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Just something I was thinking about one day.

Nighttime was the worst. Darkness was everywhere. Even when he awoke from his many nightmares, he had no relief. There were shadows in his room that danced funny when he lit his wand for a tiny bit of light. He rose slowly out of the bed to not disturb his sleeping partner. He didn't want him to know the nightmares were back, especially since they were picking up the pieces of their lives and putting them back together.

Six weeks, he thought. I made it six weeks this time. Maybe next time I'll make it a solid two months. I can only hope.

He ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. He had finally gotten Draco to agree to speak with some doctors about their options for having children. He knew Draco had only agreed because it had been so long since his last nightmare. Draco was very worried about bringing children into their home while he was still having nightmares. Draco didn't think children needed to hear their father screaming in the middle of the night and Draco didn't think that silencing charms were safe to use overnight with children in the house. What if there was a fire? Or an intruder? What if one of them had a nightmare? Draco was always so anxious when Teddy was over for the night, constantly checking throughout the night that Teddy was still breathing. He wasn't ever that worried and he was the godfather.

Splashing cold water on his face, he stared into the mirror. He saw his mother's piercing green eyes and his father's untidy black hair and

"That stupid scar…" He muttered, gripping the sides of the sink. The reminder of every challenging he has ever done in his life. It was the one thing that made him different from everyone in the wizarding world and made him Harry James Potter.

Draco came up behind him, slipping his arms around his waist. "I love that scar," The blonde whispered, lips against his neck. Draco glanced up, meeting his eyes in the mirror. "Well will you look at us. The Savior and the servant."

"I only see Draco and Harry…" Harry murmured pulling Draco into a deep kiss.