A/N: And we're back. Now that my brother and I have watched the first four seasons in under two weeks… And I've now been introduced to the awesomeness that is Castiel. Reading a few Harry/Cas fics has given me an idea for a sequel, and who am I to argue? This first part takes place just after the episode After School Special in S4 – Castiel has started to suspect something is wrong with the angels, but is still towing the line.

Summary: After Harry and Ash died taking out Azazel, things gradually went back to normal for the Winchesters. Now, eighteen months later, they've been approached by the angel Castiel with a task: Get Harry back from Death's domain so that he can fulfil his task as vessel to an angel. Getting Harry back is only part of the battle though – Harry won't come back without Ash, and he's bound to be upset about the whole vessel thing. But if it'll stop an apocalypse… he's still not happy. The angel wanting to possess him is going to have to do some pretty drastic negotiating.

Pairings: Harry/Ash (obviously), Ron/Hermione, some one-sided Sam/Hermione. Perhaps others as the story progresses – definitely pairing up Cas with someone, just don't know who yet.

Warnings: For this chapter, just a bit of language. There will most likely be smut later on though.

MIT 2: Apocalypse When?

Chapter One: That Could Be Inconvenient


"Gah! Cas, stop that!" Dean spun and glared at the angel. He hated it when anyone snuck up on him, and the angels seemed to be particularly good at it. Then he took in the fact that Uriel wasn't with him. "Where's Chuckles?"

"I have been given a task which Uriel is forbidden to participate in," Castiel informed him, having gotten used to Dean's lack of respect for the other angel – or anyone, really. "A task which you and your friends should be able to help with."

"And that task is?" Dean was still wary of the supposed 'good guys', and especially when it involved the people he knew.

"You once knew a young man named Harry Potter."

Dean paused, having to think hard for a moment, before it came to him.

"Oh, Harry. Yeah. He died about... a year and a half ago. Didn't really know him that well, but his lover gave us information on Azazel. Why?"

"He must be brought back from Death's domain."

"Wait... what?" Dean was extremely confused. They needed to bring someone back to life? "Uh, no offence dude, but why not do it yourself?"

"He is in Death's domain. Not in Heaven or Hell. Neither angels nor demons can infiltrate that realm. Only the Reapers can, and none of them are inclined to help us."

"And why do you need Harry back on earth so badly?"

"Because he was meant to be a vessel for an angel, but the conditions for his possession were never met before he chose to die."

This made Dean sit heavily and stare at Castiel, trying to work out what the Hell was going on.

"You do realise," he said slowly, "that bringing Harry back is going to mean bringing Ash back too?"

"Why would that be so?" Castiel looked confused. "Surely they are not physically joined together."

"I wouldn't bet on that," Dean muttered, blushing as he remembered some of the stories. "Anyway, Ash is the love of Harry's life. He died so that they could stay together. He's not gonna come back if Ash isn't here."

"Oh. That could be inconvenient." The angel looked a little put out, which was rather amusing for Dean to watch.

"By the way," Dean went back to the main point of the conversation, "how would we get either of them to come here? Their bodies were destroyed when they died, so there's nothing to bring them back to, and I don't know of any ritual that could bring them back anyway."

"You must summon Death and bargain with him," Castiel shrugged. "Do not promise him souls, or do anything that would put you in danger. I am sure you'll be able to negotiate their return, in their proper bodies. Death can do many things that we cannot, given the right motivation."

"And you're sure that we can give him the motivation?" Dean was sceptical, but the angel looked surer of himself.

"I am certain."

Dean looked down, then up again, determination flooding through him.

"Well, if we're gonna get them back, I'd best go talk to Sam and Bobby. Figure out how to raise Death."


"He wants us to do what?" Sam asked, obviously thrown.

"Summon Death so that we can bargain with him to get Harry, and therefore Ash as well, back on earth. Apparently Harry's meant to be the vessel for some pretty high-ranking angel, someone who can help us, but he died before whoever it was approached him."

"Are you sure we should?"

"What is this, your day for questioning everything?"

"Ain't every day one of those days for him?" Bobby interrupted the bickering, not looking up from the book he was reading. He'd started flicking through it as soon as Dean had mentioned summoning Death, and thought he'd found the right ritual.

"True," Dean smirked before turning back to his brother. "Anyway, why shouldn't we?"

"Because if he's a vessel, won't that mean he can't be with Ash anymore?"

That made the other men pause for a moment. After all, Harry had died to stay with his lover. They weren't sure that he'd take kindly to allowing another being to take over his body and separate him from Ash. Even though it had only been once that the Winchesters had actually seen the two together, they'd heard stories from Ellen and Jo, and the others at the funeral.

Thinking of the funeral, Bobby looked between the boys.

"Say, you two don't still have the contact details for those wizards you met do you? If anyone'd know a way to summon Death and convince Harry to return, it'd be them."

"Dunno," Dean shrugged. "Me and keeping in contact…"

"I'd kinda noticed," Bobby glared at him a little.

"I still talk to Hermione sometimes," Sam offered. "We keep having these debates about whether or not it's right to kill various creatures. Usually ends with one of us vowing never to speak to the other again, which usually lasts about a month before we're talking again."

"Dude, you know she's married, right?" Dean looked at him. Sam went to throw a book at him, but was stopped by the glare Bobby sent his way.

"Yes, I know she's married. It's not like that."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

"'Cause for a minute there it sounded like-"

"Enough!" Sam glared at his brother, determined not to speak about it any further. As much as he hated to admit it, he was attracted to the witch – though he'd never told her. After all, as Dean had pointed out, she was happily married.

"So," Bobby again got between the annoyed brothers, "you able to contact her? We're gonna need all the help we can get if we're going up against Death."

"Yeah," Sam nodded and went to fetch his laptop. "I'll send her an email, see what she can come up with."

Once Sam had left the room, Bobby turned back to Dean and gave him an appraising look. Dean managed to last a few minutes, before turning away.

"And why are you so determined to bring that boy back?" The older Hunter growled. "Why bring the pair of them back just to separate them? The angels want Harry for a meat-suit. Do you really think that he'd want that? Hell, would you?"

"Not particularly," Dean shrugged. "But all we gotta do is bring them back. It ain't our job to get him to agree to the possession."

"So you're deliberately gonna piss off the angels?"

"Nope. Technically, I'm doing exactly what Cas asked." The younger Hunter looked extremely pleased with himself. Bobby, on the other hand, looked extremely doubtful.

"If you're sure you know what you're doing…"

"Positive. Let's face it, if anyone's gonna tell those angels to go fuck themselves, it's gonna be Ash and Harry."