If you're reading my fic Dealing with the Kangaroo, this drabble ISN'T related to it in any way. No spoiler. Just wanted to let you know.

Drabble 4 - Kate and her Uncle Seth.


Write a drabble where the setting is vital to the story. It could be a church, a garage, a cemetery, a cliff, a meadow, a bus stop, the moon, or any place you'd like. Just remember these should be J/B centered fics.

Kate liked her Uncle Seth. He always played with her at the park. He let her use the swing on her own. He told her stories about girls marrying princes and living happily ever after. Or stories about frogs turning into boys. But the story Kate liked the best was the one her Uncle Seth was telling right now.

"One day when your mom was as little as you are, she was playing in the park with your daddy."

"Daddy was small, too, right?"

"Yes, and he was picking rocks on the ground because he was building a big garage for his cars."

"Daddy likes his garage."

Kate nodded at her own words, and her Uncle Seth laughed.

"But your mom was playing with the swing just like you." Even if he was pushing her slightly, Kate still thought she was managing all by herself. "She was swinging fast, and she landed on your daddy's garage."

"Oh!" Kate exclaimed, bringing her little hands up to cover her mouth. "Bad Mommy."

"Yup. Your daddy cried that day. He'd spent all day working on his garage."

Kate shook her head.

"Poor Daddy."

"Do you want to know what your mom did to apologize?" Kate nodded as her Uncle Seth knelt down to whisper in her ear like he was telling a pretty big secret.

"She kissed him. Right there on the cheek. She didn't want to make your daddy cry. And he stopped crying instantly."

Kate giggled.

"Daddy likes when Mommy kisses him. He always wants to kiss her."

Her Uncle Seth had no problem believing this.

"He's been like that since she's stepped on his garage. They came here all the time to play, and build castles. Your daddy brings your mom here at the park every time he has something important to tell her. He says it's sacred, a very important place because of this kiss. Do you see the ring on your mom's finger?"

Kate and her Uncle Seth turned their head around to look at Jacob and Bella sitting on their bench, lost in their own little world that involved Bella's big belly and lots of cuddling.

"He brought her here to give it to her, right under this tree."

"And after, Mommy had her princess dress here. From the picture at home."

"Yes, the wedding was here. It was raining, but they said they wanted to have pictures at the park because they love their swing."

Kate loved the swing, too, and she didn't waste any time showing her Uncle Seth she wanted to play again. Kate liked stories about her parents, but she liked the swing more.