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There was a ringing noise in Brennan's dream.

After a few moments of relentless ringing she realised she was being woken by the phone. She groped blindly around the nightstand for it, and then answered whilst looking at the clock. It read 2:16AM. Booth had dropped her home approximately 6 hours before.


"Hey Bones."

"Booth what's wrong?" She asked anxiously.

"Nothing Bones, everything's fine." He assured her quickly. "I'm sorry I woke you, I just couldn't sleep." He said hesitantly.

"Then why did you call me Booth? If you're having sleeping problems you could consider some medications to induce drowsiness." She yawned through the end of her sentence.

"Look Bones never mind I'm just feeling... restless. I just wanted to talk to someone, to... do something, y'know?"

"Not really."

"Sorry I shouldn't have woken you." Booth sounded so apologetic, that Brennan thought about it for a moment. Although Booth interrupting her sleep was somewhat inconsiderate and annoying she found she didn't mind all that much. Perhaps she was still too tired to be angry.

"Well I'm awake now Booth, what do you want me to do? I could be showered and dressed in about 20 minutes."

"What? But aren't you tired? You sound like you're still half asleep. You should get some rest."

"Oh so do you no longer feel unable to sleep?"

"No but you should sleep. I really shouldn't have woken you."

"While you're correct that it is normally considered rude to wake someone at this hour for no reason I find I am not annoyed. I can try to be at your place in just over half an hour."

"What? No way you're awake enough to drive, if anything I'll come to you."

"Ok then, I'll be ready in about 20 minutes."

"Bones you don't have to, you can go back to sleep if you want. You sure you want to give up a good night's sleep just to keep me company?"

"If I didn't want to I wouldn't have offered. See you soon."

She could practically hear the smile in Booth's voice as he said "See you soon Bones." With that she hung up the phone and got out of bed.

She turned on the lamp and began rooting around for some clothes to wear. Even if she was half asleep she could make some effort to be presentable. She found some jeans, a white shirt and some underwear and took them with her into the bathroom. Brennan let the water heat up before stepping into the shower and found herself begin to wake up properly as the water beat down.

About half way through her shower she thought she heard her front door open and footsteps. It was probably Booth arriving, she began thinking about Booth waking her so late and how she really should be asleep right now. She found she was now mildly annoyed with him for interrupting her sleep. But she was more curious about his motivations for calling her and what exactly he wanted to do. She quickly dressed and applied some makeup with a growing sense of excitement.

She walked out of the bathroom and found Booth had made himself at home on her couch with a cup of coffee. He quickly got up on hearing her approach.

"Hi Booth."

He smiled at her and said "Good morning beautiful." Brennan quirked an eyebrow at that and he hastily continued, "are you sure you don't want to go back to bed?"

"I'm already awake now. My REM cycle has been disrupted sufficiently that I no longer feel drowsy, I believe my circadian rhythm will not encourage more sleep until this evening at which point I will probably be feeling more tired than usual."

Booth smiled at her. "You know a lot of people wouldn't wake up at 2AM and immediately start spouting out a science lecture. Here you go-" he passed her a cup of coffee and picked his own mug back up.

Brennan drank a few mouthfuls of coffee before she raised the question. "So, what are we going to do?"

Booth considered that for a moment before his eyes lit up. "Wanna have an adventure?"

"What kind of adventure?" Brennan replied, trying to hide her excitement at his proposal.

"I don't know. Let's just go somewhere."

"But nowhere is open. And it's cold."

"Like that's gonna stop this dynamic duo! Come on it'll be fun." Booth gave her the charm smile and she couldn't resist.

"Ok let me just go grab my coat."

"No, no hold on a sec Bones. It's my fault you're up at 3AM so you wait here, drink your coffee, and try to wake up a bit while I grab your stuff." He gulped down the remainder of his coffee and almost bounded off to get her stuff. She smiled and laughed after him, issuing instructions from the couch. His enthusiasm was contagious and she could feel her sense of anticipation building. This was much better than sleep.

And after this point I don't actually know what they do. I have the end of this story figured out but not their adventures. So if you have any ideas/requests for what shenanigans they could get up to they would be very welcome.