Chapter 2

Just moments ago, Sam's eyes closed and his chest went still which of course made Dean near lose his mind.

This was a little too familiar, dealing with Sam's death. He only hoped this would be short…and that Bobby would hurry up and call him back.

As much as he loved his brother, he didn't want to be the only human here when he woke up.

With Sam currently in his 'dead' looking state, Dean pressed his fingers into his brothers' right wrist which hung at his side limply on the floor. Curiously, Dean turned his arm over, and immediately saw what he was looking for.

On Sam's wrist was a hole, which certainly wasn't there before. Dean pressed the skin around the small hole gingerly, and saw the tip of a dark gray bone-like spike slide out slowly.

Just like a wraith.

Whilst in his curious state, Dean placed his brothers' wrist back to the floor at his side and turned his attention to his face. Carefully, he lifted Sam's upper lip and noticed tiny sharp teeth poking through his gums above his blunt human teeth.

No doubt about it, Dean thought to himself as he backed away from the dead looking body, Sam was a Jefferson Starship.

Dean breathed a sigh of relief when just moments later, his phone started to ring from his pocket. He quickly withdrew it, and without even looking at the ID he flipped it open and held it to his ear.

"Bobby?" Dean asked hopefully.

"Yeah," Bobby replied sounding a little winded, "What happened? Sam hulk out or something?"

"No." Dean responded simply, "But he's got the spike and the teeth. What do you got?"

"Damn," Bobby muttered to himself before straightening himself to answer Dean's question, "Ain't much, but how about Dr. Silver's house? Don't seem like he's using it anyways."

"Does the Doc have a basement that could keep a monster in check?" Dean asked only half joking.

"Cellar," Bobby corrected, "But as I said, it ain't much. We'll just have to see how well it holds up."

"It's better than nothing," Dean agreed with a sigh, "Alright, I'm gonna have to jack a car to get Ginormo over there, since he's pretty much dead weight right now."

"Be careful, kid." Bobby replied before they hung up.

Dean shut his phone off, and placed it back into his pocket to turn his attention back to Sam…who he noticed was now looking back at him.

"Sammy?" Dean questioned with a shaky voice, he wasn't sure whether to be relieved or terrified.

Sam didn't move, or even acknowledge he had heard Dean. Instead his hungry eyes trailed the curve of Dean's neck where his shoulder met.

"Sam," Dean called out harshly, "I know…believe me, I know what that hunger's like. But you can't do it. Come on, focus."

For a moment his mind flashed back to earlier that year when he had been turned into a vampire, and a shudder traveled up his spine. There was nothing like that hunger. But he held out without killing anyone for a night. And if he could do it, he knew Sam could. They just had to hurry up and find Castiel.

"I-I'm fine." Sam murmured distantly, his eyes still on Dean's throat.

"You alright, dude?" Dean questioned, raising his arms slowly to keep his hands in Sam's sight so he wouldn't think Dean would make a move against him.

Not that Dean would anyway.

"That a serious question?" Sam asked with a mirthless chuckle.

For a moment, Sam furrowed his brow in confusion before running his tongue over his second set of teeth. For the first time, his eyes left his brothers' throat only to stare off into the distance as he quickly retracted his fangs.

Dean rolled his eyes a little impatiently, "Can you get up?"

Sam nodded before shifting in his little seat on the floor in a sluggish motion. As he got to his feet, he offered Dean a soulful apologetic look – which for some reason put Dean only slightly more at ease.

"God…" Sam muttered as his face scrunched up into a momentary pain-filled wince, "Is this what you felt like, Dean? When you were…"

He didn't finish his question; he knew Dean would know what he meant.

A vampire.

Sam could hear Dean's heart beating in an uneven tempo, he was so nervous. The sweet smell of Dean's nerves practically made Sam's mouth water.

His instinct whispered to him silently that scared prey made tastier meals.

But this was his brother. This was Dean.

"Can't exactly say," Dean replied with a shrug as a smug smile crossed his features, "Never been a Starship before."

Sam rolled his eyes, very unimpressed at Dean's usual self defense mechanism.

"We should go to Bobby," Dean offered with a nod, "He's got a place for you to crash while we go find Cass."

"No." Sam replied simply.

"What?" Dean demanded, eyebrows knit together in confusion.

"No," Sam repeated, "You need me with you."

"How do you figure?" Dean demanded, not seeing the pattern.

"I can find Eve for you." Sam said matter-of-factly.

Realization dawned on Dean's face as his eyes widened, "Can you feel her right now? Is she calling you like she was Lenore?"

"Actually no…I don't feel her, not now anyway." Sam responded sounding slightly disappointed, "But I'm sure she'll call."

"So you're suggesting we just sit around and wait for a call that may never come?" Dean asked sounding annoyed, "She obviously knows you're a hunter, I can't see her being that stupid to try and call you."

"She'll call, Dean." Sam responded sounding very sure of himself.

"Alright then,"

Not having any other option then to trust his brother, Dean got Sam up off the floor and the two of them headed toward a beat-up two door Sedan in the parking-lot.

Dean hastily picked the drivers' side open, before opening the passenger door to let his brother in. Once they were both in the car, Dean quickly began hot wiring the car – careful not to burn himself.

Once the engine roared to life, Dean sighed with relief and took off toward the doctors' house, where Bobby was surely waiting for them.

The hunger that roared inside Sam's stomach was intense. It burned him like acid, bubbling just below the surface – threatening to drag him under.

But the beast in him was patient. It held him back while Dean drove them toward his soon-to-be prison, where he would rot until they found Castiel.

The part of his mind that was still human understood the urgency. He understood why this was important. And he knew his brother wouldn't let him live like this.

But at the same time, he was afraid of what he was capable of, now.

Now having such a creature in his mind, gave Sam a 'once-in-a-lifetime' behind the curtain look at the life of 'Starship'. He now understood what Eve meant when she spoke of this monster as 'the perfect beast' – meaning he also understood how Ryan was able to get past them undetected.

There was an eerie patience that lingered in his mind, whispering for him to wait and blood would find him.

Though it didn't lessen the pain any, he was still extremely hungry and Dean was the closest human.

It won't be long, Sam's human mindset and the creatures' chimed in unison; both having different meanings.

The creatures' of course was telling him to wait for bloodshed. While his human thoughts meant that he wouldn't be stuck a monster.

They would find Castiel soon enough.

And he would be okay…he hoped.

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