"You know, your aunt was right: This new job is much better and look at this wonderful house."

"I know, dear. My name is on the deed of ownership, too, remember?" Boney reminded in jest. The hasty escape they had made after Black's warning had actually been the best thing that had ever happened to them. Her husband was happy, they had finally enough room for their kids to grow up and, if she was honest, she liked this city a whole lot better than the other. The only thing she missed was the nice neighbour; she would have liked to thank him properly and know if they were alright.

"Oh, that reminds me, there was this letter in the mail today, addressed to you" he said and handed his wife a white envelope with nothing more on it that the words `To Boney┬┤.

Irritated she opened it and smiled widely, showing the photo she found in it her husband. The picture was mainly occupied by a man with dark hair looking older than he probably was, but with the biggest grin Boney had ever seen him wear. In the background she spotted a blond man in green boxers, stretching his limps. There was no indication about where they were, no landscape and nothing, just a short part of a beach, the ocean and the blue sky, but it wasn't important anyway. She only wondered how the letter had found its way into their mailbox, but she also knew that there were things she was better of not knowing and pinned the photo on the fridge.


So ... opinions? And not a word about the names I gave Black and White. I know they are stupid, but I thought it was funny back then, so I didn't bother to change them.