Kyo was pacing back and forth. All he could see was the frightened face of his rat engraved into his mind. He never thought that anything like that could ever happen to Yuki. He was so strong and stubborn. To let something like that happen to him was one of the most unspeakable things. He couldn't hold back his rage and actually hit Akito. No one does that. He knew that the head of the family was serious when he said that Kyo would be sorry if he ever touched Yuki.

Yuki was passed out on the bed, breathing quietly. Kyo looked over at him and visibly relaxed. Yuki was fine, well sort of. The cat lay down next to Yuki, encircling the freezing body with his arms. Yuki moaned slightly and Kyo tried to ignore the press of the rat's body to a certain spot. He sighed contentedly and was slowly lulled into sleep


Yuki woke up to find himself enveloped in a warm circle. He snuggled close into that warmth, nuzzling into it. But when he did the warmth moaned and Yuki froze. He slowly opened his eyes to see a tanned chest; he realized quickly who it must be. Thank god Kyo had come for him or he….it just would have been worse than it already was. He closed his eyes tight trying not to remember anything from the days before. They had been just too painful.

He thought about how Kyo had saved him and smiled, he never thought he'd see the day that a cat would save a rat. He opened his eyes and looked up at Kyo's sleeping face in wonder. His gaze lingered here and there, roaming across Kyo's neck and chest. He looked delicious. Yuki couldn't hold back the urge to taste the waiting skin in front of him; slowly he leaned forward and ran his tongue along the plain of Kyo's torso, around the muscle and down to a nipple. He lapped at it, making the cat moan. Yuki backed off instantly but realized that Kyo wasn't awake. He smirked and did the same thing, then sucked making him moan louder.

Yuki wanted to hear more, pleasure him more. He sucked and licked, dragging his tongue up to Kyo's neck and to his ear. Yuki bit softly on the pliable flesh. Kyo bucked his hips into Yuki's and the rat moaned at the feel, so did Kyo. Yuki nibbled and sucked on his ear, Kyo groaned and ground his hips into Yuki's unknowingly. Yuki gasped and let go of Kyo's ear, relishing the pleasure of Kyo's member against his.

Kyo woke up feeling pleasure. He felt his ear being tugged and moaned, he knew his ears were sensitive, being the cat and all. There was an especially sharp nip and he bucked his hips into the wall (or so he thought it was). There was sucking and licking and he couldn't control his need to get more friction. He ground his hips forward and heard a gasp. Kyo was shocked he didn't think that it was actually happening. He opened his eyes and saw Yuki's pleasured face, mouth slightly ajar, eyes screwed shut tightly and a deep red covered his cheeks.

Kyo leaned down, whispering hotly in Yuki's ear, "You look so hot right now." Yuki's eyes shot open and Kyo ground forward particularly hard. The rat moaned; he loved this ecstasy. "Please, make love with me." Kyo requested, and Yuki was slightly startled. He loved his cat so much. Throwing caution to the wind he replied.

"Yes." That was all it took for Kyo's lips to smash down on Yuki's in a mind shattering kiss. Kyo forced his tongue into the rats waiting mouth and Yuki moaned feeling Kyo's tongue massage his. He loved it, Yuki sucked on is cat's tongue and Kyo pushed his hips forward and ran his hands up and down Yuki's back, making Yuki feel like he was on fire.

The passion was seeping through his skin forcing him to Lean into Kyo, grinding back. After a while of heated moans and grinding Kyo pulled off his pants and so did Yuki. The sight of his love made the cat become harder than before. He jumped back onto the rat forcing his tongue down his throat the pulled back for a second to wet his fingers. He traced his finger down Yuki's torso making him squirm and started massaging his cock. His uke moaned and Kyo started making butterfly kisses down his jaw, nipping and sucking across his chest. When he reached his nipple he bit down making Yuki yelp and tweaked the other with his left hand.

His right hand had moved down massaging his sack then moving on to his rim. Yuki gasped and Kyo shushed him, "It's okay, just relax." He did and Kyo slowly moved one finger into his rat. It felt uncomfortable but didn't hurt. Eventually he got used to the feeling, then Kyo pushed another finger into Yuki and he whimpered at the slight sting. Kyo moved his left hand down to jerk off Yuki's cock and leaned back up to kiss the rat as he pushed a third finger into Yuki.

He started to whine but it was cut off by a moan. Kyo had kit that spot, he looked Yuki in the eyes and rubbed hard. Yuki yelped and moaned louder. The cat thought that he was fully prepared he pulled his fingers out and Yuki whined at the loss but it was quickly replaced by his cock.

"Please stay relaxed. This is gonna hurt a bit." Yuki bit his lip and prepared himself for the intrusion. Kyo pushed the head in, moving inch by torturous inch until he was fully sheathed inside the rat. His eyes rolled back from the tightness and the heat of his uke.

Yuki whimpered, biting his lip so hard it bled. A tear rolled down his cheek and Kyo noticed, licking it away, then kissing each of Yuki's eyes. He waited for the rat to get used to the feeling and not soon after he felt it was better than before. He pushed his hips up making Kyo groan and started to pump in and out.

He tried different angles to get that one spot, Yuki screamed, "KYO!" He found it, "F-faster, oh gods please, mmm…harder.." That drove Kyo crazy. He picked up the pace repeatedly ramming into his uke. Making his moan with every thrust gradually getting louder. Kyo looked down at grabbed Yuki's neglected member. "Kyo, nh, I-I'm gonna AH cum."

"Then cum…" that was all it took for Yuki to spill his seed into Kyo's hand. The pleasured look on Yuki's face and the clenching around his cock made Kyo cum. The cat fell on top of Yuki feeling loved and cherished. Yuki was feeling about the same.

After he regained his strength Kyo pulled out of his rat. He fell to the side and pulled Yuki into his embrace. "I love you, Yuki."

"I know, I love you, too, Kyo." There was a glow about Yuki as he said it back to his love. he had wanted say that since they were little and finally got the chance. "forever…"

He knew that there was going to be troubles in life. Especially with Akito as the head of the family. But they would make it through every little problem they had. Their love was enough to help them through anything. The thoughts were running through both their heads as Shigure opens the door.

"You I heard lot of noise coming from up here. I thought I might check on you but it looks like you're doing just fine on your own." They both flushed red. Kyo tried to get up.

"I gonna kill you! You damn dog!" but Yuki sat up and grabbed Kyo back into his arms before he could chase after Shigure.

"Don't leave me Kyo…" the rat whined to the cat. Yuki nibbled on his ear and Kyo relaxed back onto the bed. Melting into Yuki's arms, how did he know he was so damn sensitive there? "You really like that don't you?" All Kyo could do was nod slightly, "Good, I'll keep that in mind for next time." They fell back on the bed and fell asleep within minutes.

Like I was saying before. They would get through their troubles together. Akito would be an obstacle that they needed to overcome but that's for another time. Right now they were happily sleeping in the arms of the one they loved.

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