Hungary led Austria into the bar and they sat down together at the counter. "I still think this is a terrible idea…"

"Nonsense Roderich, we never go out and have any fun anymore. Think of all the things we can do!"

Roderich looked around the bar and sighed, "I honestly can't think of much of anything with the scent of beer and smoke in this place's air. How one can return to a place like this is beyond me."

Hungary passed him a drink and smiled, "don't worry about it. I got you the nonalcoholic drink."

Austria took a tentative sip and frowned, "it tastes like it still has alcohol in it."

"What? Huh… maybe it's that air issue you were talking about." Roderich started to stand up when she grabbed his arm. "Come on Roderich! Just stay an hour… for me."

"…Fine, but only an hour. Then I will be going home." He would be playing piano for a while after a nice long shower to rid himself of this building's sickening smell.

"Great! Cheers!" She held her glass up and Roderich clinked his glass against hers before taking another swig. He could almost swear there was some alcohol in this drink. If there was, it was no doubt strong… that or that Prussian was right and he was a lightweight… No, he was not a lightweight.

Hungary noticed his glass getting empty and ordered him another one. "Hey, I have to run to the bathroom. I'll be back in a minute."

"Take your time."

"Will do!" She rushed towards the bathroom and Roderich waited quietly, keeping his gaze towards the stock reports on the television. Not that he had any need for stock, but it gave him something to do.

Hungary returned after a few minutes and grinned, "wow, that only took me a minute."

Roderich looked over at the clock and frowned. It had only been a couple minutes since they had walked in? What in the world? The reporters could not give the news that fast…

"Is something wrong Roderich?"


Hungary ordered him yet another drink and Roderich found himself looking at the clock each time Hungary went away to do something. Time was going very slow for some reason. He finished drink number five and felt his senses completely die out.

Nonalcoholic my ass…


Roderich turned and found a very drunk Prussian behind him. Roderich tried to get up to move away, but ended up falling against the former nation. "Let go of me Gilbert."

"I always knew you were falling for me."

"That's a terrible pun."

"Betcha wish you were as awesome as me."

"That would be a bet you'd lose."

"Kesesese~ You know~" Gilbert was cut off when the bartender kicked them both out. The man hauled them both to the door and shoved them through it, causing Roderich to fall on top of the Prussian. "WHAT A DICK!"

"I believe that man's name was Dick…"

"Pfft, wow… Roddy telling one liners… didn't think I'd see that…"

"Gilbert… that's just improper."

"Says the guy who's currently on top of me."

Roderich stood up and felt himself wobbling on his feet. Gilbert stood up as well and they ended up so unbalanced that they had to hold onto each other for support.

"Well, well, well… Look who came back to my awesome. I know. My five meters is like a magnet. No one can stay away…"

"Gilbert, you are going to help me home and then you are going leave me alone."

"Pfft, by the time we get to your house, I'm going to be gone."


Gilbert laughed at something and they slowly started to make their way to his house, taking extra care not to trip the other person up as they crossed streets and turned corners… Did the way home get longer?

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