Whimpers at night, sad faces during the day, the great indifference that he tried to hide his feelings with was because of Akito. He had ruined his life; torment him both physically and mentally. He pushed Yuki past his breaking point so many, many times. Kyo watched him when he thought others weren't paying any attention, but of course Tohru noticed. She had a keen eye for things such as that, but instead of getting involved she stayed away from the two during their unfriendly banters. Tohru was the only one who understood that by doing that it was the only way Kyo was going to ever be close to Yuki.

Letting them fight and carry on was one of the ways Kyo could deal with the feelings he had blocked for so long. The only way he could let Yuki know that he loved him. Sadly, a day never went by that Kyo didn't feel hurt by his… he was unsure of what to even call Yuki because he was not his friend, though he desperately wanted him to be, and he was not his enemy.

Since Kyo wanted Yuki to be at least his friend that is what he shall be for now. Therefore a day never went by that Kyo was not hurt by his friend's animosity towards him. He soon felt that if he did not express his feelings to Yuki he would explode and tell him without meaning to. But he couldn't tell him because then that would ruin everything…


Kyo was a light sleeper and he could hear every quiet whimper that came down the hall every night. Yearning to comfort Yuki he had to shove a pillow over his ears as not to go to Yuki's side. He fell into a restless sleep much like the rat's and woke the next morning with a raging head ache.

"Good morning Kyo! Did you have a nice sleep?" and Tohru's exuberance so early in the day was not helping him.

"No," he grumbled, "damn rat kept me up all night. I could hear him all the way down the hall!"

"Here have some breakfast then it might help cheer you up." She set the plate in front of me just as Yuki was coming in. He looked like if anyone messed with him he would actually kill them. The 'Prince of Death' is what Kyo calls him in the morning.

"Hi Yuki! Do you want any breakfast?" Tohru asked.

"Why not?" He grumbled through the entire breakfast about not being able to sleep and whatever else. They finally left for school and Kyo was glad because he didn't know how much longer he could sit there without tell the person across the table how he felt. He ran far ahead of Tohru and Yuki in case he had an outburst.

School is always the most boring time of the day for Kyo due to his lack of attention span. His mind always buzzing and off track in the middle of lectures it was amazing that he didn't run down the hall screaming after an hour of those tedious classes.

Getting home was always hard for Kyo; he could never keep his eyes off Yuki. The silver hair, shining in the sun, met at his neckline curving into the less masculine, but still wonderful, shoulders. His waist was small and he had tall, long legs that added to his perfection. It took all Kyo's will power not to just jump him and pound him into the pavement…. I have to stop thinking like that or I'll get hard in front of everybody, Kyo scolded himself. He wondered what could make this day any worse.

They were asleep and Kyo was still awake thinking of Yuki. He had an extremely erotic dream that Yuki drug his nails down Kyo's chest while licking his ear and sucking his neck. The cat gripped the sheets and bucked upwards moaning as he rubbed his groin against the rats. Yuki continued to lick his ear suckling his lobe; making him moan and gasp uncontrollably. When it was just getting to the good part he woke up panting and had an extremely hard on that either was to be taken care of with his own hands or by a cold shower. He couldn't bring himself to get up so he decided to use his own hands.

Stroking back and forth bringing himself to completion with a moan he collapsed onto his bed. Kyo came back to earth and found that he was again alone in his bedroom without a warm body next to him sharing a wonderful and peaceful moment. Why couldn't he have that just once?