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Even though she was up and dressed Bones still looked half-asleep when he arrived. Booth made sure that she had time to sit and drink some coffee before they went out, if she was going to fall asleep again it might as well be where he could just put her back to bed. But the coffee seemed to have done its job; by the time she was finished she definitely seemed more alert. Still feeling a little guilty he helped her into her coat and guided her out the door.

She had been right about the cold, by this time of year the snow had just melted but it had left behind the sharp chill of winter. He hadn't minded but watched her shiver as they left the building. "Want to go back get something warmer?" he asked.

"I'm fine Booth." She said impatiently, marching towards the car. They both got in and he quickly turned the heat on.

They turned onto the main road; Bones turned to him and asked: "Where are we going?"

"I don't know. What kind of an adventure would it be if we knew where we were going?" Booth grinned as he glanced across at her.

"One with at least minimal planning and forethought involved."

"Gees Bones you're not so good at this spontaneity thing, are you? The point is that we could go anywhere, we don't know, that's the surprise. For all we know right now we could end up in the middle of nowhere, or totally lost or in Mexico or something!"

"Well we can't go to Mexico as I don't have my passport. As for the other two things they both sound like extremely negative events. Most people - including us normally take great care not to end up lost or in the middle of nowhere."

"Yeah but we're not usually on an adventure." Booth said still grinning.

She looked at him confusedly and he looked back at her amused.

"Why couldn't you sleep?" she asked.

"I don't know. Haven't you ever just not been able to sleep?"

"Yes, many times."

"So what do you usually do?"

"I usually go to the lab and work."

They drove down the main road further into the city. After a few minutes of silence Bones spoke up again. "We could go to the lab if you want."

"Why would we go there? We're there every day; it's not much of an adventure."

"Well I have keys so it's one of very few places that we could go. Also there isn't going to be many other places open that we would want to go."

"But we don't want to go to the lab!' Exclaimed Booth. 'I didn't wake you up in the middle of the night to sit around and watch you work, I can already do that during the day."

"So your plan is that we do something we can't already do during the day?"

"I told you Bones. Adventure - no plan." He took a left turn at random, hoping to come across something to do. At this point he was beginning to realise that there really was very little to do at that time, at least not anything fun and exciting like he'd promised her. He really didn't want to have woken his partner at this hour for no reason. That and her insisting on knowing exactly what they were doing were beginning to frustrate him. He glanced over at her again and she was still looking at him.

"No lab," he repeated firmly.

"It was just a suggestion." she said, annoyed.

They drove in silence for another few minutes, past apartments with the lights turned out and shops, mostly closed but there was the occasional twenty four hour convenience store. Booth could sense Bones' expectancy but he still hadn't thought of anything. He wracked his brains for somewhere that was still open but couldn't think of anywhere good. Their apartments were out of the question after the adventure he'd promised her, parks were all closed at this time, as were pretty much any buildings he could take her to, even the ice rink was closed since they'd been doing some renovations to it.

He kept thinking not really paying much attention to where he was driving. The apartments, closed shop fronts and clean well lit streets began to give way to a slightly darker, noticeably more awake area. It was mostly still closed but a few people could be seen walking the streets, there were several lights on in various buildings, and a few dingy bars seemed to be open. It slowly dawned on him that he was heading somewhere familiar. He began to smile, it may not be perfect but it was an idea at least.

He glanced at his partner who was still waiting expectantly. She still looked a little tired but seemed quite awake. She was waiting quietly for him to reveal whatever plan he'd come up with. Still unable to think of anything better he turned down the next street deliberately.

He began to pull over just outside another bar. He turned off the engine and quickly got out, not giving her the time to question him. She quickly followed him out of the car and followed his gaze to the grubby uncared for building in front of them.

It was a dingy little hole in the wall. The flickering neon sign advertising pool had lost its 'L' but that was the only real change he could see. It had been years since he'd been there but the memories came flooding back. Long nights of pool and then straight to the office afterwards. The great feeling of tripling his money, the shame when he'd lose a weeks pay in one night. Rationalising that since there was some skill involved it wasn't too bad. And still later memories. Of one particular woman and of many vague tequila shots. Of knowing he wasn't good enough and hating it. He turned to his partner and smiled, taking in her uneasy look.

"Where are we Booth?" she asked.

"This is one of my old hang outs," he replied nostalgically "I haven't been here in years."

"Are you referring to the time when you had no control over your gambling addiction? Because that doesn't seem like something you would be eager to relive."

That was Bones, straight to the point.

"Oh come on, we need something to do, this'll be fun. I haven't played in ages; I can show you my skills." He flashed his charm smile at her, trying to ease her worries. She was not convinced.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to be exposing yourself to the same environment that caused so many of your problems before?"

He saw how worried she was and loved her just a little bit more for it. "Yeah, it'll be fine. I can see how far I've come. Besides I've got you to protect me." He tried the charm smile again and could see her worries subsiding. "Just one game, we won't play for money or anything, it'll be fun."

She smiled back at him in acquiescence and he began to usher her into the seedy bar, hand on the small of back.