It burns!

Gilbert slowly opened his eyes and winced at the sunlight streaming through the window. He paused as he felt his little aristocrat sleeping soundly against him. Ffft, he was awesome. The nation was warm as could be and softer then crap.

Gilbert buried his face against the nation's side and wrapped his arms around him in an attempt to keep his hangover at bay. His head was already pounding something terrible.


Damn, he was up."Was?"

Roderich yawned and sat up, thus preventing his former shade from existing. "How long have you been up?"

"A minute, can you shut the damn curtains?"

"Hmm? Huh, that's the second time those have been left open."

"And every time that's happened, I've ended up in having a hangover."

Roderich shrugged, walking over to the blinds and shutting them. "Ja, but at least this time you didn't do anything outrageous."

Gilbert sat up a bit and frowned, "when have I ever done anything outrageous?"

"Marrying me while drunk was pretty extreme."

"It was awesome, and maybe a little intense, but who cares." Gilbert held his arms open and frowned, "come back."

Roderich smirked a bit before crawling his naked self (oh yeah, had he forgot to mention that the aristocrat was nude for once?) back over into his arms. "So?"

"So what?"

"You love me huh?"

"What?" Gilbert felt his headache increase exponentially. Shit, he had not actually said that to the Austrian. Nein, that would have been completely lame. He wouldn't have…

"I suppose I haven't told you anything to that extent…"


Roderich rolled over and smiled up at him, "…ich liebe dich."

Gilbert stared at him in shock. Had he heard that just right?

…nein, he must still be drunk.


"I heard ya."

Roderich snuggled closer and kissed him, "Gute, then I suppose that will do for now then."




Warum was?"

Warum was? Why the hell do you love me? Gilbert wanted to shake the nation in his confusion. That made no sense! "Why do you uh… love…me."

Roderich looked up at him and blinked, "I have absolutely no idea… I must have lost my mind a while back. I seem to be finding your abnormally large ego and your atrocious behavior amusing; then I seem to enjoy having someone around to talk to. It's beyond my comprehension…"

Gilbert snorted, "nice Specs."

"I love you because I do, so go back to sleep. It's only five."

"West'll be getting up then."

"Ja, but we're not going to. I'm taking a leaf out of your book and vetoing the early wake up call."

"Awesome, ich liebe dich auch."

Roderich wrapped his arms around Gilbert's waist and they dozed off as the morning began.


Germany woke up and nearly groaned in pain. His skull felt like there was something inside it, clawing and biting its way to the surface. He was having a horrible hangover.

It hadn't helped last night when Roderich and Gilbert had acted so out of character. What in the world was going on with those two? He wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"Ve~ Germany, my head hurts."

Germany looked down at Feliciano and sighed, "what have I told you about sleeping with me?"


Germany sighed and sat up, pulling the nation into a sitting position. He held Italy up and Feliciano pushed at him.

"Ve~ it hurts really badly, Germany. Just let me sleep a few more minutes."

"Nein, I won't have you slacking off when I have work… to… do…" Germany broke off at the wedding band around Italy's finger. He looked up at the Italian confused, "Feliciano?"

"What Germany? I'm really tired. Can't you just bring me up some pasta?"

"Nein, but you can ask your wife. When did you get married?"

"Um…married? I don't think I… OH YEAH! We got married Germany!"

Germany stared at him a minute, "was?"

Italy pulled up Germany's hand excitedly and pointed, "see? Isn't it great?"

Germany stared at his hand, then at the Italian, then back at his hand, for several minutes. Feliciano waited happily, holding his head a bit as if it hurt. The German pulled the nation close and laid back down, "…we're exercising siesta time for a couple hours then going over to Bruder's."


"And Italy?"


"…Please put some pants on."



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