so

And that hopefully

We could

Be like we were before

If there's anything

That I

Could do to fix this

Surely anything

That I

Could try to solve this mess

Cos it's driving me insane

And I

Truly miss what we once had

Who's to blame?

If you realise

That you

Are losing me

Then we could try

If you

Could hide your pride away

Cos I'll always feel the same

A/N: I was singing this to If I Fell while typing it XD If ya can't tell, I'm in a much better mood (: The Lennon to my McCartney added me as a family member on her FaceBook again :D That mean's she's most likely forgiven me! ^^ YAY! I think it's cos on Friday, I made a tiny little booklet full of these three songs, wrapped it up in pretty ribbons, and sneakily stuffed in in her backpack :3 VICTORY IS MINE! MWAHAHAHAHA! I'll let y'all know how things work out (: