*Looks embarrassed* So… who wants another chapter? I got kinda distracted doing art over on LJ, and writing a few longer stories which will get posted later in the year. The muse for this is disappearing, and I can't seem to get their voices right… but rest assured, there are no plans to kill them off this time. I'm just not sure what to do with them.

So while I figure it out… have a lemon, and a bit of Harry-Gabriel interaction. It's quite short, but it's something.


"Uh, Cas?" Harry blinked up at the angel in question. "I think he has a vessel already. No need for you to shanghai my body."

"Gabriel," Castiel bowed his head, though whether in respect or confusion, Harry wasn't entirely sure. "How is this possible?"

"Simple, Kiddo," Gabriel jumped down from his perch and clicked his fingers, a large lollipop appearing in his hand for him to lick at in between sentences. "This whole Apocalypse thing… it's not meant to happen for another few thousand years, when the sun explodes." Lick, lick. "I figured that there was going to be several millennia of fighting amongst our brethren, and got sick of it." Lick, lick. "So before Dad buggered off, I asked him to let me wander around down here too." Lick, lick. Nibble. "He custom-made a vessel for me, and I proceeded to go around pissing off the other deities whilst keeping a general eye on humanity." Lick. "Would've been too easy for Mikey or Raph to find me if I took a vessel from my bloodline."

"It's not meant to happen yet?" Dean looked confused. "Then why–"

"Because Mikey's getting impatient," Gabriel interrupted. "Dad tried leaving us in charge of the world, but most of the angels don't have free will. We Archangels got it to a certain degree, but we're all still highly dependent on Dad to tell us what to do. And that doesn't mix well with being left in charge."

Harry caught Ash's eye and the pair slipped away a little, enough to talk to each other without distracting the war council.

"So," Harry started, "you think we can finish this little pow-wow before the whole world goes to shit?"

"Probably," Ash nodded. "Just gotta figure out how. It's clear the angels couldn't find their arses with both hands and a map, so we can't rely on them."

"True," Harry glanced back at where Gabriel and Dean were apparently bickering, with Castiel looking between them, confused. "Ten quid says they all end up shagging each other."

"Dean and Cas maybe," Ash pondered. "I don't think Gabriel will join them though."

"Hm," Harry hummed, not convinced. He happily snuggled into Ash as the taller man wrapped him in a hug though. "Hey, is every male in America gay or bi?"

"No," Ash laughed. "You've just been moving in the right circles to meet the people most likely to be comfortable with their sexuality. At least, you were once we started hanging out."

"And the Winchesters?"

"Well, Sammy-boy's straight. And as far as I can tell, Dean used to be straight. I guess he just really has a thing for Castiel."

"Ah. Fair enough."


"Hey, Harry – My eyes!" Sam quickly covered his face with his hands and turned. "Guys, could you not do that out here?"

"Fuck off!" Ash continued to move in and out of Harry, who was laying back in the tray of an old truck.

"Ash, yes," Harry was determinedly ignoring Sam's presence, focusing more on the fact that this was the first time he and Ash had managed to find some alone time since they'd been resurrected. Back in Death's realm sex hadn't felt quite so intense – nothing had – so they'd spent more time talking, fighting and making up. Once they'd come back to their bodies, Harry hadn't wanted to have sex in Bobby's house with all the different people hanging around. So this morning they'd snuck away from everyone to get their rocks off.

Naturally, Sam had come looking for them right when Ash had stopped teasing Harry and actually started fucking him.

"Guys, please," Sam pleaded, "we're trying to figure out how to stop the apocalypse. You've gotta come inside."

"Oh I will," Ash grinned down at Harry, who let out a whimper of arousal.

"Not… oh, I give up," Sam fled the scene. Someone else could make the attempt. He was pretty sure that he was scarred for life thanks to Ash and Harry.

As Sam left, Ash started laughing and collapsed on top of Harry, who was chuckling as well. It sent very pleasant vibrations through the pair, and Ash nuzzled at Harry's chest for a moment before standing again.

"His reaction was so worth the interruption," Harry grinned. "Now come on, finish us off. He might send out Hermione next."

"Nope," a voice sounded above them. They both looked up at where Gabriel was sitting on the roof of the truck, leering down at them. "So… you guys gonna continue the porn show?"

The two mortals shared a glance, then shrugged.

"Fine, you win," Harry sighed at Ash. "Let's go."

"Thanks Sooty." Ash slid back into Harry's arse, even as Harry hit him on the arm for the name. "Fuck yeah, so tight."

"Git," Harry gasped as he spread his legs wider, encouraging Ash to get closer. "This is the last time I let you stick it in me."

"You always say that," Ash started his slow thrusts again, gradually building up as Harry's legs wrapped around his waist.

"Mean it this time," Harry tried to glare up at him, but the expression was ruined when Ash glided against his prostate. "Oh, fuck, right there…"

"Gotcha," Ash let his hands roam over Harry's skin, stroking and caressing in turn as he chased release. Harry raised one hand to cup the back of Ash's neck, while he lowered the other to start stroking at his own cock.

"Fuck that's hot," Gabriel whispered above them, watching with wide eyes as the men lost themselves to each other.

Harry was the first to reach the edge, flying over with a cry of Ash's name. Ash continued to thrust as the tight clenching started him off as well, finally stilling once he'd filled Harry.

"Well that was entertaining," Gabriel commented, and Harry blushed scarlet as he realised what he'd just done.

"Why thank you," Ash grinned up at the Archangel, not caring in the slightest. He pulled out and helped Harry to sit up, leaning in to share a tender kiss. He knew that his attitude towards exhibitionism sometimes made Harry uncomfortable, though Harry had been trying to be more open-minded towards it for a while.

"Here," Gabriel spoke up again, and snapped his fingers. Immediately, both Harry and Ash were clean and dressed in their discarded clothes, and felt refreshed. Harry blinked up at the angel, who grinned down at him.

"Uh… thanks?"

"No problem," Gabriel jumped down and slung an arm around Harry's shoulders, steering him back towards Bobby's house. "I gotta take care of my supposed vessel, make sure none of the other angels get the smart idea of using you to track me down."

Ash grinned at the sight before him as they all wandered back – his lover and the angel were roughly the same height, and Ash had to bite back a few short jokes that came to mind. He didn't feel like dealing with the fallout that would cause from two powerful and potentially volatile beings.